A Newspaper Editorial Sums Up The Importance of the Leaked Soros Documents

(Hint: It’s not an American Publication)

George Orwell, Meet George Soros | ImmigrationReform.comLast week, hackers leaked thousands of pages of documents revealing the political agenda and the tactics of billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI). On Monday, FAIR published a brief synopsis of a few of the documents we have reviewed that detail Soros’s efforts to manipulate U.S. immigration policy. There are many more we have not yet reviewed.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the leaked OSI documents have been largely ignored by the mainstream media in the U.S. But one foreign publication, The Jerusalem Post, has taken a close look at what is in this trove of documents. In an editorial, the Post wrote about the sinister nature of Soros’s attacks on national sovereignty in the United States and throughout the West, and how immigration is at the core of his efforts.

The following excerpts from the August 22 editorial eloquently sum up what is at stake in our fight for true immigration reform:

Our World: Soros’s campaign of global chaos

Editorial August 22, 2016

The Jerusalem Post

…Then there are Soros’s actions on behalf of illegal immigration. From the US to Europe to Israel, Soros has implemented a worldwide push to use immigration to undermine the national identity and demographic composition of Western democracies. The leaked emails show that his groups have interfered in European elections to get politicians elected who support open border policies for immigrants from the Arab world and to financially and otherwise support journalists who report sympathetically on immigrants.

Soros’s groups are on the ground enabling illegal immigrants to enter the US and Europe. They have sought to influence US Supreme Court rulings on illegal immigration from Mexico. They have worked with Muslim and other groups to demonize Americans and Europeans who oppose open borders.

In Israel as well, Soros opposes government efforts to end the flow of illegal immigration from Africa through the border with Egypt.

The notion at the heart of the push for the legalization of unfettered immigration is that states should not be able to protect their national identities.

If it is racist for Greeks to protect their national identity by seeking to block the entrance of millions of Syrians to their territory, then it is racist for Greece – or France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden the US or Poland – to exist…

The thrust of Soros’s efforts from Ferguson to Berlin to Jerusalem is to induce mayhem and chaos as local authorities, paralyzed by his supported groups, are unable to secure their societies or even argue coherently that they deserve security…

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    They didn’t leave alot of choices for who we could elect. Donald Trump is a populist, but I believe him to be sincere. He at least listens to our concerns, and that is something new. He has been attacked from every side, simply because he is his own man and can think for himself. He appears to listen to every side first, and then speaking, and sometimes that means he learns something new, and that may change his point of view. But he has asked us what we think. We have to end Clinton’s pay for play, but I believe that she is also on Soro’s payroll, through her foundation. I am a critical thinker, and I tend to put things together to get a good understanding of things and I think if Donald is not elected, we are in worse trouble.

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    Wayne Pacific on

    I don’t know about everyone else that reads these posts, but I don’t have hundreds of millions to spend fighting Soros. Nor do I have armies of attorneys and paid politicians to forward my agenda, nor do I have a media empire. The only recourse left to we average people is physical resistance in its many forms- some bold and illegal, others subtle and effective. Arms will even be necessary.

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      Alluding to your comment, I’m not aware of anyone who is either immortal or “bullet proof”. It is a clearly recognized danger to those in the public eye as recognized by their desire (need?) to have armed escorts/bodyguards and, for many of them, a closely guarded schedule. For those who have always hidden from sight, like that Nazi obedient (loving?) Soros who so quickly threw aside his heritage and turned on his own, it’s probably due to their understanding that doing the things they do is more likely to encourage actions taken against them.
      For Soros, I’d imagine his time is coming, sooner rather than later, since he’s old and getting older.
      The God he rejected has a special place in Gehenna for him.
      One can hope it will be soon.

