FAIR Holds Newspaper Accountable on Syrian Refugee Story

RefugeesThe recent (Friday, Oct. 21) article about First District Supervisor candidate Angela Valles’s concerns regarding the resettlement of Syrian refugees in her community without public notification (Valles Angered over Syrian Refugees’ entry into Victorville, October 20, 2016) misled readers about federal immigration law while also attempting to tarnish the reputation of one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious immigration reform organizations in the process.

Valles had good reason to be upset that Syrian refugees were resettled into Victorville without consultation from the federal government. In fact, pursuant to 8 U.S.C. § 1522(a)(2)(A), federal agents responsible for administering the refugee resettlement program “shall consult regularly (not less often than quarterly) with State and local governments and private nonprofit voluntary agencies concerning the sponsorship process and the intended distribution of refugees among the States and localities before their placement in those States and localities.”

Either local officials were consulted in advance about the plan to resettle Syrian refugees in Victorville and have chosen — for whatever reason — to conceal that fact from the public, or federal law was ignored or violated. Either way, the public has a right to know.

Read the rest of Bob Dane’s guest opinion at The Victorville Daily Press here. (link corrected).

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    These immigrants have no desire to assimilate to the American way of life. Almost all of them are Muslims and are totally in with Islam and Sharia law. I used to vote democrat that is until the democratic party turned and is basically a communist party. Obama, Hillary, Kerry and others are not democrats. Dems used to be for working people and weren’t anti-American. These PC progressive, liberals have one mission and that is to change america. They are evil nasty individuals who care about nobody but themself.

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    It’s clear to the real agenda of Obama, Clinton, and the rest of their “Progressive” agents are doing everything they can to bring as many illegal aliens here and keep them here as possible. Their goal is not even about “helping” these mostly poor, uneducated, and expensive to the Sapor foreigners but rather to try creating a permanent Democrat voting majority in this countryvoting majority in this country.

    Where not at all concerned about the impact of this huge wary of people who we know a little about and will mostly have to be supported by US tax payer dollars. In addition, the huge security risk of having all these illegals stay here about whom we know little to nothing is huge.

    Basically what’s going on is the Democrats/Progressives using their current power to cement themselves permanently in Power and control, with no regard whatsoever for the security and financial/economic burdens these policies on supported by US law, cause for the vast majority of hard-working taxpaying Americans citizens.

    I’m very concerned by the time the majority of Americans wake up to this ticking time bomb of a national disaster and made a total fundamental change in our countriy’s character that nobody voted for, it will already be too late. Many Americans have detention cells from staying informed about what’s going on in politics, and this has allowed a very biased, mostly left wing liberal media who seem to invariably support the progressive agenda no matter how bad for the country, to control our public narrative.

    We all need to work hard to inform the public what is going on in violation of our laws regarding illegal immigration, and how bad it will be going for for them, their children, and our nation as we know it.

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    The press has been shown to be totally owned by Hillary and the Democrats because of the WikiLeaks. Numerous reporters submitting material to the Clinton campaign for their approval and CNN giving debate questions to Donna Brazile who then forwards them to the campaign.

    The media is trying to portray Hillary and Trump’s reactions to the AT&T TimeWarner merger as similar. They are not. Trump has said no way, it’s too big. Hillary has done her usual talking out of both sides of her mouth by expressing “serious concerns”. Which means nothing in the end. What she really means is let’s get behind closed doors and write some checks and that will take away all the “concerns”. This has to be one of the most corrupt and dishonest people ever to run for president.