Marie Antoinette is Alive and Well

cake-french-flag-rotator-720x480Yesterday, Nov. 2, was the 261st anniversary of Marie Antoinette’s birth. Marking the occasion (one day late), a British court honored the legacy of France’s last queen by demonstrating their own contempt for the concerns of the masses and the democratic will of the people by ruling that Prime Minister Theresa May does not have the authority to implement the Brexit that voters approved in June.

On Thursday, a London court blocked May’s attempt to implement Article 50, the mechanism under which the United Kingdom will negotiate its exit from the European Union, in accordance with the wishes of 52 percent of voters. The Brexit vote largely divided the UK between the economic, political and social elite who wanted to remain in the EU, and ordinary citizens who were fed up with EU bureaucracy and unchecked immigration.

The heirs to Marie Antoinette’s legacy are Gina Miller, Deir Santos, and Charlie Mullins. Within days of the voters overruling the ruling elite, these three began legal proceedings to overturn the democratic process. On Thursday a court ruled in their favor.

These events epitomize why so many people have lost faith in their governments. Under the court’s decision, Prime Minister May will have to consult with Parliament – folks who were elected by the people to represent their interests – to obtain permission to carry out the will of the people. But those in the ruling caste still trying to understand the roots of the populist wave sweeping across Western societies don’t seem to get how this type of elitist nullification fuels resentment of them by the middle and working classes.

Ms. Miller, the wife of an uber-rich London hedge fund manager, is being hailed as a hero by the London elite who were the mainstay of the “Remain” vote last June. But perhaps nothing captures the chasm between the ruling elite and their fellow citizens whom they disdain better than the Washington Post’s description of Charlie Mullins’ reaction to the court ruling. “[O]n Thursday he was outside the Royal Courts of Justice giving photographers a celebratory thumbs up next to his Rolls-Royce.”

Although Mullins didn’t say it before driving away in his Rolls-Royce (and Marie Antoinette probably never said it either), the message to the millions of British subjects who are struggling under the constraints and open borders policies dictated by the EU was, “Let them eat cake.”

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Speaking of UK

    The betting odds against Trump [in a tied polls race, if that means anything] is somehow approximately 75% to 25% by the establishment flawed media….UK’s 91% of betting money going for the underdog[????] Trump….LOL

    Hey…..forget the Stock Market, make BIG MONEY on these INSANE ESTABLISHMENT betting odds….bet on Trump!!

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    Someday people are going to get tired of being told what they think doesn’t count and who could blame them. It was a free fair vote and all those elitists who insist the average citizen doesn’t know what they are doing need to get over it.

    Look no further than Hillary. She’s already said she is going to do amnesty by executive orders, saying she will “go further” than this president already has. In other words she would take the oath of office and lie, only upholding the constitution when it suits her goals.

    When Trump said it’s a rigged system, he didn’t only mean voting. He also meant the press. WikiLeaks has proven massive collusion between the media and the Democrats. The joke has always been that CNN is the Clinton News Network. Lo and behold, two emails turn up that show Donna Brazile at least twice gave debate questions to the Clinton campaign that she got from CNN, and those questions were asked word for word in the next debate.

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    As a good example of the “Let them eat cake” mentality, one can drive one of the wealthiest zip codes in California in the Silicon Valley area where many Silicon Valley elite live, and not only are their mansions and country clubs fenced off but as you drive down the main road there are security checkpoints after security checkpoints manned with guards, and on and on it goes.

    So the Silicon Valley execs backing Hillary, and who are for open borders, replacing Americans with H-1Bs and sending manufacturing and other jobs to other countries, protect themselves from the results of their own policies and the Americans they are hurting with their gates and security guards. They don’t care about the American students with record amounts of student loans that they can’t get rid of even through bankruptcy, that are now working at Starbucks, and they don’t care about all of the criminals, potential terrorists, and illegal drugs that are pouring into this country from across our southern border.

    These issues are far bigger than Trump himself, and it shows how much anger there is that someone as bad at running for President as Trump is doing as well as he is, and lets face it the guy is not very good at running a campaign to win a general election as President even though he is right about a lot of important issues.

    A lot of elites seem to think that if they defeat Trump they can go back to the way things were, but this is only the beginning and the political unrest will continue and probably there will be more talented politicians in the future who do not have the skeletons in their closet that Trump has that will run on the issues of immigration, trade, and foreign policy who will be much harder to slander and attack.

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      The MS13 gang was knocked back for awhile by intense law enforcement pressure, but now with the new flood of “children” from countries to the south it’s staging a resurgence. No foreign enemy could do what we have done to ourselves. An all but open border allowing drugs and criminal gangs to flood our cities bringing chaos and violence and many millions of welfare dependent people who will likely be receiving government assistance the rest of their lives. Add to that the almost complete destruction of our school systems in many states, with American kids being held back in what they learn by the low education levels of foreigners. Hillary only promises more of this mess.

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        There is a new study out about California that for every person or family moving to California right now that are buying a home, three homes are being sold and the people are moving out of state. People cite not only cheaper housing, but lower taxes, etc. and less traffic. People in the rest of the country need to ask themselves if they want the entire country to become one big California, because that is were we are headed on our current trajectory.