Is DHS Hiding a Report Proving the Border is Unsecure?

DHS[1]Ever since President Obama began his push for “comprehensive” immigration reform after he secured his reelection, he has repeatedly tried to convince the American people that the Southern border is secure. To advance this narrative, his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2013 eliminated the border security metric known as “operational control” and to this day has failed to provide a new standard for measuring border security. Instead, they occasionally point to lower border apprehension numbers as “proof” the border is secure.

Of course, it doesn’t take much brain power to detect this intentional trickery. First, Obama’s DHS failed miserably under the “operational control” measure so it was discarded to stop making them look bad. More importantly, border apprehensions are a clearly inaccurate statistic. First, it obviously only counts the number of illegal aliens actually caught at the border while failing to provide a picture of those who crossed undetected. Additionally, the Obama administration has ordered Border Patrol to not patrol certain areas, thereby limiting effective enforcement at the border.

Despite this, the Obama administration has long claimed that 80 percent of the border is secure—a claim that next to no one believes. Unnamed DHS sources recently told Fox News that the Department completed a congressionally mandated investigation nearly a year ago but still hasn’t made the results public. The reason? DHS is intentionally hiding the report because it proves the Southern border is at most 50 percent secure. This would mean that at least 250,000 illegal aliens successfully entered the country without inspection!

DHS has denied that it is withholding the report, claiming instead that it still isn’t finished.

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    Even Gary Johnsen, Libertarian

    Admits “What Does the DHS Do?”

    The FBI catches the radical Islams, but DHS does NOTHING to stop the TERRORISM.

    A worthless agency under Obama.

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    Most people do not care enough to get the facts. The media spends most of their time manipulating the truth so it takes time and effort to get the truth and facts. The other issue we have is that too many people vote party out of habit and their history with out learning what the changes are in their party. What are the changes in both parties in the last eight years? There have been many and huge ones. What habits have we allowed that have snowballed into huge mistakes because the American people have not objected or our elected representatives have not expressed our objection. Consider the effect of allowing many subjects to be passed in one bill and what has happened because of that. Consider also what it means to have unlimited term limits for most politicians who were mostly lawyers to begin with. No offense to some. They have voted themselves special health care and retirement benefits even for short term political service. Consider the problems created by the deficit. Could go on all day. .

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    Easy question. Of course they hide and manipulate. A few days ago the president claimed that if the Trans Pacific Partnership “free trade deal” isn’t passed, other countries will “set the rules”. His typical lying nonsense. The TPP would let foreign countries and corporations set OUR rules.

    For example, your state has strict water pollution laws. A foreign company that wants to build a factory claims they can’t make a profit under those rules, so they can sue for lost profits. It will also let those foreign companies bring in “their” workers from their countries basically without limits. Trump was an opponent of this treaty long before Hillary, who had previously supported it, and was forced to reject it. Or did she? She’s been rather vague about whether she would support it with a few meaningless cosmetic tweaks.

    I don’t know why everyone is so worried about her health though. Obviously her chief aide, Huma Abedin, and her radical Islamist Saudi-funded mother Saleha, will be running foreign policy. And when there is the inevitable terrorist attack, here or abroad, Hillary can get trotted out to proclaim, as she always has, that Muslims are “peaceful and tolerant and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism”.

    Why can’t we have presidents who want aides that don’t represent foreign countries. Huma spent most of her youth in Saudi Arabia. Our present White House Domestic Policy director, Cecilia Munoz, is a former vice president at La Raza, an organization that fights every single effort at immigration enforcement and says that Mexicans should be granted work visas on request.

    The media hypocrisy stinks to high heaven when Trump is asked daily to disavow David Duke, when Hillary is not asked a single question about Huma and Saleha Abedin. Huma was listed as an editor for a dozen years of a fundamentalist magazine funded by the Saudis. Hillary has appeared with and praised Saleha, in spite of the fact she once wrote an article that excused wife beatings. And there’s no media bias?