Taxpayer Lawsuit Appeal Continues Against California Illegal Alien Tuition Policy

Map of California StateThe California Court of Appeal will hear oral arguments next week on a lawsuit brought by a California taxpayer contesting the University of California Regents’ decision to allow illegal aliens students to receive in-state tuition rates, financial aid, and student loans. The University of California Regents decision currently costs California taxpayers over $27.1 million annually to provide illegal alien students the tuition subsidies.

The plaintiff, who is represented by Judicial Watch, alleges the University of California Regents’ policy directly violates federal law. The federal “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act” prohibits state and local governments, as well as the federal government, from giving illegal alien public benefits. The law, however, contains an exception that allows states to give public benefits if a state legislature passes a statute that affirmatively grants eligibility to illegal aliens.

Because the University of California Regents is an independent entity, not controlled by the State Legislature, the Plaintiff claims the California Regents is acting without authority by spending taxpayer dollars on illegal alien tuition benefits. Indeed, the California State Legislature passed three statutes to grant illegal aliens tuition benefits. These laws, however, only apply to the California State University and California Community Colleges. The California State Legislature has not enacted any laws to allow illegal aliens to receive tuition subsidies at the University of California.

“Taxpaying California citizens deserve to have their hard-earned money spent lawfully,” said Earl De Vries, the plaintiff in the lawsuit. “What the Regents are doing is not only illegal, it’s unfair to taxpayers,” he added.

Oral arguments in the California Court of Appeal case begin November 3, 2016.

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    If California wants to take care of these illegal migrants then they should not get any federal money . Because I don’t want not one penny of my money to go to illegal immigrants.

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    Canada under the leadership of liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau has announced that they are going to double immigration levels and one of the excuses is an “aging demographic” and the country will require new workers. But they have also announced that the requirement that companies must prove that a Canadian cannot be found for a job will be dropped. That just proves that liberals, here or elsewhere, don’t care about citizens, they just want mass immigration.

    Senate minority Democratic leader Harry Reid has gotten press coverage for claiming that the FBI has “explosive information” on contacts between the Russians and the Trump campaign. No one is pointing out that Reid claimed on the Senate floor in 2012 that he had a “source” who told him that Romney had paid no taxes for a decade, in spite of the fact that he had released returns showing he paid millions. Asked about this after the election, Reid’s answer was “he lost, didn’t he”? So, the end justifies the means?

    And it’s no wonder the e mail investigation has to be reopened. In the initial investigation, everyone was given immunity, their word taken at face value, and they were allowed to destroy laptops and phones.

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      Secret Clearances of Public Employees

      Entrusted to protect our classified information requires “stringent laws. Like if your kids get charged with a serious crime you lose your clearance and job. Adultery and substance abuse raises serious red flags too.

      But Trump was a private citizen before running for President. Adultery is not against the law for Trump….compared to Bill Clinton or Weiner who are/were public servants with clearances at the time of their indecent grievous crimes. Don’t compare Trump to them. He’s immune.

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    It’s good to see someone is trying to stop California politicians from wasting our tax money on illegals!