Immigration-Related Education Costs Crippling Overburdened American Taxpayers

government_check_money_rotator_675x450When most Americans think of immigration today, they are concerned about terrorism and the loss of American jobs to foreigners who are willing to undercut the wage market. But illegal alien children and unaccompanied alien children are also placing a significant strain on state and local budgets. A new report by FAIR shows that taxpayers now spend nearly $60 billion annually to educate both legal and illegal immigrants—an increase of nearly $9 billion since 2010. Education costs constitute the largest percentage of the immense fiscal burden unchecked immigration places on American citizens. Staggering costs like these are the result of attempts by the current administration to dismantle or bypass our immigration laws.

A large portion of this nearly $60 billion burden comes from the free public education provided to the children of illegal aliens. This unfunded mandate imposed on the states by the Supreme Court in Plyler v. Doe costs taxpayers $44.8 billion annually. During the 35 years since the Plyler decision it has placed a nearly unbearable strain on school budgets in high-immigrant areas, affecting the quality of education.

The tax burden attributable to misguided immigration policy is only increased by the federal government’s manipulation of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPRA). Originally intended to protect victims of human trafficking, the TVPRA was not intended as an avenue for admitting and re-settling huge numbers of Unaccompanied Alien Minors (UAMs). As FAIR’s report shows, UAMs currently cost $1.7 billion annually to educate in addition to the $1.3 billion already budgeted to for admission and resettlement. This $3 billion total was as low as $200 million as recently as 2013, highlighting how rapidly this problem is growing. FAIR recommends that Congress amend the Wilberforce Act in a way that expedites the process of reuniting minors with their families in their home country, effectively closing the loophole which allows the federal government to resettle them in the states at the taxpayer’s expense.

Removing incentives for illegal migration is an important first step toward restoring the efficiency of American tax dollars and sovereignty. Low-skilled immigrants, especially illegal aliens, receive far more in benefits than they pay in taxes. Accordingly, increasing the number of illegal aliens in the United States, as well as the number of government-funded benefit programs for which they are eligible, will only further exhaust already over-taxed American citizens.

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    THINK ABOUT IT! Brown University a private, Ivy League research university in Providence, Rhode Island, United States, just announced that they will give FREE TUTION TO HISPANIC ILLEGALS. Everyone one else, American Citizens and Foreign students will have to pay full tuition! Undergraduate tuition for the academic year 2015-2016 is $48,272. Room, board, and required fees is $12,700. The total cost for one year is $62,046. That’s a total of $248,184 for a free ride for a non-American Citizen. I am sure that there are many American Citizens that would like the same opportunity. Isn’t this a form of reverse discrimination! Let’s elect Donald Trump to make American Citizens First!

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    I’ll Sum It Up

    We have TWICE the teaching staff us Baby Boomers’ had [the same size classes too]….yet can not teach MATH and SCIENCE in public schools, let alone study hall assistance to obtain a DIPLOMA.

    Our math and science was ONLY TAUGHT with B.S. in STEM in our high schools… [at least in Seattle public schools] we use B.A. credentials with subpar skills…..obviously the root cause!

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    The worst part is that the “return” on our money is high drop out rates among Latinos, and very large numbers of the ones who graduate are woefully unprepared tor college. Colleges should be having remedial classes for incoming students? Seriously? If a student is not prepared for college work they should NOT BE THERE. But just keep listening to the left wing idiots who keep insisting that our present mass immigration is “good for the economy and the country”.

    How so? We need 30 million population growth, equal to 3 New York Citys, every decade? And where does the water come from? Advocates say desalinization. No problem except for the fact it’s much more expensive. We need more low education workers? No, this is not 1916 when we needed strong backs for most jobs. Automation is slowly but surely replacing many jobs. I got a call a few days ago about a doctor appt. Looking at the number I figured it was a confirmation of my appt. It was, but no longer a live person, just a computer asking me to press a button. Economic benefit? Sure, for business. Pay ten dollars an hour for them to cut lawns while the taxpayers pay to raise their 4 kids.

    Hillary is doing her usual desperate attempt to change the subject on the weekend attacks. We got lucky. The NJ race was delayed, fortunately. He put the second bomb in a dumpster hoping it would blow apart and produce even more shrapnel but it blunted the blast, and the third failed to go off. But according to Hillary all this is Trump’s fault because of his rhetoric. Like we had no attacks before this campaign? Like attacks aren’t going on all over the world every week? There’s no dealing with these people in a rational manner. They’re crazy. And Hillary insists if you call a spade a spade it’s Islamophobia. No, there’s nothing irrational about not wanting to associate with people who come from countries where the penalty for leaving Islam is death.

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      THINK ABOUT IT! The Illegal population in the United States is estimated at 11 million people. Some say it could be as high as 20 million Illegals in the United States. There are six states that have a population over 11 million. If we use the 20 million estimated Illegals, that reduces the number of states that have a higher population down to two, which is California and Texas. That is simply amazing! It’s time to make American Citizens First.