Obama Admits He Won’t Deport Illegal Aliens

obama-court-reaction-rotator-675x450Earlier today the Supreme Court rebuked President Obama’s attempt to unilaterally grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens when it split 4-4 in U.S. v. Texas—the 26 state lawsuit challenging DAPA and the expansion of DACA. The tied ruling keeps in place the 5th Circuits injunction blocking these programs until the courts can decide the merits of the case.

In response, President Obama just concluded a bitter press conference where he chided the outcome (a popular tactic of this president when the high court rules against him) and blamed Republicans for not passing the disastrous Gang of Eight mass amnesty bill from the 113th Congress. During a brief Q&A with the press at the conclusion of his remarks, one reporter asked the President if the outcome means he will deport the illegal aliens who cannot benefit from his executive amnesty program. Leaving little doubt that Obama refuses to enforce our immigration laws, the President blatantly said no because they do not meet his arbitrary enforcement “priorities” that exempt nearly all illegal aliens from fear of removal. It’s no mystery why the Department of Homeland Security has the lowest morale of all federal agencies when these people can’t do their job because the President has decided to disregard his duty to faithfully uphold our laws.

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    No one should rely on a child; to just have a child and rely on what it does in the US is hurtful on feelings. This could be possible with entering via Au pair, although that can and should create a better male and female relationship leading to a marriage that can be fun between the two, and to learn about being together now that you have the experience of household/family, and know how to stand out on your own, where to go if interested in joining activities/organizations and be self assured. Instead of just having a baby and making it help you to stay, one should learn about it’s own sex opposed to the other and really be interested continuously. Later on, one could enter the peace corps and be sure he or she is doing the right thing.

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    Every country has come so far with what they do and many visit or stay to be Americans. Illegal immigrant is typically someone who appears to only ‘want’ to stay in the country, but is someone who does not get along with where he or she is from and seeks a place with many potential ways to live. To keep people only so they can have kids and go to school is not good, because they will only build their own communities and societies and when they expand, many people who entered for Religious, Work, Marriage, School, O or other professional ways clash with these groups and it instantly becomes urban or rural and that creates stress. People begin trying to make sense of it and it is too much. People deserve to be in their own speed with what they do. If it seems as if someone is not interested in much and makes phone calls to their own country and is too close to friends&family, then it might clash with the army or military and this is only silly and scary to combine. People enter because they want to achieve their goals; not to clash with how others make it. It is important to make it known to let go early on and the many ways to live must fit each person on their own terms with what course they are taking. People should not be blind on their path. People should not only be quiet in libraries, but quiet in how they socialize, enough so people can have a better stay and potentially become the American they want to become. Not just someone who needs to patch up what went wrong just because many accept this behavior of ‘making up for what happened’. Diet seems to become a concern every so often, and it seems there is a lack of respect or too much of it. It seems people get to ‘be what you eat’ and that is in fact upsetting and immature. People should know how to get along even while eating. If you are with some people and eating comes in to the situation, and it doesn’t feel right to continue with those people, then one must listen to it’s own feelings and speak up: ‘I want to eat differently and I will not continue with you’. If eating is all you and someone can think of doing then there should be ways to separate. There are too many versions of stereotypes; weaker than the kind that is making it. And their lives are not interesting. One must know what it really wants with what he or she is doing. If it still is difficult, then there is too much disrespect and people demanding attention for political questions and punishment/rules. To only go by that deserves not being welcome. To upset someone about their stay is wrong and needs attention. That would be something new because not everyone can prove they are perfect right away, and need to be on their own time before people really american get to be their friend or in their lives.

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    Chris Wallace asked Newt Gingrich about saying Hillary is for “open borders” and noted she has never said that. Of course she hasn’t, but what she has said is that she will “go further” than this president on amnesty. She has said nothing to indicate she will enforce any immigration laws. Nothing. Why shouldn’t the media be asking her campaign what her intentions are other than letting people ignore our laws and stay here unless they have committed a major crime. If there are no consequences, and only the rewards she wants to shower on lawbreakers, then it’s open borders.

