By Calling Immigration Limits “Un-American,” Hillary Clinton Disagrees With Most Voters

Clinton And Obama Attend Manufacturing Forum In PennsylvaniaLast week, in one of the thousands of emails released by WikiLeaks, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was caught telling a group of Wall Street executives that any kind of limit on immigration is “fundamentally un-American.”

In the transcript of a 2013 speech at Goldman Sachs, Clinton declared that proponents of true immigration reform are “against immigration for reasons that have to do with the past, not the future.” She later claimed “they just have a backward-looking view of America,” and should “be rejected because they are fundamentally un-American.”

Mrs. Clinton is essentially saying that a vast majority of U.S. citizens don’t support American values. A recent Gallup poll shows that 79 percent of Americans want to see immigration levels limited or reduced. Of those polled, 38 percent want to see immigration decreased, but only 21 percent approve of increasing the number of immigrants admitted to the United States.

With the economy still sluggish after a global recession, the job market understandably remains the top issue for voters. More than 60 percent of voters feel less sure about their job security today than they did in the past. The U-6 unemployment rate, which includes the underemployed and discouraged workers, is at almost 10 percent. Unchecked immigration policies are a big reason for this slow recovery.

Despite alarming unemployment numbers, the federal government still issues about 85,000 H-1B visas annually – mainly for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs. Despite the fact that nearly 75 percent of Americans with STEM degrees are forced to work outside of their field, some politicians want to increase the H-1B cap to 195,000 annually. In addition, states like Massachusetts actively assist foreigners in getting around existing visa caps.

Meanwhile, corporations like Disney, Intel and Caterpillar exploit the H-1B program by firing American workers in favor of cheaper foreign workers. The result is that U.S. citizens can no longer compete in the marketplace and end up either underemployed or dependent on unemployment benefits.

A pro-American immigration policy places the jobs and well-being of U.S. citizens first. This includes ensuring that Americans with STEM degrees fill jobs in their field before foreign workers. Another effective measure would be passing the American Jobs First Act of 2015, which requires that H-1B workers be paid the same as citizens in order to lower the incentive for corporations to undercut U.S. workers. American workers deserve an immigration policy that protects their interests.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    I sent in my vote for Trump last week, checked to make sure it had arrived so I’m all set, he gets my vote. Don’t count Trump out just yet go to his Face Book page and take a look at all of the followers he has, there are thousands. He has more “likes” than anyone I have ever seen. Hillary can’t even attract a couple of hundred followers to her rally’s while Trump followers number in the thousands…at one rally he had a week ago there was 20,000 inside and 15,000 outside that couldn’t get in because the fire marshal has to keep the numbers within reason they won’t let in more people than the building can handle.
    I know since Hillary’s gang has been caught hiring thugs to cause trouble outside Trump rally’s all of that trouble seems to have stopped. if you watched the films that Project Varitas took undercover it explains a lot about how rotten to the core Hillary is. Please go to
    It’s a eyeopener, there is two sections to it one is for older wikileaks and on for new wikileaks

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    Clearly, Hillary Clinton is beholden to all those countries that have given her and Bill millions using their corrupted fund. She’s for selling out our country to the highest bidder. She believes in open border no restrictions, come and go as you please. Our Second Amendment will be gone, massive uncontrolled immigration, huge tax increases to pay for all the new entitlement moochers. Our liberties disappear and she hates Catholics and supports Sharia because they are part of those countries practice the anti woman rights. Hillary Clinton needs to be stopped before she sets foot in the Oval Office and let’s not forget the $200,000 theft of White House furniture that she and Bill had to return when they left

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      Iif Hillary is for open borders you know Soros and Saul Alinsky are pulling the strings. Hillry wants to change America
      and not for the good. If you are for Hillary you are living proof that liberalism is a mental illness. How could any good American be for someone that went to a “hate America church” for twenty years, or a criminal, lying, corrupt power hungry person like Hillary.

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    Hillary wants a one world government and more Democratic votes so we are one party country. Open borders will cause our country to go broke and be full of crime.

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    Margaret Bellingham on

    She is yet another “enemy within.” She fully understands that immigration has been weaponized to deconstruct the country of her birth — if nonetheless a country she has no problem deconstructing. She cannot be stupid enough to believe that mass immigration will not reinvent it in ways that will make it unrecognizable.

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    Margaret Bellingham on

    Dear God, please don’t let this filth reach the White House.
    Were are so thoroughly damned when we allow it to be used as a bordello.
    We need to have an annual day when we block the entrances to the immigrant processing centers.
    With signs that say, “We gave no consent for the erasing of our nation state and culture and quality of life.”
    Yes, we will be vilified. The Media will go wild.
    But nothing else will stop this.

