Yet Another Preventable Deadly Shooting Spree by a Criminal Illegal Alien

Prison Corridor in Hohensch?nhausen, Berlin, GermanyHe had eight or more aliases, was previously convicted of multiple crimes, crossed the border illegally at least 35 times and had already been deported three times. Unfortunately, this is not the end of an extensive rap sheet for Juan Navarro Rios, a criminal illegal alien who was residing in Dallas, Texas.

Last Sunday, Rios, suspected of being high on drugs, began a deadly rampage by murdering 33-year-old Ruben Moreno in south Dallas. Soon thereafter, he carjacked and killed Welton Betts in the Dallas suburb of Cedar Hill. He then broke into a nearby home, stole the keys to a Lexus and drove three hours to his sister’s apartment Georgetown, just north of Austin. During this trip, he is also suspected of kidnapping a man at gunpoint and forcing him to withdraw money from an ATM.

Early Monday morning, after being successfully tracked by the police, Rios set fire to his sister’s apartment and attempted to flee the situation by breaking through a wall into a neighbor’s residence. Police then arrested him as he attempted to sneak down a stairwell and leave the complex. Authorities believe Rios’ victims were chosen at random, and he is now being held in a Dallas County jail while he awaits trial for their murders.

“For my brother’s life to end in his own truck it’s not right, just to be sitting there for hours until [police]found him,” Ruben Moreno’s brother Carlos told the Dallas Morning News. “It hurts, it really hurts.”

Tragic stories like this are becoming too common in American cities, highlighting the need to secure our southern border and enact true immigration reform. Elizabeth Bingham, a Dallas County Republican Party official, responded to Rios arrest raising the need to assign more Border Patrol agents to the southern border and permit existing officers to enforce the law. “We don’t have enough border-control people,” Bingham told WFAA Dallas. “If the system was operating in a manner that allowed Border Patrol to do their job, this would happen far less often,” she added.

If lawmakers are serious about stopping hardened criminal aliens like Juan Navarro Rios from returning to the United States, they must take action. Securing the border and removing the incentives that encourage unlawful re-entry are important first steps. This includes hiring more Border Patrol agents and empowering them with the resources needed to effectively do their job. American citizens should never have to fear the possibility of falling victim to a criminal alien. Properly enforcing our immigration laws instead of gutting them can minimize those fears.

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    The Mexican government is NOT a friend of the USA!

    The Mexican government helps people to IL-LEGALLY invade the USA.

    In addition, Mexico floods the USA with IL-LEGAL drugs and violent gang members.

    Moreover, Mexico interferes in US elections.

    It is time for US officials to realize that Mexico is our ENEMY!

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    I suspect that most of the land along most of the border is overseen by the BLM, the guardians of turtle habitat and charged with keeping the desert lands pristine and cattle free. From what i have seen of the illegal trails, there seems to be an excessive amount of trash and pollution accumulating. I think the BLM should be arresting these people for littering, if nothing else. From what I recall of what I seen of the BLM, they are a small army, with badges and guns. Let them control the border and turn the tresspassers over to the border patrol. I am tired of the trash along my portion of the border.

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      You’re right on that one/ One of the DIRTY SECRETS the corrupt”0″rats and environuts “conveniently”, ignore and WANT TO HIDE. It is such a serious problem in Arizona that they have an entire agency dedicated solely to it. According to that Arizona department, there is 96 to 160 million pounds (48,000 tons to 80,000 tons) of trash accumulating and decomposing (or not) in the environmentally sensitive areas along the border and beyond. Load-out areas in Arizona that look like a 747 crash site with thousands of backpacks, clothes, fouled diapers and such going on for a mile or more. Sadly there are dozens more like them. The consequences of ILLEGAL alien waste in Arizona are well documented, and shown to seriously affect human health, environmental quality, and economic well-being. Impacts include trash accumulation, ILLEGAL trails and paths, erosion and watershed degradation, damaged infrastructure and property, loss of vegetation and wildlife, campfires and escaped fires, abandoned vehicles and bicycles, vandalism, graffiti and site damage (historical, archaeological), and occurrence of bio-hazardous waste.
      Confirmed reports now exist on occurrences of over 2 DOZEN infectious and communicable diseases, some of which haven’t been seen in the U.S. for decades, some have no cure, and some, like drug resistant TB, ONE CASE, can cost over a MILLION dollars to cure. Basically, we have the obama regime waging biological warfare on our citizens. SEAL THE BORDER NOW.
      Keep a sharp watch and – Prime the guns for November.

