Fake U.S. Embassy in Ghana Sold Usable American Visas for Over a Decade

VisaPassport_032216_640X375Remember those spam emails from the supposed Nigerian or Ghanaian princes who desperately needed you to babysit tens of millions of dollars for them? You were their last hope, so they were perfectly willing to let you spend a couple million so long as you paid for all the “taxes and fees” so that the “money transfer” could take place? Hopefully you were never a victim of one of these schemes. However, that same scammer may very well be able to provide you with an authentic U.S. visa thanks to the nearly non-existent preventative measures currently in place to combat document fraud.

Over this past weekend, authorities in Ghana busted a fake U.S. embassy that has been pumping out fraudulent American documents, like visas and birth certificates, for the past ten years. The fake diplomatic outpost in Accra, Ghana, advertised their services in nearby cities and countries and took only scheduled appointments, booking customers into nearby hotels for the duration of the transaction. The entire process cost $6,000 per document – a bargain for those hoping to gain admission to the United States.

A reliable estimate has not yet been established, but it appears the fraudulent operation successfully helped a significant number of Africans migrate illegally to the U.S. The fraudsters conducted this illegal business in broad daylight, operating in a building complete with American flags and a picture of President Barack Obama in the waiting room.

The Obama administration not only promoted, but celebrated years of non-enforcement policies. The result is that U.S. immigration officials lost support needed to detect and stop dangerous international operations like what occurred in Ghana – the forging and selling illegal documents over the past decade.

Visa crime is especially dangerous to American citizens. The illegal immigrants who obtain these documents are not subject to background checks or any other form of vetting. Once they arrive on our shores, they simply blend in with legitimate citizens and legal permanent residents in most cases. Unless they come to the attention of law enforcement for committing a crime, it is virtually impossible to track down illegal aliens with fraudulent documents.

Visa fraud is just one of numerous immigration-related issues that the incoming Trump administration must address. FAIR recently provided the President-elect’s transition team with a document detailing the country’s most pressing immigration-related issues, along with recommended actions. Protecting the lives and interests of American citizens starts with addressing the long-neglected problems related to immigration enforcement – like document fraud – and ensuring that those who enter the United States have the proper authorization to be here.

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    Barack surely doesn’t give a s*** that this happened, just look how he and the Mooch raped U.S. taxpayers for 8 years, and it’ll continue after he leaves the White House, period!

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    Spencer this is dangerous, Foxconn opening places in the US for technology we taught them N continuos to teach them design now…… I see it first hand. Foxconn only knows how to manufacture N is trying to open design centers.

    This company has 10 billion cash N a million employees….etc see wikipedia to correct me….their engineers are still learning ….soon they will not need the CEO… I know many technicians N engineers out of work due to Foxconn ….. I think Apple us in trouble … not to have at least keep a small manufacturer center in the US for R&D to keep the expertise etc like Motorola did

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    A lot of hypocrisy going on lately. Some are claiming that the Russians “interfered” in our election. Never mind the fact that the entire Democratic establishment colluded to deliver the nomination to their pre-selected candidate Hillary. And “fake news”? How about when she said behind closed doors that you have to have a “public” and “private” position. Sounds like deliberate disinformation to me.

    And a lot of liberals are upset with Trump’s selection for head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Ok, fair enough. But liberals absolutely refuse to address the fact that continued population grown of 25-30 million per decade, mostly fueled by immigration, is only worsening environmental damage. Not only do they not want to cut our current historically high immigration levels, but they support the so called “reform” plans that will double or even triple present rates.

    There is absolutely no difference between most liberals and libertarians when it comes to immigration. Both have a more the merrier approach. Just ask them if there’s a limit and they don’t seem to have one. One billion people here? Two billion? Doesn’t seem to be a problem. Sheer insanity.

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      Leland it appears to be true N not impossible….you should be outraged as an American N be truthful to yourself N to this land N acknowledge the severe implications if this is true… basically an act of War.

      We don’t want a War but history shows that the Russians are getting back to us as per Iran N other international events as a revenge…..

      Yet. If true N then Trump should be also outraged N call for fairness….. otherwise if you don’t care N neither Trump then you don’t care about the country…..a simple fact….