    They could ask her but she doesn’t talk to the press and hasn’t had a formal press conference in over half a year. So she gets to control the message by going on shows like Ellen where she gets offered softballs. Trump goes on the Today Show and other news shows all the time and takes lots of questions. She doesn’t. She criticized him for promoting his golf club yesterday but he allowed reporters to accompany him from hole to hole and they got to ask plenty of policy questions. She hides behind tv ads and photo ops. After all, she doesn’t want any questions about all those many millions going to the Clinton Foundation from some of the worst rights abusers in the world.

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      That’s no surprize he is not the President of the people he is the president of Barrack Obama and the Muslims. He does not function as a president but as a Dictator. If it’s not his way then it is wrong. L Garou has the best comment.

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      The press is totally for mass immigration and they are really trying to spin the British exit from the EU. NBC has been running an interview that they claim proves there is a lot of “regret” already about the leave vote. Their source for this is a woman, clearly of Pakistani or Indian heritage, who voted overwhelmingly for “remain”. She said most of her family voted leave and now they’re sorry. That’s their proof, one person and who knows if she’s telling the truth. No one thought it would be an easy process and I’m sure it was not taken lightly.

      Shepard Smith on Fox said that the vote “does not solve the problem of immigration” because nothing takes effect for 2 years. Uh, hello? At least after 2 years it does something. Apparently voting to remain under EU laws forever would solve the problem? All this is to plant the seed that Trump can’t do anything either so let’s stick with open borders Hillary.

      Nigel Farage, head of the UKIP party, said that the Brits resented our president threatening them with loss of trade privileges if they left. But that’s always his method. That dismissive, condescending and righteous attitude that only he knows what’s best and you’re a simpleton racist if you disagree. He said after the Supreme Court that “everyone” acknowledges we have a broken system. Only because he and the party he belongs to refuse to follow the law. We never get an explanation how their “reform” is going to stop further illegal entry.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    On Breitbart website on June 14 they had a article called Hillary Clinton received a secret memo stating that Obama administration “support” for ISIS. I don’t know where they came up with this information but we all know who they are talking about since Obama has hired numerous members of the Muslim Brotherhood along with the Muslim Sisterhood members that Clinton had working for her in her office. From what I have found out the Muslim Brotherhood slithered their way into the U.S. in 1962 started quietly building their mosque’s in every state pretending to be the good guys this is how they have done the EU only they were more aggressive than what they have done here or the countries in the EU were more easily intimidated than the population here was it would be hard to really know. But it looks like not only has the UK allowed Sharia Law to be used in that country but the British government seemed to bend over backward to please the Muslims and the Imams that’s running the show and handed them whatever they wanted. No wonder there was cheering in the UK when the final votes came in to leave the EU for good. Now if they put people with some common sense in charge over there they should do fine once the dust settles.

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      ” Now if they put people with some common sense in charge over there they should do fine once the dust settles.”

      The same thing needs to happen here as well Barbara.

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    To say he’s a traitor is being nice. He’s committing malfeasance of office along with countless other acts of treason. He’s not even legal to be in the oval office as he was not born here and his father was Frank Marshall Davis, a known Commie and pornographer. The guy is scum, pure and simple.

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    For 200 years it was a point of pride that our country was a country of laws. They highest goal was to make everyone equal before the law.
    Now we have an Emperor who thinks his job is to stop the law enforcement officers from enforcing the laws.
    And we have a woman candidate running for the office of president who proclaims that she will do more of the same.

    And there are millions who say these two are the greatest politicians in our country. Has sanity totally gone?

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      “And there are millions who say these two are the greatest politicians in our country. Has sanity totally gone?”

      I know, it’s completely insane Herm. I read these things in the news and I swear I must be in asylum somewhere doped up and dreaming all of this because it’s so….freaking….CRAZY!

