Senator Sessions Needs Your Help NOW!

450px-Jeff_Sessions_official_portraitDespite being overwhelmingly qualified to serve as Attorney General, true immigration reformer Sen. Jeff Sessions is being unfairly attacked simply because he fought for the American people and thwarted mass amnesty legislation. In an unprecedented step, pro-amnesty Senate Democrats have launched an all-out assault on Sessions’ candidacy—a break in Senate tradition never seen in the history of our nation. Relying on baseless accusations and a desire to favor illegal aliens over American citizens, every Democratic Senator on the Judiciary Committee voted against Sessions when the committee advanced his nomination to the full Senate.

We need your help NOW to make sure the Senate confirms Sessions as Attorney General! Take these simple steps TODAY to show that the American people support Jeff Sessions:

1. Sign this letter of support of Sessions’ candidacy.
2. Tell your Senators you expect them to vote to confirm Senator Sessions.
3. Use the hashtag #ConfirmSessions on your social media.

Example Tweet: @SenatorSessions will uphold the rule of law and end dangerous sanctuary cities. Vote for Sessions. #ConfirmSessions

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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      R u sure? HE has been in Congress for 20+ years and he has been part of the problem…the only
      new guys are Trumps’ team …

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    Senator Sessions should be confirmed immediately. What the heck is the hold up? It is disgraceful that it is taking so long to confirm President Trumps cabinet. Especially with republican majority. Do your jobs and cut out this crap and get it done.

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    Confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions NOW democrats and republicans. Enough games. Eight years of destruction and ten trillion dollars later. It is time to move on and make America great again. We the people have spoken so lick your hurt egos and do what is right for our country. If I had my way all would be investigated and punished for their crimes against America. All of you took an oath to protect this country and the constitution and the people you serve. This is why term limits are needed. These elite primadonas take care of themselves first and if the people of America are lucky they sometimes think of us.

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    I’m an Oregonian and I demand that R on Wyden vote to approve all nominees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      The same thing the Republicans did when the democrats won….I call that Karma…by the way I am an independent… I just get a kick out of this one!

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    They know he’s going to investigate things like voter fraud. Dozens of Detroit precincts showed more votes cast than people who voted. Just one small example of many across the country. Why should the votes of those who cast one legitimate vote be cancelled by fraudulent votes. How about their right to vote?