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        Just keep fighting. Even if you’re told not to, even if you have an attorney’s letter, you say what you have to, and be prepared because these people are insane and they mean business. It’s not just empty threats, I think. They scare me, but not enough to hand over my country. My children will not live in a world where they have to pay a tax to stay alive because the Muslims think who they are, and the rest of us are worms. Nor will my grandchildren grow up thinking some fath old man with money is “God>”

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        Getting old doesn’t necessarily mean you die. You’re a little slower at getting done what you want done, and you might have a gout toe or arthritis and be in pain while you do it, but being older doesn’t cure being nuts. When one is in pain, on top of having psychological issues, one tends to be grouchier when they are old, and more anxious about it happening sooner. Which could result in more deaths. I don’t think anyone knows where he is, but the fact that he could find me, has me a little bit nervous. I never met him, yet he reaching into my computer, and threatened me. And he said that Twitter was going to be shut down for showing his stolen files online. Til then I didn’t know how important they were, or what they contained, because I didn’t really look.

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    Soros is for open borders which means One World Rule. There is big money to be made for the elites from this OWR.

    Greed is what drives Soros and the others that believe in a world without borders. Of course, they will be living in their ivory towers with guards when the chaos happens.

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      We cannot afford open borders anymore. Too much is at stake. Anyone could bring a nuclear weapon into this nation through that wide open border. It will have to be kept repaired because if on wants in badly enough, they will try and damage it.

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      Putin has an arrest warrant out for Soros. [Please remember to read our comment policy about advocating for violence. – ed] It would not be the first time Putin did this.

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        I don’t want him to be harmed because I think he is certifiably insane. But putting him into a rubber room for a long time, just might help.

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      One word for Soros and ALL of the leftist pigs that agree with open borders,[Please remember to read our comment policy about advocating for violence. – ed]

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      Probably because they relish the money he dishes out to them.
      I’m of the belief that the Clinton’s head his list of corrupt people, with not a few other Democrats filling out his list of those who are either for sale themselves or willing to sell out their country to him.
      If the price is right.

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        Unfortunately, I think the head of the list is Obama. I thought he has such potential as a President. He opted for being a puppet for Soros instead.

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        Pay for play means if they get enough money from someone, they have purchased favors done by the state office. The State office is so used to what Hilary did, that they consider what they do now cannot be changed.

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    We do not really have to screen Syrians. They are a very violent population, as is most of the Muslim world. It’s really a battle of haves against have nots. Islam is pushing itself rapidly across the world into poor countries and populations, promising them a better way. And teaching them how to rebel.

    The Syrians who are leaving Syria now are the ones who lost the war. They are the poorest and most unorganized. They will come into the west, be given food, water, housing , and then turn against western hands that feed them and have compassion for them.

    Little do we know about the terror and violence that is about to erupt in the United States, even if we end immigration now. We need to take a look at all of our recent immigrants and begin to study and learn. Many good, most dangerous and violent.

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      Just remember this my friend,there are over 150 million LEGAL firearms owners in the United States.Those
      people own more firearms than there are people in this country.WE have the upper hand against the radicals
      and this LEFTIST PIG anti-gun government.They don’t have a big enough GOON SQUAD to take ALL of them on!

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        The Original George on

        “WE have the upper hand against the radicals
        and this LEFTIST PIG anti-gun government.”

        Ah,…No, no we do not. I have been hearing about all those guns “in the closet” for a long, long time now and in spite of the various “trade agreements” which have served to impoverish the middle class, in spite of the unending wars for profit the US has been involved in, in spite of Soros funding the BLM, at NO TIME have those guns ever been taken out of “the closet”; and they never will be. Hillary will be elected , by hook or by rigging the DieBold voting machines and soon thereafter all those guns will be illegal. Then your local police will be told to collect them. Probably at 3AM some morning when you least expect it; “Knock, Knock!”, followed by the friendly local Swat team.
        It won’t be any of the alphabet soup agencies manning the gun collection effort, it will be the local police. This is how it has been done historically in every totalitarian regime, and the pattern will be followed here as well because that is the only feasible way to go about it. Watch for the local cops to become Federalized. And don’t kid yourself that the local police won’t follow orders. They have families to feed just like you do, and they will do what they are told. Probably, a few dozen or so will be targeted this way, and then the rest of the populace will “get the message” and comply. No, they won’t get them all, and no they won’t be trying to get the guns that belong to the Crips or Bloods in Detroit or wherever. But they will come for yours.
        So I am anticipating the usual response: “you are a defeatist!” No, I am a realist, and I have seen this coming at us, slowly, ever so slowly for a long time now. The left almost has total control of the country within their grasp, and they are going all out for the win now.