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    LOL! It’s always nice when the good guys win…even if it is a temporary victory. Obama is the biggest jackass ever to sit in the Oval Office! And now Hillary thinks she can lie her way in to continue his reign of BITTER Leftist stupidity? THANK GOD Trump is on tap to sort this mess out. Even if he turns out NOT to be the man who makes America back into America…he SURELY can’t do any worse than the halfwit who’s rifling through our treasure on family vacations right now! Or the halfwit who thinks she’s going to finish selling us to China…or the UAE…or anyone else who’s bought her off.

    I’m tired of artificial diversity. I’m tired of artificial prosperity. I’m tired of an artificial America. I’m tired of an artificial reality.

    True Americans (and anyone else with a fraction of a brain) know where the problems are coming from. It’s not guns. It’s not radical Christians. It’s not White Privilege (whatever that is).

    CLOSE THE BORDERS until we can sort this mess out. Call me a racist…call me hateful…call me a bigot…WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE MUSLIMS AT THIS TIME! OUR QUOTA IS FULL!!

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    The NWO agenda’s success depends on internal national chaos… Nothing gets it going like an immigration bomb… Obama is a UN/NWO asset. What do you expect from him?

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      I expect him to leave if he will not do his job.
      I expect him to do as he says instead of lying about everything.
      I expect him to quit trying to be the king and do as the people will him to do.
      I expect him to obey the laws he expects everyone else to obey.
      We have dealt with this long enough and I expect congress who has been hiding in the closet to crush his every whim and put him in his place.
      But I’m not holding my breath.

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        Congress has been asleep for years!! They could have reigned in this potus urs ago, with the power of the purse. They backed down. He been doin the 2 step all over them for yrs

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          It’s because barack hussein and killary have so much dirt on these jack-holes in congress that they dare not go against the regime.

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    The piece of dirt has contempt for the courts and the law. It goes to show that only citizens are prosecuted under law and that these criminals think they are above the law and the people. Someone needs to put him in his place- I say boot him out with NO benefits- on the street!
    We came from a country just like this (England) and fought for our system just to find the system has once again returned as it was then.

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      The “No-benefits” clause includes no Secret Service to follow him and his family around. He and killary are trying to disarm honest Americans that want to defend themselves because nobody else will so he/they shouldn’t have the luxury of armed escorts everywhere they go.

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    Obama has admitted that he is an accomplice in all crimes committed by ILLEGALS and now should be prosecuted as such!

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    Its not about right and wrong with him, it’s about pandering for the minority votes in the upcoming. Even if it seems useless he still wins votes for Hillary and their party.

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    Although I cheer the fact that the President’s over-reach of executive authority and his unconstitutional attempt to write law has been struck down, I find rather alarming that 4 justices supported the president and his frivolous executive actions. Do the justices not understand constitutional law? Breyer, Ginsberg, Kagan and Sotomayor should be ashamed and embarrassed by their ignorant decision-making, once again raising the dangerous specter of activist judges, legislating from the bench This is outrageous and sows the seeds for possible judicial impeachment

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    Since he would deport these criminal illegals back to their own home—we can then make an suggestion and deport him to his home country of Kenya. Since his DNA doesn’t even match even his ?? Grandparents??? U think we have an imposter on our hand along with a First Lady that is a —??? Michael/ Michelle??? We have a whole group in the WH that isn’t real.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Eileen Luciani on

      He isn’t even a natural born citizen. If his father was Kenyan and his mother was American, no matter where in the world he was born does not matter. A natural born citizen is someone born of BOTH parents who are CITIZENS!

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      Barbara, I have absolutely no respect for him, I refer to him as BOO! HRC = BoB = Butcher of Benghazi! This absolutely the worst administration, and if BoB wins, Heaven help us! She is flat out Nucking Futs!

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    Warren Serkin on

    The real issue here is whether or not the Republicans have the intestinal fortitude (balls) to do what is right for this country and it’s citizens and impeach this corrupt maniac before he can do any more damage.

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      Obviously, they do not have any fortitude whatsoever, or he would have been impeached long ago.

