South Dakota Opts Out of Refugee Resettlement Increase

Syrian refugees on their way to EU, Serbia-Croatia borderThe State of South Dakota is opting out of Obama administration’s push increase refugee resettlement in the upcoming year. South Dakota Governor Dennis Dauggaard (R) was among the majority of governors who asked the White House to “suspend all plans to resettle Syrian refugees,” in a letter echoing concerns by federal intelligence sources of the U.S. government’s inability to properly vet applicants from the failed state.

Refugee resettlement in South Dakota is managed solely by Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota, as South Dakota is one of twelve states to formally withdraw participation in the U.S. Refugee Resettlement program. Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota resettles about 420 refugees every year in the state, from countries including Somalia, Darfur, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Since 2002, a total of 5,334 refugees from 31 countries have been resettled in South Dakota. The organization, however, is resisting pressure from the federal government to increase their cap as a result of the widespread security concerns by South Dakotans and their state and local leaders.

Opposition to refugee resettlement soared this year following recent terrorist attacks globally by extremists posing as Syrian refugees. The most notable attack occurred in Paris, France, last November, resulting in 130 fatalities.  Despite growing concerns, the Obama Administration announced last week that it plans to increase refugee admissions by nearly 30 percent compared to last year, and a 57 percent increase since fiscal year 2015. Alarmingly, the Obama administration announced this increase after weakening security standards for admission into the country in 2014, by allowing aliens that are known to have provided “material support” to individuals or organizations that engage in terrorist activity into the United States if that support was either “limited” or “insignificant.” The sharp increase in refugee admissions will likely accommodate many Syrians and people from other countries known to harbor terrorists.

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    Do you think the Obama administration really cares that these states want to “opt out?” Didn’t a bunch of states originally opt out of accepting refugees? Yet, Obama sent them anyway!

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    All Muslim immigration should be stopped immediately. Americans need to understand the existential threat of Islam and their Sharia law. Look at all the countries that have been overrun and conquered, both recently and in past history. Suggest people study the works of Philip Haney available on YouTube and go to Twitter or the net for @creepingsharia.

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    How much has money has the Lutheran Social Services raked in in return for giving legitimacy to this scheme? Churches are used to provide a moral component to these “resettlement” programs. The “refugees” will likely turn on their christian sympathizers when their numbers grow sufficiently large. I grew up on South Dakota, and hope that the citizens there wake up to the danger.

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    I dont know why all the states dont pass new laws, it is clear our government is breaking its own laws, why should we let this scum move here, as far as I know its still WE THE PEOPLES COUNTRY?

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    Stick to it SD refuse anymore refugees or islamic terrorist. Take care of America amd pur people first and our infrastucture, and our Native Americans the true Americans!

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    We are already over run by all kinds of races and people who should go back to their own country! It’s absolutely ridiculous! I really pray trump gets in office and makes America great again as it was along time ago! All these politics don’t care it’s all about that money! Hilary will surely run this country into the ground if elected so people vote trump! She has used millions on ads so just think how much of our tax payers money that will be blowed and spent on garbage! Not to mention all of our private classified info that she has already leaked! VOTE TRUMP!!!

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        Yes all states should not allow refuges who knows who they really are or what they are really up to! Isis would love for us to take them in so they have their people on the inside! Wake up America!

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    But but but, they’re all going to be vetted. Uh huh. We just gave citizenship to 800 people who were actually in this country for a long time and under deportation orders. If we can’t get that right we’re supposed to believe people who often have no records are going to be safe to be here? Just because you Hillary supporters are that brain dead to believe it, doesn’t mean all of us are.

    Trump needs to get Hillary on the record in the debates. She says she will prioritize deportation of “violent criminals”. He needs to ask her for a unequivocal statement whether that means no one will be deported for illegal entry or presence in this country. She always tries to weasel out of things and triangulate her answers so he needs to make her state her intentions. Because so far she says she will “go further” than this president on amnesty.

    Not surprising that Bush 41 may vote for Hillary. Birds of a feather flock together the old saying goes. Both families are a bunch of “free trade” Saudi-loving globalists. Everything the critics said about NAFTA came true while Bill Clinton dismissed all concerns. A lot of the criticism by guys like Lindsay Graham and John McCain is the same. They don’t like the fact that Trump is not a war hawk like Hillary. Wonder if she’s feeling ok. Looks a little bit gray around the gills.