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      Wayne Pacific on

      Most of the Syrians fleeing are not Sunni and many are Christian. They are fleeing the death, torture and destruction that has been backed by the USA.. How outrageous to blame the victims.

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      Joel Wischkaemper on

      It’s really a battle of haves against have nots.
      No.. it is not. It is a battle against people who did not plan well and who spent a lot of money on guns when they should have been buying butter.
      But also, countries that spent a lot of money for ammunition, and who committed illegal acts upon their neighbors. Such acts cascade and then we have regional wars which removed butter from a lot of tables.
      We have the United Nations. They have an obligation to deal with these problems in a timely way. The United Nations then becomes the real means of protecting all nations from rouge nations.
      And so.. where is the United Nations? Why isn’t it doing its job?

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      We do know, why do you think we are so afraid? We don’t want these people here. And yes, we have compassion for them, but they cannot enter this country. They have to be housed at Ellis Island or the prison that being emptied of terrorists. We can feed them and house them there, while we seek other places for them to be. We cannot afford to put them on welfare or social security or to accept them for citizenship. We will go bankrupt with that many at one time. And we are already double what we ever were in deficits. Soros gives his orders to Obama, and probably Clinton. They don’t care if they collapse the government. They want us in the ashes so they can make a communist government without our Constitution, which gets in their way.

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    Soro’s needs to take up kite flying if you know what I mean. He is the reason why chaos is chaos. Rumor has it that he paid allot of protesters to go to the city of Ferguson to cause havoc there as well as in Baltimore. Get this, rumor even has it that the protesters were a bit upset with Soro’s due to the fact they didn’t receive their cash!!! Soro’s even screws the very people he hires to complete his agenda.
    Soro’s deserves to sit the rest of his natural life in a prison cell and all his money and assets given to charities!!!

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      If I can’t say what I want without being silenced or judged, your website is not the place to speak my mind. Soro’s seems to have more rights than the people who want to speak out against him. Are you his hirelings to.

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      At least his money would be doing some good, rather than deciding for everyone what is best, and spending his money to take lives to achieve HIS vision. We are people, not tin soldiers to be moved about at his will. But last night, on Twitter, he declared himself to be God. Typical of a narcissist meglomanic man.

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    Nothing new under the sun, however no one is naming the cult of elitists who view the destruction of western civilization as an achievement. The code word “Power Elite” is used as a disguise among reporters but it doesn’t hide the fact that this has happened before. Can you say Bolsheviks, Russian Revolution and Holodomor?

    These so called “Power Elites” sit in their cushioned perches of control and use their stolen wealth to manipulate the “rigged systems” filled with bought politicians. In 1920 Winston Churchill felt a need to write an article identifying this cult of Power Elite and the brutal murders they committed against millions…essentially starting every war from the shadows. Now it is time to ask to what degree of brainwashing propaganda and money does it take for politicians in western countries to sacrifice the lives of men, women and children in their own country and how do we rid these politicians from our midst.

    The Power Elite’s sick perverted need to use humans as guinea pigs to exercise their demonic lust for diversity and multiculturalism…essentially assigning the equal distribution of poverty, murder and misery has set planet earth on fire.

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      Why do you think they are freaking that people are buying guns? They did what they wanted to do, without any discussions and have scared the people of the United States. We don’t react to fear other than to fight. We’re probably about typical of any people, but these people want to take the United States by force. But we were supposed to have laid down our weapons so that we could be taken without incident. That is why the big push about guns all of a sudden, and we have been being “educated” not to use what THEY call Hate speech, which only means don’t say anything different than they do, because we’re supposed to be being trained. We were not wrong when churches began to feel slighted. We were on our way to losing our right to speak at all, and now they want to disable the second amendment as well. We cannot let it work. And George Soros has everybody on his payroll. Look at some of the documents that were taken from him. HE is angry about them being taken, and until he came to Twitter and even invaded my computer to take back what I had downloaded from there, I didn’t know how important they were. There were alot more documents in that article than I knew before. He is and was responsible for Pakistan.

