Private Clinton Immigration Remarks Wikileaked

Wikileaks released new emails last week detailing John Podesta’s ties to the Clinton campaign.

Among the documents leaked is a document organized by topic summarizing Hillary Clinton’s remarks in private speeches. (

Among the remarks were:

“And the only point I would make for the tech community is on the H1B visas, I support them. When I was a Senator from New York I supported them.” [Hillary Clinton Remarks at Nexenta, 8/28/14]

“One, I think it’s essential to keep focused on the visa issue, because that’s a discrete problem that even though I’d like to see it be part of an overall, comprehensive reform, you have to keep pushing to open the aperture, you know, get more and more opportunities.” [Hillary Clinton Remarks at Marketo, 4/8/14]

Now, specifically about H-1B visas, you know, we give so many more student visas than we give H-1B visas. We educate people in our institutions, and then we don’t let them stay in our country and work for you and work on behalf of improving our productivity and dealing with our problems. [Hillary Clinton remarks at SHRRM Chicago, 6/15/13]

Clinton also praised the Gang of Eight bill in 2013 during remarks before the SHRRM (Society of Human Resource Managers).

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    Victoria Costanza on

    What is wrong with Obama and our politicians. Illegals cross our borders illegally, and thanks to Obama that doesn’t care what they have done. Obama even is telling ICE, Homeland Security, and border patrol not to do their jobs. Obama and HIS ADMINISTRATION need to deport illegals, and help people on social security that haven’t had a raise for awhile. It is terrible that this administration ignores are vets that need immediate healthcare, jobs, and place to live. ALSO WE DO NOT WANT OPEN BORDERS!!!!! The illegals are treated bhan our veterans, who served our country. Stop giving them benefits!

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    Some how we all have to stick together and vote for Trump’s Presidential campaign to stop the distruction of America . If Helary cheats her way. In office it will lead to compete choas and financial difficulties for those who own small business or any other form of income . I pray to God the Democrats are stopped from distroying the country .

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    You know anything “comprehensive” is Russian for “you don’t really want to know what is in this”. They have to call it by another name in order to deceive the people. Just like Obamacare were Nancy Pelosi said, “You have to pass it in order to find out what is in it”! What an imbecilic comment. The left has absolutely no respect or regard for we the people. We need a step-by-step immigration reform. Without closed borders we have no country.

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    For years the American people have told our elected officials that they want TRUE immigration reform, not comprehensive reform, being pushed by the present administration. Anyone who has kept up-to-date on this issue the past few years knows that proponents of this proposal mean open borders. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m through writing to congressmen and filling out meaningless questionaires from the two parties, seeking my opinion about the subject. They do nothing. It’s a political game with them. With most of them their sole purpose in sending the damn things is to somehow get as much mileage as possible out of the issue, politically. Excluding a minority of true reformers in Congress, we can perhaps solve this problem by throwing the rest of the sorry rascals out. I’m amazed that we seem to get so upset over the issue but continue voting for open borders advocates.

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    I recall reading that we have 680,000 H-1Bs now taking American jobs. No one in the media will recognize the link between ITT’s failure and the high numbers of foreign workers. On one hand the government accused ITT for padding their placement numbers, meanwhile the other hand is doing everything in its power to bring in more cheap compliant foreign labor. This year the executive branch extended the time an F-1 OPT participant can work to three years, the same duration as an initial H-1B applicant. The executive branch also removed restrictions on H-1B spouses and allowed them to allow work. Businesses are going to hire foreign graduates before a two year degree in the vast majority of cases. The conspiracy theory in me suggests that this move against the “For Profit” schools is an attempt by the government to wipe out schools that could provide workers in the event of a Trump victory, thus insuring that the supply of H-1Bs could not be cut. I expect the government to go after the remaining two year schools for the remainder of Obama’s term. The ITT failure impacts 44,000 students.

    I was talking to an employee of a small chain discounter who told me that every employee in their store had at least an associates degree! God forbid if you only have a high school diploma in this economy.

    Here is a take on the job situation from a British perspective:

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    It’s really beyond amazing. Polls have shown in many countries that a quarter to a half of their population would move here if allowed, most of whom would be poor uneducated people, and she calls for “open borders”, something that would essentially change this country beyond recognition, and no one seems to think this is a big deal. Do you care about what country your children will inherit? Do you care about whether our environment is completely ruined? Apparently not, Trump’s potty mouth is more important.

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      I think we should enforce all immigration laws in place,and secure our borders period,we have a country to protect,those coming in dont have right under our constitution simply because they are not citizens,and those of us who are citizens arent being protected by our own government,we are wide open to attack because of our borders being wide open,illegals are allowed benefits we pay for,the government needs to remember who it is they work for,and who foots the bills,the AMERICAN PEOPLE

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        Close borders and keep them out have to many of illegals here already paying for food share and they buy stuff and open and sell in there stores and they don’ t pay taxes and charge more for food and drinks and everything else please close borders