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    here is what is un american , selling out your country for millions of dollars, bringing anyone into the country illegaly,
    if you want to be president of a country with out laws then get the hell out of america, the only reason use are doing this is for votes and after the election the illegals will rot till next election just like you do with the black vote

    • avatar
      Barbara Ortega on

      agree… am fed up with our tax dollars going to support illegal aliens who have NO right to be in this country.. Flood this country with illegal aliens and legal immigrants and American Citizens will pay the p rice in more ways than one.. She is for open borders so anyone can come in who wants to come… This will also leave the borders open for more gang members, drugs, drug cartels, terrorists….
      A country without borders is NOT a country.. Clinton wants to live with open borders.. she needs to go to another country.. NOT America…
      ANYONE who cares anything about this country at all, needs to get fully behind Trump and make sure Clinton does NOT win the white house…
      We do NOT need Clinton with all her baggage in the white house.. her baggage is full of corruption, lies, greed, lawlessness.. this country cannot survive Clinton in the white house… she has her followers so blinded by her lies that they cannot see the darkness that will fall upon us if she gets in the white house

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    Immigration Limits ………..UN_AMERICAN ! WTF ! Wakeup America , this fat ***, pie face POS, is a GLOBAL
    Politician , and like Obama will give our Country away to any INVADING POS that make it to our border.
    Get ready , when TRUMP is POTUS, Obama will LET the DOGS OUT !…………..Time to cull the heard !

    Semper Fi

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    A Proud Deplorable on

    DemonCraps are looking to add as many new voters as they can because some of the sheep are starting to wise up to their tactics. Promise them the sun, moon and the stars to get their votes and then after the election, never follow through with anything promised. The demoncraps open border policies have ruined the home building industry all across the Nation. Just try to find a White or Black owned American sub-contractor now days, you might find one here and there, but for the most part they have all been undercut so severely that they had to go out of business by the Hispanic’s, and if they are still hanging around, tbe competitivehey are working on such a razor thin margin that one small error means the difference between making a profit or n the hole. Most builders have had to lay off black and white workers and go with hispanic’s to remain competitive. A sad day in America, that the American workers can’t earn a decent living.

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    Whats this un-american BS ?..I dont know of anywhere that is says much about illegal immigration od immigration at all..we need to do whats right for this country and its workers first..not what is good for the liberal demorats..if the economy cant support immigration then we DONT do it..easy eh ?

    • avatar
      Barbara Ortega on

      We need to put our citizens FIRST.. Illegal immigration is BAD for this country and the citizens… Legal immigration if not controlled can also be bad for this country.. it’s the citizens that lose when we are flooded with illegal aliens and legal immigrants..
      Legal immigrants are welcome to come, but we really need to put a limit on how many enter each year so the country has time to absorb those who come.. they need to learn English, work hard to follow the laws and assimilate into the American Culture..
      Illegal immigration MUST be stopped.. they come here illegally bringing drugs, crime, diseases… they drain our resources and our tax dollars..

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    Hillary so sucks, but not enough to make the ignorant Democratic party exhibit any real intelligence as usual!

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    American Engineer Dinosaurs Extinct Now?

    We don’t make stuff anymore and apparently the feds don’t want them either….are we regarded as a pool of overpaid white males mostly to be replaced by lesser degreed professions giving women more of a chance?

    Also American engineers in bioengineering can reduce healthcare costs by reducing mostly women nurses’ labor hour bases? That’s why we hardly use bioengineers at all in America? Most of them are “high priced” foreign and outsourced now, not cheaper American engineers.

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    Some women are against Trump for things he’s said. Ok. but the old saying is don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. When your husbands and boyfriends can’t find decent jobs because “open borders” Hillary wants to flood the country with immigrants willing to work for cheaper wages, just remember that Trump tried to limit that flood.

    Even the Barbara Jordan Commission on Immigration appointed by Bill Clinton in the 90s said we needed to limit immigration to raise wages. But that was yesterdays “truth” and today the sheep have new propaganda to believe.

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      Barbara Ortega on

      Agree.. a huge amount of the women following Clinton want her in the white house because she is a woman.. they sure aren’t looking at the darkness of corruption, lies, greed and lawlessness that follow her… she wants open borders where anyone can enter.. these women following her need to wake up and realize these open borders not only means illegal aliens will be entering, bur so can more criminals, terrorists, drug cartel, more gangs, drugs, diseases… is this what they want for their families?? Their stupid thinking and voting for Clinton with all her baggage of corruption, lies, greed and lawlessness will drive this country deep into the bottom of the cesspool.. they are so blinded by her lies that they cannot see the darkness that will fall upon the country and the citizens.. she will sweep the citizens under the rug ..