Is NY Sanctuary Policy Responsible for Dead Students?

new yorkFour teenagers from Brentwood High School in Suffolk County, New York have been found dead this month. Fifteen-year-old Nisa Mickens and 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas’ bodies were found brutally beaten and abandoned not far from their homes. Days later, law enforcement discovered the skeletal remains of 19-year-old Oscar Acosta and 15-year-old Miguel Garcia-Moran in a remote industrial area of Brentwood. Authorities suspect illegal alien gang Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) is to blame for the killings and warned of increase gang activity on Long Island. Is Suffolk County, New York’s sanctuary policy at fault for contributing to the rise of gang activity in its communities?

Students from Brentwood High School commented that they no longer feel secure in their own community after learning of the killings. Many are afraid to walk alone or wear clothing that might offend gang members. “They don’t play around. If they don’t like you and if you do something to them, they will come after you,” stated one high school student who spoke anonymously because he was worried gangs would target him. “I’m not going to walk anywhere. We’re definitely more cautious about that. I don’t go out at night anymore.”

Sadly, Brentwood is just one of many communities in New York State reporting an increase of gang activity on their streets. Despite this troubling trend, the Suffolk County’s Sheriff’s Department prohibits its law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal immigration officials.

The 2014 sanctuary policy bans officers from arresting, detaining, or transporting anyone solely on the basis of an immigration detainer or an administrative immigration warrant, including an administrative immigration warrant in the National Crime Information Center database or a removal order. Sanctuary policies like Suffolk County’s stand as obstacles for federal officials to enforce immigration laws and allow notorious gangs like MS-13 to flourish by providing its members with a safe haven in which they can terrorize communities without fear of identification or deportation.

MS-13 originated in Los Angeles, California and was created in the 1980’s by illegal aliens from El Salvador. The gang has since expanded internationally and is active in many cities throughout the United States, as well as in El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. MS-13 activity is associated largely with human smuggling and illegal immigration into the United States, and is also known for its brutal killings that slash victims to death with knives and machetes.

Suffolk County’s policy deprives federal immigration officials of critical assistance it needs to remove dangerous criminal aliens from the country and allows criminal networks to grow. When local law enforcement ignore requests for cooperation by federal immigration officials, criminal aliens are able to reenter communities and engage in further criminal activity at the expense and safety of citizens and lawful aliens.

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    The Sheriif’s Department does not have the power to apprehend . It is the Suffolk County Police Department is the agency that responds to any type of criminal acts. SCPD cooperates with Federal Agencies regarding criminal
    Illegal aliens. Once in their custody, these elements are turned over to ICE. When they have been given to ICE , SCPD
    loses jurisdiction over these criminals. After that, SCPD is not informed of the whereabouts of these criminals.

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    I’m not sure the feds would deport them even if they were turned over. If this doesn’t end, people will take things into their own hands, and rightfully so.

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    Oh boy. The WikiLeaks have begun. In one, Hillary is giving a speech in which she favors “open trade and open borders”. Something she has always denied. She also spoke of having a “public position and a private position”. No surprise to anyone who has her figured out. She will change a position if she thinks it will get her more votes. In other words, trust NOTHING this woman says.

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      There was a movie in the 60s called the Manchurian Candidate about, long story short, a guy who becomes a presidential candidate but is secretly a brainwashed Communist agent. In other words, he’s not who he seems to be. Anybody who can add 2 and 2 knows Hillary is for open borders because, while not using the actual word, she has spelled out she will not enforce immigration law.

      She and her official website and her supporters have denied she is for open borders. But there she was in 2013 giving a well paid speech to bankers in Brazil and calling for “open trade and open borders”, something she did not want us to hear. Hillary Clinton, the globalist Manchurian Candidate.

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        The MSM Should Apologize To Donald Trump

        For being so biased and “over-reacted” to normal private locker room talk that BOTH men and women do in private….they’ve blown it into a WWIII issue.

        I feel so sad for our country when about 25% of America is getting foreign goods [a lot of this NOT CHEAPER than domestic, like degreed engineer salaries] they think is cheaper and would give up all our automotive [mainly], aerospace and even military/space jobs to foreigners so they can have choices and the Hades with the bottom 75% sent to the prison of flipping burger wages.

        Its called elite GREED.

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          And the Elite Greed Mongers are in for a RUDE SURPRISE

          If they get the ESTABLISHMENT NWO HRC elected President…..there’s plenty of green cards to hand out to replace that approx. 25% with cheap foreigners too…ask Greenspan.

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            If Trump had actually been going around groping women at random the law suits would be stacked a mile high. They’re not. Now the media is releasing tapes of him on Stern talking trash. Those have been available for years. I don’t find it a coincidence that all of a sudden they are being released when Hillary should be rightfully taking a hit for saying it’s ok to have a public and private position on issues. I was watching Meet The Press this morning and it’s almost comical to watch Chuck Todd, who has been in the tank for Hillary from day one, shake his head in disgust and try to interrupt Rudy Guiiani before he can get two words out in defense of Trump.

            The media, independent entities at one time, are now owned by huge corporations and billionaires like Jeff Bezos. They are the very people that want the “open borders” and cheap labor Hillary dreams of. She’s a snake in the grass who claims the right to lie to us about something that would literally destroy the country we have known.

            If Trump resigns after week one we still have Pence. With her as president she will just do open borders through executive orders and appointing judges who will tie border enforcement in knots. She’s already pledged to do it. No deportations except for violent criminals. Translation, get here and you can stay.

            It’s no wonder the Bushes and Clintons are so close. They’re all globalists who are owned by the Saudis. Remember the Saudi prince {Bandar?} who used to do Thanksgiving with the Bushes and hold hands with W?

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            BTW, speaking of saying one thing in public and another in private, President O. campaigned against NAFTA {which is both Mexico and Canada} in 2008 and talked about the damage it had done to companies in Illinois and how he would renegotiate it. Then a memo shows up written by some Canadian official who said, in essence, that he was just saying it for public consumption and had told upper levels of the Canadian government nothing would change. Eight years later and nothing has changed.