ICE Calls California’s New Sanctuary Law Dangerous

A spokesperson from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) responded to California’s enactment of Assembly Bill 2792 (AB 2792), calling the new state law dangerous and an impediment to the enforcement of federal law. AB 2792 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown (D) in September.

AB 2792 allows criminal aliens in law enforcement custody to refuse any interview with federal immigration. By giving criminal aliens the ability to opt out of a meeting with ICE, AB 2792 essentially allows even the most dangerous criminal aliens to be released back into California communities after their sentences are served.

“ICE is deeply concerned this new law will impede the agency’s efforts to identify and ultimately deport individuals deemed to be a danger,” according to an agency spokesperson. “The agency remains staunchly committed to using every resource and tool at its disposal to promote public safety, [and]we believe this law will hamper that mission.”

Prior to AB 2792’s enactment, California law already required state and local law enforcement officials to refuse cooperation with ICE in almost all cases, unless the criminal alien has been convicted of a serious or violent crime. AB 2792 allows deportable aliens to choose whether ICE has access to law enforcement facilities at all and allows all criminal aliens, even violent offenders, the ability avoid immigration enforcement.

“Conducting in-person interviews with incarcerated foreign nationals aids in ICE’s efforts to obtain accurate information from these individuals and make appropriate decisions about future enforcement actions,” the agency spokesperson said.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Christine Howell on

    Yea, Ive been in San Diego 30 years now. I AM moving early next year, unfortunately still California, but back home to Humboldt. Its not friendly here, much tension, housing rediculous, but we bring in illegal, refugees, drives wages down. It just isnt nice anymore, its too bad.

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      If you don’t know about and support the State of Jefferson secession movement, now is the time to get involved! This is one more reason why northern CA needs to govern itself.

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    I remember years ago going to California, the weather was always beautiful the people friendly, I don’t know when this Governor Jerry Brown took office but it seems like everything changed after that. I seriously think there is something
    wrong with his thinking, why he’s protecting all the crooks and gangs and drug dealers instead of the hard working people is a dame shame. I don’t know how many years he has been the Governor there but it’s time for him to get out
    He took what was once a beautiful safe place to live and turned it into a garbage dump, get rid of him he is the problem.

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    Laurie Dipietro on

    I’ve been here only two years and can’t believe the amount of garbage, homeless & crime. I can’t not believe the residents vote for this. It’s sad to see the articles on lifetime residents that are forced to move because of increased gang activity. When I first registered to vote they sent me a democrat ballot then told me that I must have made a mistake- shady stuff here.

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    You have to hear it to believe it, available online. Today on CNN, host Brooke Baldwin was on air discussing Trump’s call for an amendment to establish term limits “for all members of Congress”. She said: “there already are term limits so what does he mean?”

    Unbelievable, beyond ridiculous. There are term limits for president, but never ever for Congress. This is fifth grade civics class. And this is what passes for “journalism”.

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    Insanity reigns for nearly everyone in government for that dung heap state. Just to clarify, it’s not the state itself that’s bad, it’s the majority of flaming imbeciles elected to represent it that stink.