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        Oh please. Remember when we got caught doing wiretaps on Germany and other friendly countries? Every country spies on every other country. As far as Iran that’s just another case where Obama gave away every thing for nothing. Just like when he “opened up” Cuba, whatever that simplistic nonsense means. It certainly got us nothing in return. They still refuse to take back their convicted criminals and instead of easing up on dissidents, they have jailed twice as many since.

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          Leland you amaze me … changing the outcome of an election is completely different . I see your priorities N loyalty is no ti our countrymen N land . Interesting

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            Who said it changed the election? The Democrats continue to go further and further to the left. Not to mention one of the most stunningly stupid political actions in our history. Instead of trying to get Trump voters to come over to her side, Hillary calls them names like deplorable and irredeemable. As far as “priorities”, his are to Americans and this country. Hers are for illegal aliens and Muslims. No thanks. You be a Hillary sheep, not me.

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            Ok Leland if they prove the elections were hacked/influenced fir Trump to sin …what is your position? You still claim Trump won N let Russia free?

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          Leland the same way u earn a living.. u earn an election N deserve to win….i hope our future generations are better than ours

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        You must really be worried that you are going to be deported back to Mexico by Trump, because you have gone back to filling up FAIR’s blog with endless posts full of endless drivel. Filling up FAIR’s blog with endless posts won’t save you from being sent home, so instead of spending your time trolling I would suggest being proactive and lining up a job in Mexico.

        Cabo might be a place to start, you could get an easy job by the beach. Also, Americans get drunk partying and it is easy to slip some money out of their pockets when they pass out. This is a more direct approach to stealing from Americans than entering the US illegally and taking taxpayer funded benefits out of Americans’ paychecks, but the end result is the same. Viva Mexico!!!!

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          I have been in Mexico N it is a nice place N have met many Mexicans that have better living that you N I out together. My family but this place as well as funded the American revolution N served in Congress to me to contributing to the US becoming a power in technology…..what do you have to show? ….Trump will pulll me into his cabinet we while he will have you babysit his pets . .

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          SecBorders you should be glad Iam educating you.m. by the way why r u so against Mexico…thise guys have stringer genes than you do….m there are thousands if Mexicans smarter, wealthier whiter than you are

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    It sounds like the swamp is really going to get drained and there are a lot of people on board to get it done properly. It’s such a shame that people like Obama and Crooked Hillary can take the whole country for a ride for eight years and nothing has gotten done about it. Our founding fathers must be getting tired of rolling around in their graves.

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      Bill what is ashamed is that you are do oblivious to reality N so dumb politically cultured…..the Republicans more specifically M O’Donell ruined the -kast 8 years instead ir hello g the Democrats N being the party if no instead..

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    The Rule Of Law must prevail – indictments for Obama, Biden, the Clintons, State Dept Officials, and others in Obama’s Agencies have committed crimes and treason against the United States Of America. They have flaunted the rule of law; they are literally above the law, and they seek to destroy the US Constitution. They also intend to cause great harm and damage to the Republic of the United States by destroying our Energy, Economy, Financial Institutions, Education, Election Systems, Labor, and Military. Congress (Boehner, McConnell, and Ryan) have done nothing the stop Obama or any of the lawless in this Administration. No one has gone to prison. Congress is a joke, except it is not protecting Americans. GOP leaders are liars. They haven’t even put Koskinen and Lerner in prison. Congressional leaders are the problem. The intend to neutralize Trump, carry on business as usual; there is no Rule of Law. There is no justice until Communists in this country are put in prison.

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      U r out of your mind!! Indictments for what?!!!hahaha!!!… for having O’Donnell & company pledged against The People N ruining 8 years if doing nothing???

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        Daughter of Peter on

        Daddy, if you must troll then please learn to use spell check and stop embarrassing me.

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          Daughter of Peter like many of the young generation, stop being lazy, stop doing drugs, get out of Welfare, go to school, be faithful to this land N stop being the girl in Roxanne song by Sting. That is not good for you. Like I said before to you do not behave like an Ape…. Apes are prettier than you when you behave this way. Make sure you Mexican boyfriend treats u right N call the police when he beats you.

          Last, I already told you many times, it is not your fault u think Iam your daddy or many others. Not your fault you mom dies not not whibyiur daddy is.

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            Not your fault your Mommy does not know who your daddy is….maybe Leland or SecBorders, or may be you are one of them or the beautiful Ape you said you were in the past.