Illegal Alien Deported 10 Times Faces Kansas Rape Charge

Tomas Martinez-Maldonado, a 38 year-old illegal alien from Mexico, allegedly raped a 12 year-old girl on a Greyhound bus last month.


After confirming the alleged crime took place somewhere along I-70 in Geary County, Kansas, the suspect was taken into custody and local authorities alerted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In an email to the Kansas City Star, ICE explained that Martinez-Maldonado has been previously deported back to Mexico an astounding 10 times since 2010, adding this poor young girl to the list of victims of illegal alien crime that should have been prevented.  ICE also stated that the illegal alien has a 2013 federal felony conviction for illegal re-entry into the U.S., making him an enforcement priority for the agency.

He is currently jailed in Geary County on a $100,000 bond, and is set to appear this week for a preliminary hearing. Let’s hope he remains in custody unlike so many other illegal aliens charged with similarly vicious crimes.

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    The key phrase here is that he “has a 2013 federal felony conviction conviction for illegal re-entry into the US.” He should have been held until being deported, but according to this administration, and Hillary, the only people who will be deported are “violent criminals”. Translation, go ahead and break any law you like, including an endless list of felonies, and you will still get to stay, as long as you do nothing “violent”.

    Hillary has already pledged she will suspend any enforcement, in spite of the constitutional charge that the president enforce the laws. She will raise her hand, swear the oath and lie through her teeth.

    But if you object to any of this, you get lumped in with Hillary’s “basket of deplorables”. The real question becomes what happens when you continually tell American citizens THEY must obey the law but citizens of other countries do not. At some point, those who believe in a constitutional system might just say this is not working to our benefit any more.

    You follow the law because you believe that’s how a society should run and you get called names. It’s why I cannot call myself a Democrat any more and will not vote that way. They have now become the party of pandering to thugs and illegal aliens. You left me, I didn’t leave you until you forced me.

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      Democrat and Rhino Republicans

      Don’t like solutions that help America. Like cutting women nurse labor hours bases from horribly unaffordable healthcare costs using “bioengineering”….then we’d have to hire a few “white male” degreed engineers to see hoards of healthcare cost reductions.

      Its CLEAR bigotry against white males. So is the butcher axing of Detroit’s technical force [250K in 2007]….attack “white males”. That’s why we pay outrageous healthcare premiums.

      I’d get into knowledgeable male sports announcers replaced with “airhead” women too; this job scarcity is causing bigotry against “white males”…..I’m sure women voters with main income husbands TOTALLY AGREE WITH ME. Its out of control and the main reason the minority elite women flock to the NWO Hillary which hates white males. Wikileaks brings these issues out “in writing” too.

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        Yeah, my discontent with the Democrats does not mean I am blind to the Republicans shenanigans. It’s just that their policies can be changed but once Hillary floods this country with mass immigration, legal and illegal, we are never going to be the same again. It’s happening now. If Texas goes blue, not an unlikely scenario in a few years, the Democrats will control the presidency for good. As far as the sportscasters, one of the reasons I have kept cable is because I like some of the ESPN shows. Now half the time they just devolve into racial issues and I just shut it off.

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          No Wonder the NFL is Going Bankrupt Lately

          Their sports announcers suck… sports too.

          We don’t care about EEO anymore, its all Affirmative Action for women…

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      Yes a Deplorable who has already voted for Donald Trump, So I can work as a poll Deputy at a Miami Election precinct from 6 AM till 9 PM Watching for Election Rigging !! (;^)) PS: I will be wearing a Red Shirt under my flouresent orange Pool Deputy Vest.

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      Unfortunately we have a bunch of idiot “judges” who would rather fine your azz off for a minor parking ticket than they would incarcerate a person (with no bond) committing a major criminal act such as illegally entering the country. Clearly they’re “flight risks” and should NOT be let out UNTIL they are deported. And then only under armed guards.
      And then shot if caught after reentry.