Chicago Creates Legal Fund for Illegal Aliens

Wednesday, the Chicago City Council approved a $1.3 million dollar fund to help illegal aliens pay for legal services, including removal proceedings, using taxpayer money. The fund was created in a response to the election of Donald Trump, whose platform promised increasing border security and enforcing federal immigration law. The Chicago City Council also held a hearing Wednesday on a resolution reaffirming the city’s stance as a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a supporter of the fund, also supports the city’s policy to shield criminal aliens from immigration enforcement. Indeed, Mayor Emanuel is one of the mayors who promised illegal alien residents last month that city officials will continue to ignore federal law and preserve policies that impede the enforcement of immigration law into President-elect Trump’s term. Trump’s platform energized American voters largely because of his tough position on immigration enforcement and promises to combat sanctuary cities. President-elect Trump supports conditioning federal funding on the city’s willingness to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

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      Bill Clinton said Trump doesn’t know much but he knows “how to get angry white men to vote for him”. Talk about continuing to be clueless. He signed the NAFTA treaty that sent so many jobs to Mexico in spite of his assurances that would not happen. Trump said he would repeal it and Hillary promised no such thing. Whites are still over 2/3 of this country and they tend to vote in higher percentages. Keep making them out to be know-nothing bigots, like Hillary did, and see how that works for you.

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    How do the law-abiding tax paying citizens of these sanctuary cities feel about their money being used to fund this? But my even bigger question is how do those citizens feel about living in a city where illegal aliens are harbored shamelessly (e.g., “in your face”) and are exempt from (Federal deportation) legal action(s) for crimes committed?

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    Not Politically Correct on

    The families of people like Sarah Root and Kate Steinle need to be able to PERSONALLY sue mayors like Rahm Emmanuel and the city council members, police chiefs etc for wrongful death as their sanctuary city policies allowed those illegal immigrants to remain and kill their family members. Not suing he government entity as a whole, but suing each member who supported the policy on a personal basis. We also need district attorneys brave enough to step up and criminally charge them with accessory to murder, etc.

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    It’s gonna be said if Trump cuts their federal aid because of this the fire and police really need the federal money to operate or they are gonna be shut down

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    That is taking funds away from lets see teachers, students, welfare, schools, law enforcement, universities, etc., etc. The people of Chicago aren’t up in arms?

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    What about our Veterans, our homeless people, our elderly? Ship these people back to where they came from and use our tax dollars to take care of our own people. This is absolutely outrageous!!!!! Fight back people, write letters, make phone calls, do something that sit there and shake you head, I know I am going to.

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    Glad to see the Election Result on

    Incredible. So glad I am no longer in Illinois. These illegals should be immediately deported. I sure hope someone sues the city of Chicago. About what? Who cares! Sue the heck out of Chicago. If you were an illegal, you could get the city to support the suit.

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    Meanwhile the city increases taxes year after year, to the point that many are simply leaving the city and state.

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      The political cartoons that show the Mayor promising a safe sanctuary to illegal aliens in Chicago while bullets are flying through the air (a reference to Chicago’s tragic violence) are pretty funny, but also pretty sad because it is so true.

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        A different topic, but interesting that the movie about Dunkirk will be coming out in a few weeks, a good reminder of the sacrifices the British made to preserve their nation’s sovereignty, as they tell Europe no compromise on tough Brexit immigration controls.

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          When people come here claiming asylum because there is violence in their country, you have to say we have the same thing here. Speaking of Dunkirk I was thinking the other day that Trump is in some ways like Churchill in that both tried tell the unvarnished truth, to the consternation of many on the left. When Chamberlain made a deal with Hitler. Churchill said the more you give this guy the more he will ask or try to take. Which led directly to Poland being invaded.

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      Leland CA, NY …etc… taxes are no better … simply put … what can you tell me about the country before Reagan’s time N thereafter about owing money to other countries N taxes???

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        California and New York are full of sanctuary cities and insist on making illegals eligible for all sorts of benefits also. So you just proved MY point that those states and cities have to keep raising taxes to fund these programs. Thanks for your assistance.

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    The scum that pervades our government, along with there asinine mentality, need to be wiped out from our society period. What do these imbeciles not grasp about the rule of law or our sovereignty as a nation, to abdicate their sworn responsibility as a representative of “The People”?