Leaked Documents Show George Soros Spent Millions to Blow the Doors Off U.S. Immigration

Another day, another hack.  The latest target of sophisticated computer hackers was the Open Society Institute (OSI), a shadowy foundation financed by billionaire hedge fund manager, George Soros. Numerous hacked OSI documents reveal Soros’s efforts to implement his globalist agenda through a relentless attack on U.S. immigration policy and enforcement. Among a trove of some 2,500 leaked documents detailing Soros’s efforts in the United States and around the world, OSI claims credit for Senate passage of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill in 2013.

Soros was instrumental in orchestrating every aspect of the amnesty and open borders effort, directing and financing a network of advocacy groups promoting his immigration agenda. In an April 29, 2009 memo, “Grant Recommendations for the 2009 Immigration Reform Campaign,” OSI official Maria Teresa Rojas lays out the “four pillars” of their effort to enact amnesty and massive immigration increases and specifies which of the open borders organizations would be funded and tasked with implementing each of the “pillars.”

These “pillars” included:

  • Creation of research touting the economic benefits of amnesty and mass immigration;
  • Formulating and communicating a case for the broadest possible amnesty;
  • Minimizing the effectiveness of any future enforcement;
  • Creating a grassroots activist network.

The memo also prescribes the creation of a “Management Team” to be headed by the National Immigration Forum (NIF) and a grant to support NIF’s efforts. Other members of the Management Team receiving grants included America’s Voice, the Immigration Policy Center, the Center for Community Change, and the National Council of La Raza.

The hacked documents contain a disturbing amount of evidence of the extent to which U.S. immigration policy is being manipulated to serve the interests of a small elite class at the expense of the vast majority of Americans.

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    Soros Has Immigration Billionaire Enemies Like Trump Too

    Real Americans that love their country more than obtaining wealth by destroying America. Trump’s our only hope of beating the Bilderbergers at their shadow government threat. God bless him!

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        Not ‘broke’, bent.
        But that doesn’t bode well for him either.

        The bigger question is, since the actions that Soros has taken illegally undermines the foundations of elected governments, WHY hasn’t he been indicted and tried in absentia for his treasonous acts by any of the affected countries?
        The answer is simple: those who’d do the indicting and trials are in his pocket.

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    To call this administration Nixonian would be a compliment. Now the State Dept is admitting that a video of a press briefing in 2013 which contained an exchange between a spokesman and a Fox reporter was edited. But they claim that they don’t know who ordered it, and are saying it may have been a “technical glitch”, even though all logic and evidence clearly suggests it was no “glitch” but deliberate.

    Hillary finally is taking a little heat on her “second daughter” and chief aide Huma Abedin in a New York Post story. Abedin was a staff member of a magazine edited by her mother for a decade. That magazine promotes the Islamic fundamentalist view of women totally at odds with Hillary’s proclaimed beliefs. That is, whatever Hillary’s views are at the moment and who she’s talking to. A decade ago she was “adamantly” against illegal immigrants and now she can’t wait to give them citizenship.

    The Clintons also insist that there is no connection between her tenure in the State Dept and the Clinton Foundation, but Abedin collected both a State Dept. and Foundation salary for a year. That’s not a conflict? It’s no coincidence that Soros has given millions to PACs that are attacking Trump, [thereby helping Hillary]. She and Soros share the same open border philosophy. Love Trump or hate him, she cannot be elected because she will appoint judges that refuse to enforce immigration laws. She has already proclaimed only “violent criminals” will be deported.