LifeZette Asks Leading Immigration Experts: Is America’s Immigration System in Decline?

LifeZette asked leading experts and activists on immigration policy to address one question: Is America’s immigration system in decline?

The experts agreed the nation faces an escalating immigration and refugee crisis. They point to a lack of American political will to take on both the structural immigration challenges for the nation and to fight the radical policies pushed by the current administration as the chief culprits of the expanding crisis.

The administration’s assault on the rule of law and unprecedented unilateral action on refugees have together brought a surge of foreigners — legal and illegal — into the nation without an opportunity for assimilation.

The economic impact has also been significant. The massive increase in predominantly low-skilled laborers has contributed to stagnant wage growth for American workers and nullified much of the job gains made in the tepid economic recovery.

To read what the experts, including FAIR’s President Dan Stein, had to say, click here.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Immigration Reform through the Health Care Law–really, it is not a joke. No Spam. Hidden Trap.

    Hi, it’s really a long explanation, and I’m on short internet rations, but there’s a hidden trap in the Health Care Law which doubles as Immigration Reform. Promise!

    Here’s the basic intellect. You must compare the parent UK legislation with Our Legislation.

    Take The UK parent legislation of “Individual Mandate”:
    EACH individual must pay into the system. EACH Individual means man woman and child.

    Parliament set the rate as:
    6% of INCOME from Income earners.

    Parliament did NOT set the rate for NON-Income Earners. There’s a hole in the UK’s system and they’re only taxing income earners for 6%.

    NOW, OUR System:
    1. Medicaid: you must tax ALL individuals WHO ARE receiving Medicaid. The parent pays a rate, and the Child must also pay (through their parent). We have the same hole as the UK.

    2. Immigration Reform through the health care law:

    Take 120% of Federal Poverty Rate (it’s about $22,000)

    Next, ADD the Cost of the Premium of the Individual Mandate:$_______

    Next, ADD the Cost of the Premium increase, If on the State Exchanges: $______

    Next, ADD the Cost of the Medical Expenses (or subtract, if you will): $________

    Finally, IF the immigrant is on Welfare Overpayment (Repaying), THEN ADD the cost of the MEDICAID expenses:

    Add the first four IF the immigrant is NOt on welfare overpayment to obtain the Minimum Income Required under the Health Care Law.. Add the cost of Medicaid expenses to the total if the immigrant is on a Welfare Overpayment Plan.

    Nifty, eh? But that’s our former Crown!

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    Ligaya Fabian of 1631 El Camino Real #8 Tustin Ca 92780 submitted fake documents and paid money to obtain a driver’s license but the dmv found out and revoked the license. She jumpshipped her flight from Germany to Canada at lax to get here. She now has a green card.

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    We have already been from the moment you have to work 4 weeks yoboayvthectentvin a nice neighborhood what it used to be a week.mmm

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    We Need 250K New Jobs Every Month Just to Keep Up With the Foreign Immigration Invasion

    We had 161K new jobs in October. 62.5% Total Labor Participation Rate means we are a 3rd world country right now..

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      We are going to need less workers, not more, especially not the low skilled workers that many immigrants are. There is study after study that shows many jobs will go to automation. Just think about 20 years ago. If you went to Home Depot you went through a cashier. Now self checkout has one person replacing four cashiers. It’s happening everywhere.

      And you know what Hillary and Hitler have in common? Both had a great respect and affection for Islam. Hitler is always said to be a Christian, but he thought Christianity had made Europe weak and soft, and thought it would have been better if an aggressive Islam had spread from the conquest of Spain into the rest of the continent.

      I’m not religious but I find it the height of hypocrisy when politicians can hammer Christians but then turn around, like Hillary, and defend Islam as “peaceful and tolerant”, when Islam classifies women as the property of men and insists that a Muslim who leaves the religion deserves to die. No thanks. Unlike Hillary I’m not going to praise a religion that clings to the 14th century.

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      New Wiki Leaks from Bill Clinton private in November 2015: “Whether we like it or not, borders are going to be more like nets than walls for a very long time.” More of the Clinton open borders agenda. Not that we ever get to hear it. We don’t have the bucks to pay them.