Texas Department of Public Safety Increases Border Presence

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is near reaching its goal of sending an additional 250 state troopers to the state’s southern border in 2016 and expanding its presence in West Texas and the Big Bend region. By the end of this summer, DPS will have graduated 209 new recruits from its training academy to serve as border troopers. Last year’s House Bill 11 mandated the agency to expand patrolling near the state’s Mexico border to compensate for the lack action taken by the Obama Administration to contain the surge of unaccompanied illegal alien minors (UAMs) and family units into the country, primarily through Texas. HB 11 allotted $800 million of the 2016 state budget toward border security. The funding primarily provides additional manpower, technology, training, and equipment immediately needed to address growing concerns on the southern border.

Texas Representative John Frullo (R-84) commented on Texas’ increasing responsibility earlier this year on KFYO/Talk 790. “We’re doing a job, at the state level, that the federal government is not doing. Unfortunately [we], as Texas citizens, are paying twice: Once to the federal government to do the job that they’re not doing, and then once where we’re putting that money into border security,” said Representative Frullo. The Obama Administration’s proactive dismantling of immigration enforcement nationwide has forced many states to take action to discourage illegal immigration to their regions. Notably, Texas and surrounding states have experienced an increase in crime, especially with regard to human and drug trafficking, as a result of the surge.

The latest statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveal a significant increase in  UAMs and family units crossing the southwest border in 2016. Alarmingly, UAMs and family unit apprehensions in the current fiscal year have eclipsed the numbers recorded at the same point in 2014. In that year, nearly 140,000 UAMs and family units surged across the border at record rates, overwhelming the federal government’s ability to respond. Currently, 70,684 UAMs and family units have been apprehended crossing the southwest border, compared to 62,621 at the same point in 2014 – an increase of 13 percent.

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    They had leaked that she would not be charged within a hour of her questioning but the reporters said that they did not think it could possibly be correct that soon after her questioning. Well I guess they knew she would not be indicted before she was even questioned.

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    Texas should keep any money that is allocated to the federal government for immigration. Obviously the federal government isn’t using that money to enforce immigration laws. It would seem they are using it to buy plane tickets to bring in hatians and cubans along with middleast barbarians.

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    Texas has to do what this administration won’t do. And notice that there is virtually no mention of this in most of the media even though these are record numbers. After all, it wouldn’t help Hillary to show hordes of people at the Mexican border. I was rather surprised that the director of the FBI cleared her of any charges. Guilty or not, she gives her hours long deposition on the Saturday of a holiday weekend when no one is paying attention and less than 72 hours she’s clear? Did anyone read what she said or try to compare it to depositions made by her aides. How is that possible in that time frame. And I always thought that the “target” of an investigation was deposed first to get them on the record so they could not shape their testimony to others who preceded theirs.

    And something happened on June 28 that drew little comment. In a primary vote where the Democrat takes the seat as a matter of history, the Harlem Congressional seat held for decades by Charley Rangel will go to a Latino named Adriano Espaillat, because of “changing demographics”. Blacks need to wake up and stop being sidelined with nonsense such as defending criminals such as M. Brown. Blacks are affected as much as anyone or more by our wide open immigration policies. Sharpton is doing you no favors by promoting it. As time goes by, both parties, and particularly Democrats, will cater more and more to Latinos, as their share of the population grows.