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    Did the Supreme Court rule anything unconstitutional today? Anything that might set a national precedent?

    Was the president’s authority to set policy guidelines for the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in the deportation system even addressed?

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    I don’t feel that this man (Obama) is operating with a full deck. There is definitely something that is not going on inside of his brain that shows this.

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      With all the damage this clown has brought down on this country, the only conclusions you can come to is he is deliberately trying to destroy this nation or he really has lost his damned mind!

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        Eileen Luciani on

        I vote for dilebret! I’m not an expert on anything but I think he has been a plant from the time he was a very young man. That is how the islamic world works. Slowly and steadily, if it takes 50 years. They have the patience. Now their young people are becoming impatient and have tipped their hand. May God bless us all. We are in big trouble.

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      The elites control him and they need him to abuse the constitution on every front. Unknown to obama the elites have a plan in place to set him up as a fall guy for the economic collapse that the elites are directly responsible for. Of course it’s the trillions in theft that they do not want to take the blame for. They need him to show the citizens that he is a defender of radical Islamist so that when 2 dirty bombs are exploded in U.S. Cities and it’s found that the perpatrators are Syrian refugees he will directly be blamed and then when he declares martial law and puts the presidential elections on hold, he will be seen as a traitor. Of course their is more meat in the story but this is the synopsis

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    This flaming POS (Barack), regardless of his sworn duty to preserve and protect OUR Constitution, has blatantly violated his oath of office on numerous occasions, and has facilitated the invasion of the U.S. with his complete and utter incompetence and brown nosing, period!

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    Great news from the Supreme Court. But our Imperial President still thinks he is the Dictator-In-Chief. I am not surprised.

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      That is laughable…….great news?….really they did not vote against nor for it….how so is that great news..THE FACT IS THAT THE EXECUTIVE ORDER IS TO REMAIN….so in limbo…..no change

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    I really wish Trump would stop some of the off the cuff comments. It allows the press, which is already pro Hillary, to jump all over him when he says something they can prove wrong. He doesn’t need to be scripted but he has to be smart. There are loads of stuff he can criticize her for. It’s like arguing immigration. Better have the facts. I think he should take a look at former senator Scott Brown for vp. He’s well reasoned and well spoken.

    I saw Hillary’s comments on today’s decision. She said it affects “our families”. No, it affects citizens of foreign countries, and she refuses to differentiate. I was a loyal Democrat for many years. I worked as a volunteer and donated some money in several elections. No more. I will not support someone who will not recognize we have laws and they are to be obeyed, like them or not.

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      Richard Cranium on

      I applaud you for opening your eyes to the blatant disregard of our laws by our dictator in chief. Democrat or Rebulican, it makes no difference, this is criminal, he should be impeached and incarcerated.

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        I still agree with the Democrats on many issues. But if we don’t have a system of laws we are not a real country.

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    Just further evidence that, in spite of the fact that many of us will hold our nose to vote for Trump, voting for Hillary is voting for more of the lawlessness that she and this administration seek to put their stamp of approval on. She will appoint judges that will tie our system of enforcement in knots.

    If you want your every move, particularly your “white privilege”, subject to the demands of Black Lives Matter, the Council on American Islamic Relations, and La Raza, vote for her. All those organizations support her, she supports them, and they charge racism and discrimination at the drop of a hat.

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      Think About it Leland

      I know you and you’ll agree with me on Trump vs. Clinton…..its not a two party presidential contest contest Dem vs. Rep [except the Supreme Court pick for 2017, quite important based on today’s Immigration tie vote on Obama’s EO betrayal to the American public]; its plain “GOOD” vs. “EVIL”. One World Government [i.e., 666] the Evangelists HATE; and the American voter hates too!

      The encroaching NWO is destroying our economy and the rich elite Dems don’t care! Just line their pockets with Pontious Pilate blood money from our Saudi enemies in the radical Islam terrorist war….and shout DIVERSITY and GUN CONTROL…..sounds like a LIAR’s PLOT to me….[or SATAN IOWs].