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      George Soros is an old gaga, who manage to escape deportation from Hungary, because his father managed to pretend NOT to be a Jew. Soros did not like living under Communism in post-war Hungary and went to Great Britain for schooling and job. He made lost of money on currency trading, and when Communism fell in USSR and Eastern Europe he gave lots of money to various NGO that were teaching principles of democracy to East Europeans… George Soros was a great admirer of a philosopher Carl Popper, and also wrote several l books on economics.

      Soros had been bamboozled by both Obama and Clintons in supporting illegal immigration and Muslims as he identifies refugees with his experience as a Jews in WWII. He is VERY WRONG but so are many good hearted Americans who had been bamboozled by gift of gab of traitors, B. Hussein Obama and Clinton.s

      Soros is very old and this is his last gasp to make something taht he considers significant in his life, even though is a totally wrong! Somebody should knock some sense into him regarding Islam and Judaism (he never did ANYTHING for Jews or Israel even though he is a Jew).

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        You are so correct. The United States is a sovereign nation. US first, then we can consider other countries. The west second, including Japan and our allies. China last. Period.

        Let us be a nation of immigrants, as long as we don’t lose our identity or sovereignty.

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      Wayne Pacific on

      He admitted to rounding up Jews in WW II, stealing their property and then sending them to the camps. Why hasn’t Israel done something about this major world criminal? Instead they are still searching out guys that were 19 years old back then, flunky positions, and persecuting them. I will tell you why, – Soros was working with the Zionists them.

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    Laura McMillan on

    I am a legal immigrant . You need to take your big *** back where you came from, you ungrateful ingrate ! You’ve made millions off the back of working Americans, and still have the unadultered crust to try and manipulate and degrade the incredible country that put you on the map. So as I see it, you’re a progressive , and without question one of the most dangerous men I know of!!! In spite of it , I don’t think you’re worth killing !!! With any luck we’ll find a way to get rid of you, , can’t be too soon !

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      Thomas Buyea - Fla. News Service, Miami, Fl. on

      The USA Should have a Total Block on All Immigration Legal or illegal until the 94,000,000 Unemployed Americans have jobs again. It is that simple, We do Not owe anything to anybody, Other Countries have very strict immigration Laws and Inforce them very Strongly ! No one calls them Racist etc.

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        That is because they don’t have a George Soros’ flunky for their President. He has printed money, causing the beginnings of inflation. We are twice the amount in debt by him because he takes money and if he gets caught, he has some cockamamie reason, like bailing out those kidnapped by Iran. Iran has no respect for America, and do you really think they respect Obama?

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    This Soros guy should be behind bars and if these asses want to marry their first cousins stay in your own screwed up Country and do it there and reap all the benefits and keep it your own Country. We are under no obligation to take in refugee’s from Terrorists Country’s

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        I have never advocated for violence. George Soros is doing that. But we have a right to discuss what is happening to us and what we have found out from this very newslink. George Soros needs to be captured and very legally put away. No violence, only legal.

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    The BBC has carried reports before on cousin marriage among British citizens of Pakistani descent. Over half marry their first cousins. Although this generally produces only a slight increase in birth defects when confined to a single generation, it is when the practice is carried on over generations, which is what is happening, that is causing a huge problem. Studies done at the University of Bradford, a city in which 70% marry first cousins, have shown that these marriages produce 13 times the number of genetic birth defects as that of the general population.

    This is putting a huge strain on the public health system and is ultimately unfair to the children. It’s not politically correct to say it, but this is another huge negative brought on by people who insist that they keep their customs but others foot the bill. Nor is this practice confined to Pakistanis. Hurtful to mention? Maybe, but you know what they say about the truth hurting.