1984, George Orwell’s Dystopian Novel, Rings True

Razor Wire Restricts Access to A Derelict BuildingApologists for illegal immigration are changing the language to create sympathy for lawbreakers and tarnish opponents of open borders. Just as George Orwell noted in his book 1984, whoever controls the words shapes people’s thoughts.

In an everyday example of language manipulation, the mainstream media has ditched the accurate, legal phrase “illegal aliens” and replaced it with “undocumented immigrant,” which is becoming part of the general lexicon. Also, the Library of Congress is trying to change the subject headings “aliens” and “illegal aliens,” replacing them with the nebulous and inaccurate terms “noncitizens” and “unauthorized immigration.”

Amnesty apologists are now repeating the phrase that they are on the “right side of history.” That’s a pretty big assumption, since no one knows how things will play out. If illegal immigration causes an economic apocalypse, future historians could well determine that the open borders fanatics acted in a delusional fashion that ignored facts and warnings.

Another tried and true tactic – branding anyone opposed to coddling illegal aliens as a racist – rings hollow because it addresses none of the real issues surrounding the phenomenon.   Angry open borders fanatics, unafraid to openly protest when they fail to get their way, are focusing their wrath at the Governor of Massachusetts, who refuses to dispense driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

In this report, a local television station in Boston chronicled the exploits of “outraged” illegal immigrant sympathizers: “Chanting ‘no justice, no peace. No racist policies,’ pro-immigration activists are criticizing Governor [Charlie] Baker’s proposal to prohibit undocumented immigrants from getting a driver’s license in Massachusetts.

‘It’s a shame that the governor is taking on such racist policies because he knows that this is going to impact people of color. It’s going to impact immigrants of color,’ said Natalicia Tracy.”

The driver’s license issue has nothing to do with the color of potential recipients’ skin, but everything to do with public safety and the desire to discourage more illegal immigration.

It is outrageous to show such disrespect to a country that harbors more than 11 million illegal aliens, allows them to work and live virtually unmolested and educates their kids for free – just because a state decides that giving driver’s licenses to people who have broken the law and lack documentation is a bad policy.

George Orwell understood the power of words. In 1984, a critique of left-wing politics, the totalitarian government that polices and punishes thought crimes foretold the conformity of opinion favored by today’s militant leftists, who are hijacking the national discourse to buttress their positions and stifle any opposition or debate.

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    “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

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      That saying is part of life….he just described a fact of human behavior when in society…..etc…it is even true in a corporation environment

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    This governor needs to stick to his guns! Do not give in! Obama uses words in this way. That’s why it takes him so long whenever he speaks. He wants to make sure not to give away his real agenda.
    Giving anything at all to illegal invaders needs to stop!

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      The backlog of immigration cases for administrative review is now over 500,000 and climbing. This administration is not ignoring the problem – the problem is already overwhelming them.

      States have to deal with the dangers of having drivers on their roads (30,000 innocents killed each year) who are not qualified – may have drinking problems. etc – who are in the shadows and whose home locations are not even known to the authorities. Drivers licenses for illegal aliens are not favors to them but ways of protecting citizens and forcing illegals out of the shadows.

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        Not Politically Correct on

        I wish they’d come right out of the shadows and onto an ICE bus headed south.

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          Not Political ly correct….there are many illegals that are wealthier N contribute more than u N your family to this land…..u r lazy n entitled…..

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    To Think Our American High schools Took “1984” Off the Mandatory Literature List

    And replaced it with the “Diversity Brainwashing” “To Kill a Mockingbird”….what a shame….