Act Now to Stop CA from Handcuffing Law Enforcement

Act Now to Stop CA from Handcuffing Law Enforcement

This week, the California Senate Public Safety Committee passed dangerous legislation that would further inhibit local law enforcements’ ability to cooperate with federal immigration officials, even when it comes to the most dangerous criminal aliens already in custody.

Assembly Bill 2792 (AB 2792) requires law enforcement agencies to sign contracts, referred to as memoranda of understanding or MOUs, with the localities in which they are located BEFORE they may participate in any immigration enforcement program. This includes critical enforcement programs such as 287(g) and the Criminal Alien Program. By doing this, AB 2792 gives local governments the ability to prohibit and control law enforcement interactions with immigration officials entirely.

Call your State Senator today and tell him or her to oppose AB 2792!

AB 2792 is bad public policy because it:

  • Endangers public safety by allowing local governments to require its law enforcement to release even the most dangerous criminals back onto the streets;
  • Allows localities to deny federal immigration officers with the critical assistance they need to identify and remove criminal aliens already in custody;
  • Further erodes the ability of California law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials;  AND
  • Sends the message that illegal immigration and violent crime is tolerated in California.

With your help, we can stop AB 2792 in its tracks. Click here to find the contact information for your elected officials!

P.S. For more information on what you can do, contact Susan Tully, FAIR National Field Director.



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    Police in Our Inner Cities

    Deserve “combat pay” to deal with “Clinton/Obama dissatisfied middle income globalist workers” in America. IOWs, angry mobs at each others’ throats. Its accelerating lately too….

    Lowering the middle class to $15/hr is the Clinton dream come true during the violence. They call this a good wage?

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    The fact is that these people are handing over this country to Mexico without a shot being fired. In October the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations urged all Mexicans in this county to seek “dual nationality”. And part of the process would include “significant benefits on economic, social, and political matters”. In other words, we’re going to own you, thanks to the stupidity of the American voter and the people they put in office who refuse to uphold the law.

    In 2009, a Zogby survey in Mexico found that 69% of people interviewed felt that “the primary loyalty of Mexican Americans [Mexico and US born] should be to Mexico. Just 20% said it should be to the US.”

    That really should not be a surprise. Latinos think that it’s all about them. Break our immigration laws, steal someone’s identity to work, collect benefits they are not entitled to, that’s all to be forgiven and actually rewarded with citizenship. And we have a whole political party that is falling all over itself to pander to that. Including one woman candidate who has promised to “go further” than the executive actions of this president, if that’s possible. We do everything but pass out the keys to a house when they cross the border illegally.

    And what is the media contention, repeated a thousand times a day? It’s that the Republican party just has to get right on amnesty and they will get Latino votes. But a poll asking what would you prefer, either smaller government and fewer services, or bigger government and more services, got a response of 75% of all Hispanics wanting the big government option, but only 41% wanted that among the general US population. Latinos want big government period, and the more that vote the more it will be against Republicans, amnesty or not.

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      The poll referred to in the last paragraph was Pew Research in April 2012, as a reference.