Former Colorado Governor: Mass Immigration is an Environmental Issue

I wasn’t the only politician who understood mass immigration’s effects on the environment when I left the Colorado governor’s house in 1987, but there was certainly a lot more when I started.

Since the nineties onwards, the silence on the negative effects of runaway population growth in America has been deafening. This is why I’ve joined a lawsuit filed this week challenging our immigration authorities on failing to calculate the costs of their population growth-inducing policies.

Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), all federal agencies must take a “hard look” at every “major federal action” they commit to.

DHS Estimates of Legal Temporary Residents | ImmigrationReform.comWhile it’s apparently been well-understood that, for instance, the Department of Transportation must analyze the environmental effects of any highways and byways it commissions, for the Homeland Security department, which implements policies that make those highways and byways necessary, it apparently isn’t. In fact, they’ve never made such an analysis on the effects of immigration. And they’ve been violating environmental law ever since.

I’ve lived in Colorado continuously since 1961. I was in the Colorado state legislature from 1967 to 1974, and I served as the governor of Colorado from 1975 to 1987, in both capacities as a member of the Democratic Party.

I’ve watched Colorado go from a lovely state with a high quality of life to a Colorado whose front range (from Pueblo to Fort. Collins) is rapidly becoming a Los Angeles of the Rockies. That unspoiled, beautiful Colorado that stirred me so deeply growing up has fallen prey to unchecked, immigration-induced population growth.

Read the rest of Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm’s guest opinion published in The Hill  here.

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    Plus, these third world degenerates for the most part, have absolutely no respect for the environment, period!

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    I read recently that Colorado is having to expand one of its reservoirs in the mountains in order to keep up with population growth, and local residents are concerned about damage to the local environment.

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      And when things really start going downhill in this country is when there is nowhere left to move to get away from overpopulated, high tax states like California that have already been ruined by mass illegal/legal immigration. Hopefully the Republicans will have a Presidential candidate in four years who is for border security and who doesn’t have so many skeletons in his closet.

      Get ready for four years of Hillary, hopefully the Republicans won’t also lose the Senate and House because of Trump. The guy never should have run for President, and why didn’t Republicans during the primaries dig a lot of this stuff up on Trump earlier, that they could have gotten hold of? What an a**hole, I hope he goes bankrupt after he loses.

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    There have been repeated showings on the news of Trump at a rally saying “I will accept the results of the election–if I win”. No showings of what was next, when he said just kidding and laughed. Whatever you think, that is something that should be shown in it’s entirely to let voters decide. But not our corporate run media. We used to complain about the “state controlled” Russian media, but we have a media with an agenda desired by globalist billionaires, so what’s the difference.

    There have been numerous WikiLeaks showing collusion between reporters and the Clinton campaign. Harper’s is a super liberal magazine but in the November issue there is a lengthy article documenting the overwhelming pro-Hillary and anti-Bernie bias of the Washington Post during the primaries, both in editorials and supposed “news” articles. What was once a respected newspaper is now a propaganda sheet owned by Hillary supporter and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Amazon is famous for their overworked underpaid work force.

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    One of the persons commenting in the Hill link blames those moving from California for Colorado’s growth. Well duh. It’s been mass foreign immigration, not those moving from other states, that has fueled California’s spiraling population growth for the last few decades that has made the state unlivable and unaffordable.

    Groundwater reserves are so depleted that roads and bridges in some areas have settled by several feet. That will be hugely expensive to repair. Advocates say desalinization is the answer but that costs considerably more than other sources. Houses that cost 50,000 dollars thirty years ago are now 600,000 and wages have nowhere kept up to that. Freeways in Los Angeles are now gridlock from early morning to late afternoon. That is an awful lot of wasted fuel and lost productivity.

    But it’s like these low watt thinkers can’t add 2 and 2 to get 4. WHEN is enough enough? How do we meet the greenhouse gas goals environmentalists claim to want when faced with an average national population growth of 30 million per decade. That’s three New York Citys. It took us until 1915 to reach 100 million people. We were 257 million in 1993, the first year of the Clinton administration, and now we are at 323 million. 66 million increase in 23 years. And Hillary proposes even more immigration.

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      I Just Read Leland

      The American Engineers and Scientists are very close to an economical method of turning Global Warming CO2 into methane….no wonder the Progressives hate American Engineers, we blow their global warming scares into mere mole hills…we shoot globalism’s wild idea into a moot point.

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        I don’t doubt CO2 is contributing. I also read about a process that will convert CO2 to ethanol, which is far better than wasting corn on it.

        Another woman came forth yesterday to “accuse” Trump. She’s a porn star and just by coincidence, of course, she launched her “online store” the day before she appeared with Gloria Allred. Some of this is absurd because several of these women claimed something happened in crowded public areas where no one else saw anything. He’s not an angel but where were they before.

        He has also come out against the AT & T and TimeWarner merger. We are going to end up with one media company. But then, we’re pretty close now.

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    And yet we pay these useless AH’s (gov. representatives) in Washington D.C. to perpetuate this insanity on us!