Grieving Mom Calls for End to Nebraska Sanctuary Policies

sara-root-video-still-rotator-720x467Council Bluffs native Sarah Root had everything to live for.  The talented and popular 21-year-old had just graduated with straight A’s from Bellevue University with a degree in criminal investigations.  But her life was tragically cut short less than 15 hours after she graduated, when she was hit and killed by Eswin (Edwin) Mejia, an underage, illegal alien drunk driving and street racing.  Mejia was released on a $5,000 bond – and quickly disappeared – never to be seen again.

Her death came just two years after the brutal assault and murder of 93-year-old Omaha resident Louise Sollowin, who was home alone when she was beaten and brutally raped by Sergio Martinez-Perez, an illegal alien teenager.  Martinez-Perez was discovered an hour after the assault happened, passed out and lying on top of Sollowin, who died of her injuries several days later.

What do both of these cases have in common? They are both senseless murders that could have been prevented if the U.S. had better control of its borders in the first place.  Unfortunately, the growing number of sanctuary communities across the state have been a beacon to illegal immigration, often at the peril of our own citizens.

Sanctuary policies are laws, resolutions, or executive actions that prohibit local officials from inquiring, acting on, or reporting an individual’s immigration status — even when there is reasonable suspicion that an individual is in the country illegally. Many of these policies even prohibit the compliance with detainers, official holds placed on individuals that allow for deportation when appropriate. Sanctuary policies not only endanger public safety and fuel illegal immigration, but also waste millions of taxpayer dollars while directly conflicting with federal law.

Read the rest of Michelle Root’s guest column in the Omaha World Herald here.


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    There is a homeless guy who is guarding the Trump site of the Hollywood Walk of Fame which was destroyed by a Trump protestor. The homeless guy is holding up a sign that says 20 million illegal aliens while citizens go homeless. Very true. There is a huge homeless section of downtown Los Angeles, but you can’t just blame being homeless on not wanting to work. California has become so expensive that there is a very large percentage of working people living out of their cars because they can’t afford housing. But Hillary says we need even more immigrants.

    It’s always interesting to watch the total hypocrisy of the Obamas on display. Michelle pronounced herself ever so shocked at Trump’s tape and said she never heard anything like that. Ignoring of course that rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris and Jay Z have all been invited multiple times to the White House and THEIR lyrics about women go far beyond anything Trump said.

    But when haven’t they had a double standard. Every police shooting always involves them rushing to sympathize with the perp, and casting aspersions on the cop, no matter the facts. It happened in Ferguson Missouri even with video of Brown robbing a store and assaulting a clerk. The cop was eventually cleared completely by both a local grand jury AND the Justice Dept. but it was his life that was ruined. Naturally Hillary had Brown’s mother speaking at the Democratic convention talking about what a victim her son was. Hillary’s slogan should be Thug Lives Matter.

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    Sanctuary Cities Are The Elite Rich Progressives’ Home

    The way over priced real estate gouges elite income citizens, that can afford a house there without using old family money paying for it. Normal American employment pay for a house there is a complete joke. 50% of home owners don’t work and have no job skin in the game

    Property taxes are horrifying and as a result are likely good areas to seek special needs disability services that may be able to milk off what the Globalists rich elite collect for IAs’ social services.

    You need to make like $250K/yr to buy a house there or even $120K/yr to afford the apartment rent. IOWs ya gotta be the top 10% income bracket minimum to afford to live there.

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      There’s not better promoter of the rich globalist elite than Hillary. When AT&T and TimeWarner announced their proposed merger several days ago, Trump said right away he would not approve it because we already have too much power concentrated in too few media companies.

      Hillary has said nothing, meaning literally nothing, other than she has “concerns”. Bernie Sanders is now rallying his supporters to demand that she outright repudiate it, as Trump already has.

      The reason she has so much money to spend in this election is that a lot of it is corporate money. They don’t like Trump because he is not going to let them run the government like she will. Vanguard Group is one of the biggest shareholders of both AT&T and TimeWarner.

      Bill Clinton gave two “speeches” [aka payoffs] to Vanguard in 2012 for 400,000 dollars total. How much more obvious does it have to get. She admitted they left the White House “broke” but now they’re worth $200 million. That is almost all corporate money.