We Are Using Water At An Unsustainable Rate

desert_tree_rotator_675x450Despite tremendous gains in water conservation over the last several decades, Americans are using water at an unsustainable rate. The reason: Population growth.

The Census Bureau projects that the population will grow from 321.3 million people today to 400.1 million in 2051 and the 1.5 million immigrants who move to America each year place an ever-increasing burden on our national water supply. Though we cannot fault recent immigrants for satisfying their water needs, we must act in our nation’s interest by lowering immigration to a level that is environmentally sustainable.

Read more from FAIR’s issue paper, Freshwater Limits, here.

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    Herman Johnson on

    First thing we need to do is stop all immigration. That will slow down the water usage. No one seems to think, where does the water we use go? It gets recycled. I will take a guess and say 3/4 of the earth is covered in water. Most of it is undrinkable in its present state, but remove the salt and its drinkable. The government should stop the com-trails, where they are trying to mess with the weather and let nature take its course. They just want to control the water, so they can control the people. I think there are 5 western States where it is illegal to collect rain water, because that water belongs to the government. They went from something that was proven false(Global Warming) to Climate Change. Climate Change can be proven, but it has been changing since the beginning of time.

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    Never fear the EPA can fix this. Just need more regulations so we can control the climate.

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    Ernest Binder on

    The earth is 3/4 water amd 1/4 land. We nee to do dealinasation and we will have plenty of water. The ocean levels are rising, so that water needs to be taken back where it will do good.

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      Do You Want Water Rates

      To increase 5-10 times what they are today….then add in transportation costs too? Let’s see, your $100/mo bill becomes like a $1000/mo? Desalting to add poverty overpopulation with lower wages at the same time?

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    Naturally Hillary will be questioned about this by a reporter. Nah, never happen. Because we have a press that only asks pablum questions and she gets away with always saying stuff like we’re an immigrant nation, blah blah blah.
    We don’t have a media, we have people who repeat talking points and refuse to risk their very high salaries by asking anything substantial.