California to Allow Criminal Aliens to Refuse Interviews with ICE

prison_bars_photo_rotator_675x450This week, the California State Legislature is considering a measure to allow criminal aliens in law enforcement custody to refuse any interview with federal immigration.  By giving criminal aliens the ability to opt out of a meeting with ICE, Assembly Bill 2792 (AB 2792) essentially allows even the most dangerous criminal aliens to be released back into California communities after their sentences are served.

California law already requires state and local law enforcement officials to refuse cooperation with ICE in almost all cases, unless the criminal alien has been convicted of a serious or violent crime. AB 2792, however, goes farther and requires state and local law enforcement officers to provide any criminal alien in custody notice that an interview with ICE is optional and gives them the ability to refuse any interaction with ICE while in law enforcement custody. By doing so, AB 2792 essentially allows deportable aliens to choose whether ICE has access to law enforcement facilities and allows criminal aliens the ability avoid the enforcement of immigration law.

AB 2792 is currently awaiting a floor vote in the Senate. If passed by the Senate, the Assembly must concur on the bill’s amendments. Governor Jerry Brown (D) has not yet indicated whether he supports the bill.

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    Why did CA ever re-elect Jerry Brown? What is the State Legislature thinking? They’re ot thinking actually. Whose pocket is getting lined by this measure any how? It will be a sorry day for CA if this is passed. They broke the law, period. They are criminals and need to deported. No, I don’t care whose Father, Mother, Sister, Brother or any other kind of relative they are. Don’t care if it breaks up a family. They committed a second crime, illegally immigrating being the first, and now must go. All these free-love, mamby pamby leftists who want to do without border, don’t want to have laws enforced, and want everyone to be on the government dole so they can control the state need to go too. They want a one nation world full of a bunch of robots that pander to their every whim. Ronald Reagan was right, “A country without borders is no country at all”. We have enough homegrown criminals, do we need to have more? And who gets to pay for them, we the American middle class taxpayer. Enough elect a new legislature and shut this down!!!

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    That is exactly why we have the 2nd., ammendment, it is going to get to the point under this ruthless administration that we will have to protect ourselves, In my opinion Obama is leading this country to be taken over by the Muslim radicals so he can be our first dictator and rule turning us into another 3rd world country, he has no regard for the blacks here, he uses them for a cover so he can hide what ever illegal thing he is implementing, I just wish for their own sakes they would open their eyes and see what that evil snake has been up to all this time and Hillary Clinton isn’t any better maybe even worse

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      Looks like the Mexico Border Fence just got a whole lot longer.
      Fencing off California and leaving all those moronic Leftists, Commies, and Socialists within it sounds like a great idea.
      That and shooting anything that tries to evade the fence, whether by land, sea, or air.

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    Hillary is now running ads that basically say that if you agree with Trump on a secure border and immigration enforcement then you’re a white supremacist. Never mind that she and this present administration have been stirring the racial pot for years. In his book Dreams of My Father, this president quoted his long time pastor as saying:”White folks greed runs a world in need”. Of course, he also claimed that even though he attended Wright’s church for 20 years, he never heard any of the anti white anti American statements Wright made, including blaming us for 9-11.

    Then we had the disgraceful appearance of Michael Brown’s mother at the Democratic convention spreading the propaganda that her 300 lb son was the victim of a white cop who just decided to shoot him. Never mind that we all saw the video of Brown robbing and assaulting a clerk and that the federal Justice Dept. found that “multiple credible witnesses corroborate virtually every aspect of Wilson’s account and are consistent with the physical evidence”. That’s not good enough for Hillary though. She has to pander for black votes by keeping racial tension stirred up over a case that was nothing more than some thug criminal who caused his own demise.

    And in an all too familiar pattern with the media, PBS edited an interview with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, leaving out the part where she said Hillary was a “proponent of the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty which sends our jobs overseas as well as undermines American sovereignty” and that “1 in 3 Americans now can’t afford healthcare under Obamacare”. [Actually a good point since many people are paying $500 a month or more, while not receiving any benefits until they reach a deductible of five or six thousand dollars, thereby making every cent up to that limit completely out of pocket.]

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    SickofPoliticks on

    Fools. They’d better start standing up for their rights or there will be more death and destruction by criminal illegals.

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      California had always been a leader in insanity and politically correct relativism. Remember Berkeley and San Francisco floweer children whose brains had been fried by drugs? Remember how they spoke about Ronald Reagan when he told them to get off their hilly asses and work for a living rather then getting high?

      with this illegal immigration, the Californians are increasing their insanity, just as Obama administration hd doubled insanity under Clinton and Bush. SUICIDAL!

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    ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??? Are you aiding and abetting serious criminals?? THIS IS MADNESS!!! WHAT ABOUT THE US CITIZENS?? WHEN DO YOU PROTECT US????