New Phone Apps Help Illegal Aliens Hide from Law Enforcement

iPhone 4s screenAmnesty advocates are encouraging illegal aliens to take advantage of new phone applications that are designed to help them avoid law enforcement in the communities in which they reside. These applications, available in both English and Spanish, track police roadblocks and checkpoints in order to enable illegal aliens to avoid possible encounters with law enforcement.

The applications are crowdsourced, which means the data they contain are manually inputted by their users for everyone who has downloaded the applications to view. Users can broadcast where the checkpoints are located by manually placing a pin on a Google map. They also can add more specific information; including a specific address and exact time the checkpoint was spotted.

Outrageously, these applications are being promoted by amnesty advocates after an illegal alien was fatally shot while trying to drown a Georgia State Patrol trooper in June. “As long as we have local law enforcement partnering with deportation efforts, immigrants will find ways to protect themselves and their families from the risk of deportation,” justified Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.

Illegal alien advocates have long espoused taking whatever means necessary to protect illegal aliens from detection by law enforcement officials. Criminal defense attorney Arturo Corso admitted the applications are being used to counter immigration enforcement programs. “In light of recent events, you can certainly understand the value in wanting to avoid police,” Corso said.

These applications and other programs designed to help shield aliens from law enforcement do more harm than good for communities around the country. Currently, the Obama Administration only targets illegal aliens for possible deportation if they already have criminal convictions on their record and have already been determined to be threats to national security or public safety by the federal government. Thus, while these applications might give peace of mind to the average illegal alien, these programs truly only benefit the most dangerous criminal aliens who are a known risk to public safety.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Problem of illegal immigration to the United States is far more dangerous than 911, it will weaken the strength of country from inside, cause the collapse of the U.S. economy, and turn the United States into Mexico in the end. If there is any government policy signs of loosening for immigration, it will be followed by a large influx of illegal immigrants, all the recent events in the US-Mexican border have confirmed this point. United States and Mexico has nearly 2,000 miles of border, imagine the complexity of the problem. In addition to strengthening border patrol (If you ask Latinos to help you perform border patrol, that is a waste of taxpayers’ money. In television I saw a group of reporters at the shooting scene of illegal immigrants across the border, even the reporters carrying photographic equipment arrived earlier than the Border Patrol), we should simplify of repatriation procedures, establish a rapid 24 hours repatriation channel, but we more need establish a comprehensive integrated management and control system, the most important thing is to revoke the 14th amendment of the US constitution about outdated citizenship clause. We use the law to tell the invasion aliens, BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO CITIZENSHIP, they want to change the United States with a large number of fertility, seize the power of U.S. government, then turn the United States into Mexico, but they will never achieve their dreams!

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    Barbara Griffith on

    If you want to see what the U.S. will look like in about 20 years if the doors are thrown open to Muslims go to and read through their articles. Hillary will open the floodgates to millions of them to pour into the U.S. for the taxpayers to support. This is what has happened to Europe in the years since Muslims were allowed to migrate to all EU countries. The UK has at least 80 sharia court systems operating there. What the Muslim leaders have been doing for years is what they will do here with the large Latino population being Christian that could very well lead to a civil war down the road. The articles will open your eyes as to what a Hillary presidency could do The Christian’s in the Middle east are being run out of their homes, their church’s burned their homes burned and them killed.

    The UN is the organization that selects who will be sent to the U.S. They won’t even consider the Christians that would like to migrate to the U.S. they are ignored as if they are not even there. So we get stuck with thousands of Muslims not even vetted. The people at Immigration Reform need to start looking at what is happening in Europe that could very well happen here with the pitting of one group of people against another that has no tolerance for any religion other than their own.

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    If you cannot provide the names of the five apps in your article, then you have no business posting. If you wish to help law enforcement tackle the problem, then at least provide them the information. Otherwise, this article has very little value.

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      So you think this site has info that law enforcement is not aware of? The only thing giving the names of the apps would do is help to further provide them to the very people that would use them to avoid checkpoints. Phony argument.

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    Name the apps and also the platform they are on. We will investigate. Prosecute any suppliers and programmer. Just list them. We will go from there! Unless you are not being truthful in this article.

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    George Fuller on

    There are two main magnets drawing illegal aliens to the U.S.A……….Jobs & instant citizenship for illegal alien babies born in the country. Eliminate those two items and you get rid of most illegal aliens and the legal visa holders who have overstayed their visas………..

    In the House there are two bills if passed into law would dramatically reduce the problem………..H.R. 140 & H.R. 1147

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    Illegals means someone who has committed a crime against the United States Government.Every illegal immigrant must be sent back even if it means the army must be used to do it.Those who don’t go peacefully should not have the ability to sign up to come back.My Grand parents had to go by the rule of the land,why should these people be any different..

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    These Latino scum advocates and their ilk, that aid and abet the lawlessness of their native parasites, should be incarcerated along with that despicable POS that resides in the White House, for allowing and perpetuating this criminal invasion, period!

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    “Immigrants will find ways to protect themselves and their families from the risk of deportation”. They wouldn’t need any “ways” and there would be no “risk” if they were obeying the laws of this country. They are not immigrants. They are lawbreakers, with a sense that they can do whatever they want. And Hillary says we will reward you for it by giving you citizenship.

    The Democratic convention from beginning to end was a display of pandering to lawbreakers and criminals, which basically is what the party has become. We had to watch Michael Brown’s mother, who has a checkered past herself, present her little 300 lb darling as a victim, when we saw him on video robbing and assaulting a store owner half his size.

    Never mind that the Justice Dept, which would have loved to make their boss in the White House happy by indicting Officer Wilson, not only didn’t charge him but concluded that “multiple credible witnesses corroborate virtually every aspect of Wilson’s account and are consistent with the physical evidence.”

    Notice the “credible witnesses” part. In other words, not the people that the media hung on to every sensational word of, and were proven to have given made up accounts. So a criminal gets celebrated and a good cop has his life ruined. I though we were going to have a non racial society after 2008. Unfortunately we got a president, and a political party, who fanned the flames every time.