DOJ Awards 10 Sanctuary Cities over $342 Million in Grant Money

moneyThe U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) awarded $342,168,401 in grant money to 10 jurisdictions with sanctuary policies that prohibit law enforcement from cooperating with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Despite the fact that DOJ’s mission statement charges the agency with the duty to enforce the law, ensure public safety, seek punishment for unlawful behavior, and ensure fair and impartial administration of justice, the agency turned a blind eye towards these jurisdictions that vocally, and often directly in violation of federal law, impede immigration enforcement. Many of these policies illegally prohibit state and local officials from communicating with ICE and go as far as to prohibit cooperation with federal immigration officials regarding the most dangerous criminal aliens already in state or local custody.

The sanctuary jurisdictions included two states with statewide sanctuary policies, California and Connecticut.  California received the largest grant awards, totaling over $132 million. Connecticut received more than $69 million in DOJ grants. Both states also have numerous benefits programs that arguably increase illegal immigration into the United States, in addition to laws that tie the hands of law enforcement officers by forcing them to release criminal aliens back into communities instead of contacting ICE. Other defiant jurisdictions that received awards include New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami-Dade County, Milwaukee, Cook County, Illinois, Clark County, Nevada, and Orleans Parish, Louisiana.

According to a guidance issued by the DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs last month, however, cities that violate the federal law mandating  public employees be permitted to communicate with the Department of Homeland Security will no longer be eligible for the Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) and the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) grants.  While the new guidance does not outright require cooperation with federal immigration authorities, it is a step in the right direction.

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    Trump Rallies

    Contradict the polls…..TOTALLY. They are always packed with lines at the door. If the actual November vote mirrors this type of actual observation at rallies poll….Hillary is down in the votes required no matter what the phone polls drum up.

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    Could we stop listing them as DOJ, they’ve been blatantly adverse to justice since the current unqualified incompetent in the WH came on board. The correct listing would the Department of Injustice, with the two flaming incompetent AG’s in succession being appointed by that degenerate himself (Barack), being the most egregious in my life time at the very least.

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    This is why Hillary must NOT occupy the White House. If Trump wins and resigns a year later, so be it. We get Pence. In the space of a little over a decade she went from not liking illegal aliens to falling all over herself to reward them with citizenship, and anyone she appoints to the courts will be an illegal enabler. And we will see more of what we saw in Milwaukee. People encouraged by the rhetoric of grievances, real and imagined, and inspired by the Democratic party. Of course, no mainstream media coverage of the videos of rioters specifying attacks on white drivers in that city. Wonder why? Never mind, you know why.

    It’s no stretch to think she could get three Supreme Court appointments. I disagree strongly with much of the Republican agenda, but the issue of immigration far outweighs those concerns. This is about whether we have the same country we grew up in or not. If she does not favor open borders I would like to hear her explain the difference, compared to what she’s promoting now.

    Trump is allowing her to get away with not talking to the press. He is particularly effective when you see him unfiltered by the media. He needs to challenge her by giving a press conference every week. Her plan is huge outlays for tv ads and the media playing three second clips of Trump and alleging he said something he didn’t. His comments about “2nd amendment people” was clearly a reference to what organized voters they are and yet all the media did was go with the idea he made a threat. Which makes no sense because if not her, then it would be her vp in office.