Kansas County Asks State to Reverse Illegal Alien-Friendly Policies

Kansas mapCommissioners in Sedgwick County, Kansas, passed, 3-2, a resolution last week aimed at curbing illegal immigration in their community.

As part of the resolution, Sedgwick County Commissioners requested the Kansas State Legislature reverse the state’s law allowing illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition at public universities. Commissioners also requested that the state health department amend its policies permitting illegal aliens to receive benefits under the federal Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program.

Commissioner Richard Ranzau, who supported the resolution, said forcing taxpayers to subsidize illegal aliens living in Kansas is irresponsible. “I have to decide as a matter of public policy, should we force the taxpayers to subsidize unlawful behavior and to me that answer is, no,” he said. “This is not within our powers to fix this, but we are going to ask the state, formally, to take some positions,” added Commissioner Jim Howell.

Illegal immigration currently costs Kansas taxpayers an estimated $424 million annually. Refusing to grant illegal aliens benefits such as in-state tuition is a critical step to deterring illegal immigration and ensuring scarce taxpayer dollars are not used to reward lawbreaking. Although Commissioner Howell is right – it is ultimately up to the state to prohibit illegal aliens from obtaining the benefits that the Sedgwick County Commission seeks to ban – the Commission’s efforts are nonetheless an important step in an era of ACLU-backed sanctuary policies.

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    It should not be framed as a matter of friendly or not friendly. The U.S. has existing immigration laws. Those laws are being selectively applied, which is criminal. U.S. Immigration laws state clearly that it is illegal to be in this nation without permission, let alone work in it, or worse yet, suck off U.S. taxpaying citizens. Officials that allow it, are acting criminally towards the Main St. U.S. taxpayers. Sanctuary cities are also TOTALLY ILLEGAL, because the “aid and abet illegal immigrants. Officials supporting these things are lawless have an ANTI-MAIN ST., agenda and must be prosecuted and replaced.

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    Stop funding illegal imigration all together and they’ll stop coming. The only reason they’re here is for the free ride and all the law breaking they can think of

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    One of the frequent justifications you hear for letting illegal aliens stay is that we wouldn’t have fruits and vegetables because there would be no one to pick them. The problem is that this is just the usual cliche thinking. First and foremost, picking is actually only a small percentage of the ultimate super market cost. We could double what we pay for picking and it would only add ten to twenty cents an item, which would be far far cheaper that paying for the annual schooling costs of an illegal’s five kids.

    And actually, agriculture only accounts for a small amount of the jobs illegals are working in. The big majority are working in jobs like construction, painting, roofing, restaurants, and many other jobs long done by Americans before the use of illegals crashed wages to next to nothing, to the point that Americans could no longer support a family on them.

    Another factor is that a lot of our produce is coming from other countries. Check your supermarket and see how many items like grapes and avocados now come from Mexico and even Peru. A lot of growing of those things in California has been restricted by the water shortage in that state, one that is only going to grow worse. Whole groves of trees in some areas have been cut down. The idea that we won’t have food to eat is just another one of the myths promoted by mass immigration advocates that doesn’t hold up to examination.

    I also saw a report a few days ago that said older workers are having a very hard time finding new jobs. Again, this is just one of the cliches, that we need mass immigration to replace older workers. The youngest of the boomers were born in 1964, making them 52. There are still a lot of boomers that are nowhere near retirement.

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      I Heard Recently Leland

      90% of the those over 50 can’t find a job after they’re fired by the Globalist Establishment. I’m talking degreed registered nurses and engineers too…they’d rather out source to the Asians and Europeans at higher engineering wages than use American engineers….nurses, they in-source foreign medical caregiver replacements with MASS green cards [i.e.,low Medicare type pay] and they never leave after that…the foreigner doctors and nurses steal the best hospital jobs from Americans too.

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        Hillary was quoted this week as saying what a terrible thing it is for American workers to train their H1B replacements. Of course, when she is asked about cutting levels of those visas, she refused to give a straight answer, just like she does in many situations. She says the very least she can say and tries to take both sides of an issue. She was never against the 12 nation TPP “free trade” deal until Bernie forced her to reverse course. She was dead set against illegal immigration in 2003, but now there are more votes to be gained from falling all over herself to give them citizenship.