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    These killings of US citizens by ILLEGAL aliens happen well over 4,000 times a year, twice that if you count vehicular mayhem, along with more than 7,000 rapes, as young as infants, assaulted or robbed EVERY YEAR by the 30 MILLION ILLEGALS already here that obama and his corrupt”o”rats want to legalize.
    June 17, 2016 – Suspect in fire that killed 5, an ILLEGAL alien, fought with another transient before slayings – charged with murdering five homeless people in an arson fire. Had been arrested three times before.
    August 29, 2016 – ILLEGAL Alien Crashes Bus Full of Louisiana Flood Volunteers, Kills Two – Driven by 37-year-old ILLEGAL alien, Denis Amaya Rodriguez, not licensed to drive. The bus chartered to transport volunteers helping out Louisiana flood victims plowed into a fire truck in a terrifying crash that left 2 dead and 41 people injured.
    Sept. 22, 2016 – Illegal Activist Who Says Mexicans Aren’t Rapists Arrested for Rape – ILLEGAL alien activist, Adolfo Tony Yapias-Delgado, maintains that mexicans aren’t rapists. Yet he was arrested this spring for raping his ex-girlfriend– also an ILLEGAL alien.
    28 Sep 2016 – 3-Time Deportee Arrested in Texas Shooting Spree — 2 Dead – ILLEGAL alien Silvestre Franco Luviano, 40, who has been previously deported at least three times was arrested in connection to a north Texas shooting and crime spree. Two people were murdered during the rampage.
    Many American Hispanics are catching on to the fact that they exemplify the, “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch” edict, and that their reputations, livelihood, and incomes are being DESTROYED BY the CRIMES of ILLEGAL alien Hispanics.
    BUT protest the atrocities and crimes; it doesn’t happen, nothing from legal Hispanics; crickets, not a sound, so sadly, all Hispanics will typically get painted with the same brush.
    If legal Hispanics want it different, they should support Trump.

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    I’m inclined to think that since this situation has been allowed, if not also encouraged by government, members of government should be held liable and subject to lawsuits (with no more protection than the rest of us) and have them pay out of their own pockets and insurance, not from government budgets and insurance.

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    Clinton is Leading in Some Polls Before the Next Debate

    Imagine how fast this mess will get worse with her in power….GO TRUMP!

    Poll Analysis: Polls use the same like 2000 voters every poll released and….we have no idea the number of Dems and Reps in the poll [its never documented in polls]. Using this fuzzy math analysis the margin of error is more like +-10-15%….IOWs the polls suck….

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    This is why we need both e-verify for every job and a wall/fence. This guy is a professional criminal, just like the drug smugglers, and they are not going to be working jobs. Only one thing will stop them and that’s a wall or fortified fence. And all the people who say a wall “won’t work” are exactly the same people who don’t want it to work. The Border Patrol says it works and they want a more fortified border. I will believe them over the people who rattle on about people carrying 50 foot ladders through the desert. And the border patrol has become much more adept at finding tunnels through technology.

    This week the White House has been pushing the same old tired line about how if we don’t pass the 12 nation TPP free trade deal then China will “set the rules”. If they could set the rules they would have already done it. Actually the rules will be set by foreign corporations who can sue to overturn US laws as unfair to them and it will let them bring in foreign workers almost at will.

    China WANTS this deal because, as Trump accurately pointed out, it’s a “back door” for their products. They can ship their raw materials and parts to a TPP country like Viet Nam which can use up to 60% of Chinese materials in a finished product which will ship here tariff free.

    But hey, let’s tell the truth. This president is going to leave office and get his rich rewards, a la the Clintons, being a lackey for his corporate globalist owners. Could you imagine Truman or Ike selling themselves like this after leaving office?

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      From the Sunlight Foundation about former open borders House Speaker Boehner:

      –When former House Speaker John Boehner announced his departure from Congress, USA Today surmised he could “cash in as a lobbyist.” Not even a year after retiring, Boehner is now cashing checks thanks to his work on behalf of myriad special interests.

      –Shortly after announcing his role at Reynolds, Boehner found another gig at what was previously the largest lobbying firm on K Street by revenue: Squire Patton Boggs. The firm is known for its wielding influence on behalf of foreign interests, including work with China. After years of supporting unfettered trade deals while in Congress – even when the rest of his peers wanted a tougher stance against China – Boehner may finally reap the benefits from his loyalty overseas.

      Former Sens. Trent Lott, R-Miss., and John Breaux, D-La., as well as Boehner’s former advisors David Schnittger and Natasha Hammond have all worked at Boggs for years as registered lobbyists.

      And our elites wonder why we have Trump?

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    And so many of our elites wonder why there is so much support for a candidate as boorish as Trump. Every time there is another murder or rape by an illegal alien, or a sexual assault of a child by an illegal alien, or a terrorist attack committed by an immigrant that is a member of “the religion of peace”, it gives a person one more reason to hold one’s nose and vote for Trump just to protect one’s own life.

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