Pennsylvania Senate Passes Anti-Sanctuary Bill

pennsylvania-map-rotator-720x467The Pennsylvania Senate amended and passed a House bill yesterday to rid sanctuary cities from the state.  Sanctuary policies tie the hands of law enforcement and impede the enforcement of immigration law by prohibiting law enforcement and other public officials from cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). House Bill 1885 puts a halt to such practices by banning sanctuary policies that restrict communication between state and local officials with federal agents and holding sanctuary cities liable for any harm caused by a criminal alien released from a sanctuary city’s custody. The House of Representatives approved the measure on October 17.

Representative Martina White (R-170) introduced HB 1885 to address the growing problem of sanctuary cities in the state and facilitate immigration enforcement efforts. Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia, has been considered a sanctuary city since 2014.

The House of Representatives must approve of all amendments made by the Senate before it can be sent to Governor Tom Wolf (D)’s desk. Governor Wolf must sign or veto HB 1885 within ten days of receipt, or else it will automatically become law. The Governor’s office not yet indicated whether he will sign or veto the measure.

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    So glad for this news. Now can we delay or repeal the FLSA labor law for exempt and non exempt empliyees. This is a one size fits all bill that will destroy the lives of many nontraditional workers especially who provide in home services to mental health clients. It goes in effect December 1st. Please help with this. I would be delighted to speak to someone concerning the issue. Email or call 724-875-6761.

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    Sanctuary cities are just another of the ideas that have come to characterize the modern Democratic party. As a long time registered member of the party, I have now come to the point that I cannot vote for them for either president or Congress. On a local level maybe but not national. All they care about is illegals and criminals. Everyone forgets there was another candidate for president this year. Former senator Jim Webb was more towards the center but he got no support and had to drop out early on, leaving us three people trying to out pander each other to illegals.

    The Clinton campaign is crying a river over this new e-mail investigation, ignoring the fact that they have never cooperated. It took years to discover, by accident, that she was using an unsecured private server. Then they claimed most of them were “lost”, but it turns out that a company they had hired “bleached” a lot of them AFTER an order to preserve evidence. And Bill Clinton waits a half hour at the airport so he and the Attorney General can chit chat about the grandkids, supposedly. Innocent or not, it’s an appearance of impropriety

    There is also the big unanswered question of why the FBI did not examine Huma Abedin’s laptop BEFORE recently. She’s Hillary’s chief aide. How can they say there was a complete investigation when such a basic procedure was not done. Cry all they want, it was their stonewalling that got them here.

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        There are no more moderates in the Democratic party. If we elect her, and give her the power to appoint judges, its going to be another 4 years of safe spaces, males being able to walk unquestioned into the same bathroom as 12 year old girls, and being called on the carpet for your “white privilege”.

        They’re trying to spin this e-mail thing by saying the FBI has not seen the e-mails on the laptop Huma shared with her husband. Not true. It was FBI agents in NY who found them a month ago when they were investigating the charge he was sexting a 15 year old. Those agents told Washington headquarters that there was pertinent material that should be looked at.

        How could Comey not announce he was reopening the investigation? We are entitled to know that. If they want info out, let Huma Abedin hold a press conference and answer questions.

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          We’ll Learn More as it Unfolds

          But its slam dunk that most FBI law enforcement personnel support Trump. Makes me wonder if not only are FBI personnel resigning from federal government in DROVES; but if Comey doesn’t come clean the ax is over his head and it may likely be an internal threat against Comey within the agency causing the sudden justice.

          Yes….and the ax is National Security Classified documents sent to Weiner, to threaten Comey with?