Migrant Activist in Germany Lies to Police About Identity of Her Rapists to Protect Migrants From ‘Racists’

RefugeesSelin Goren, a left-wing activist in Germany, really walks the walk. She is so concerned about protecting the country’s new migrants from racism that after three newcomers robbed and sexually assaulted her, she lied to the police, saying her attackers spoke German instead of Farsi or Kurdish.

Eventually, a friend persuaded her to tell the truth and according to news outlets, she penned a bizarre apology on Facebook – to her rapists. She has since removed the post, but is quoted as writing:

what I am most sorry about is that the circumstances of the sexist and excessive actions that were done to me will only contribute to the increasing and ever more aggressive racism to which you are exposed.”

But apologizing for rapists and allowing them to perpetrate their perfidy will only spur more rapes and public opinion of migrants will plummet even more.

Why should women be forced to accommodate rapists – only migrants, of course – in a twisted sort of civil rights movement? In Sweden, the country now known as the rape capital of Europe after it opened its borders, the media and government officials routinely cover up the crimes of migrants, who flout the laws and create no-go zones for police and fire crews.

Ignoring the issue of migrant crime or consciously burying it – be it gay-bashing, child molesting or raping women – for fear of being labeled as intolerant, has done nothing to stem the rash of rapes. After the Cologne sex assault, just one of many that occurred across Europe last New Year’s Eve, authorities discouraged women from speaking out about their experiences. Migrant sexual crimes are so out of control that Germany just passed a new law to thwart it.

But anti-racists typically promote women and gay rights, so the cognitive dissonance with which they must contend on a daily basis must tear their brains apart. So they turn to choosing sides when a sex crime is committed and for Goren, who is obviously brimming with liberal guilt, racism is worse than rapists.

When the overriding concern of people is to prove that they are not racist, sexual assaults against women are considered to be collateral damage.

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    Sounds EXACTLY Like the Progressive/Fascist Mind-set

    Of zipping your mouth about freedom of speech on immigration [i.e., like Jews] during Hitler’s regime…or be fired from your job or worse.

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    This sort of progressivism / liberalism is destroying societies. When the world becomes an Alice in the Looking Glass world, things are close to beyond repair. When we worry more about the perpetrator than the victim we are enabling the perpetrator to continue with more victims. When those who try to protect society are deemed to be the enemy, who is going to protect society?
    The thought process of these progressives is so perverse it totally evades logic. They have developed their own language so they can talk to each other and claim that the other folks are talking in code. If you say anything they don’t like they call you a racist. If you say something that they do like but you are not one of them they say that what you said is a dog whistle. It is like perhaps they don’t like oatmeal. So if a conservative says the steak is tasty, the progressives reply, “Did you hear that? Steak is a dog whistle for oatmeal.”

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    LindaRodriguez on

    Liberalism is the hemlock by which Western nations will commit suicide. It now overrides even the instinct for survival.

    May a mighty fire come to destroy this ideological scourge.

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      LindaRodriguez on

      The good news is that liberalism will most likely in time kill itself, by causing societal implosions. The bad news is that the host nations will most likely die along with it during the implosions.

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    She’s worried about “increasing and ever more aggressive racism to which you are exposed.” And they have nothing to do with the way people see them? This is why liberalism has gotten such a bad name. It’s a refusal to deal with reality. Hillary does the same thing in a way. She proclaims Muslims are “peaceful and tolerant and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism”. Meanwhile every day all across the globe there is intolerance and violence by Muslims. Of course, she get tens of millions in “contributions” for her foundation from some of the most oppressive of Muslim regimes.

    Trump got slammed for accurately noting that Saddam Hussein was a bad guy but he kept the lid on terrorists. Like Hillary pushed to overthrow Khadaffi in Libya and what we ended up with was worse. Hillary, McCain, and Bush Jr were peas in a pod. They don’t seem to recognize that those nations have no notion of representative democracy, they just go from one dictator to the next, whether secular or religious.

    In fact, it was Bush Sr. who agrees with Trump. After he pushed Saddam out of Kuwait in 1991 he was urged by the hawks to go to Baghdad and take him out. But he rightly said that it would be easy to remove him but the aftermath would be a disaster. Now here we sit many years after the invasion of 2003 and we are still involved and it’s still a mess. Careful what you ask for.

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      Well said…. Liberalism is definitely a big contributing factor… Human DNA is wired to accept the familiar and reject the different as history has more than proven… The Globalist politicos have definitely bitten off more than they can chew… Its gonna get a lot worse before it get better…. Prepare for an even wilder ride…. sadly!!!!!

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        I used to think of myself as a liberal years ago when it meant pro environment, pro civil rights and pro worker. But now it seems to have evolved into pandering to and rewarding legal aliens no matter the cost and making heroes out of criminals. The whole Black Lives Matter movement is based on a lie. We all saw the video of M. Brown robbing and assaulting a store owner half his size. Instead of supporting the cop who was attacked by Brown, and who was cleared by both a grand jury and the Justice Dept., the White House sent “representatives” to his funeral. In other words, he was a victim.

        This administration has taken a cops are wrong attitude from the beginning, starting with the case of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. Most whites thought what was the fuss about. If you break down your front door because you forgot your key, don’t have a chip on your shoulder because a cop shows up and wants to check your ID, which Gates refused to provide. The proper response is here you are officer and thanks for checking on my property. Not “you’re here because I’m a black man in America”. Do cops sometimes seemingly overreact? Probably but the black community teaches the cop is your enemy and that attitude affects day to day interactions.