Nancy Pelosi’s “Alternative Facts” about Sanctuary Policies

John Boehner, Nancy PelosiIn the early 2000s, General Motors discovered a deadly flaw in the ignition switches in some of its cars, but chose not to reveal that information to its customers. That cover-up by GM resulted in 124 deaths. GM was found to be criminally liable for those deaths and incurred a $900 million penalty in addition to civil fines and a hefty bill for repairing the dangerous defect in their products, all of which cost the company some $2 billion in total. Needless to say, GM was also required to stop using this dangerously defective part in the vehicles they sell to unsuspecting consumers.

GM’s appalling attempt to avoid a costly recall, even as they knew their defective product was responsible for numerous deaths, did not escape the attention of Congress. In 2014 congressional committees grilled GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, expressing understandable outrage that her company valued the corporation’s bottom line more than the lives of its customers.

This type of arrogant disregard for human life, however, is not limited to giant corporations. Some 300 jurisdictions across the United States maintain sanctuary policies that shield illegal aliens, including criminal aliens, from deportation. These policies – dangerously defective products devised by city, county and state governments – have been directly responsible for many more deaths than GM’s indefensible actions. Yet, such policies are staunchly defended by federal, state and local government officials.

One of the victims of sanctuary policies was Josh Wilkerson, who was tortured and brutally murdered by an illegal alien who was shielded by de facto sanctuary policies in Houston. Josh’s mother, Laura Wilkerson, confronted one of the main political apologists for sanctuary policy in a nationally televised CNN town hall. Not just any politician, but the Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who represents perhaps the most notorious sanctuary jurisdiction, San Francisco. San Francisco’s strictly enforced sanctuary policy was, of course, directly responsible for the death of Kate Steinle in July 2015.

Much like the corporate bean-counters at GM who were willing to sacrifice 124 lives rather than incur the cost of fixing their defective product, Pelosi made it clear that while Josh Wilkerson’s death, and the lives of other victims of criminals who were set loose by sanctuary jurisdictions, is regrettable, the ideological goals of the open borders lobby take precedence.

Even worse, in defense of the sanctuary movement’s ideological goals, Pelosi offered up her own set of “alternative facts.” “[I]n our sanctuary cities, people are not disobeying the law,” Pelosi told Mrs. Wilkerson. “These are law-abiding citizens.”

The people who are protected by sanctuary policies are not citizens and they are disobeying the law – every single one of them. By their mere presence, they are disobeying our nation’s immigration laws. And some of those who are protected by sanctuary policies have broken more than our immigration laws; they have broken the lives and hearts of people our immigrations laws are meant to protect. And neither Nancy Pelosi’s revision of the truth, nor any other set of “alternative facts” can alter that reality.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Read all of it, and know one thing for certain – the bleeding heart liberals need to put THEIR money where their mouths are, and keep out of everyone elses money! We have our own families that should come first not only to us but to our country as well. If Persnickety and her followers are so worried about these people they can pay for them. I have no problem, EVERY MONTH, paying a gas or water bill of a retired or temporarily in need single parent. I DO have a problem with handing my money and my country over to people who just want a handout and have no idea what self-service, pride, and responsibility even are, much less law-biding.

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      Obama said his favorite leader was Angela Merkel of Germany. Figures. She has spent the last two years telling any and all refugees they are welcome to come to her country, and then she calls on other countries to “share the burden”. Just like the Pope, who tells poor ignorant people not to use birth control and then insists Western countries take in the excess population of those countries. Phony hypocrites.

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        Leland perhaps if your rear was kicked and you saw murdering and misery in WWII you would not be talking like that about her….what do you know you are completely ignorant…….

        The desolation and cruelty to the German people was not different to the rest of the World to those who opposed Hiller….so they are compassionate something you have no idea because you had it easy in your lifetime….

        She knows it was a mistake and now they are trying to fix it…….live and let live….as an American if you really a real one you should know this better…..

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          They are trying to “fix” Germany by bringing in people with a tendency for terrorism and who see it as their right to assault women in public? I know you have a short attention span but did you forget the Muslim terrorist who mowed down people with a truck in December. “Live and let live” only seems to apply when you knuckle under to Islam.

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      Nancy Pelosi that old battleax has never done anything for the American people. She is just out to profit from her position. Check out how much her wealth increased since she’s been in office. She is worth billions from insider trading. Sanctuary cities should be illegal. Isn’t aiding and abetting criminals a crime??? They give sanctuary to people who broke the law. Why do we have double standards for our laws. If I harbor a criminal I’ll be prosecuted, how come they are not? Where are the district attorneys who are suppose to protect us from law- breakers.

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    Rev. Nancy Korb on

    The “sanctuary” cities provide cheap labor, an ability to abuse those who have come here illegally, to allow illegal voting.

    Sanctuary citizens shield those who come to our country and their very first action in our nation is to break our laws. Why wouldn’t they continue breaking our laws, if it pays them to do it. Free food, free welfare, our social security, free housing, AND they get to mouth off and run our government? You’ve got to be kidding.

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    The majority of citizens want our borders protected from people coming in here illegally and also want the criminal element dealt with. I also has misgivings over letting in people from countries that are hostile to us as refugees. I’m not against helping them but it is not practical to let them move here and there are other ways to help. But I agree with the majority of citizens surveyed that I do not wish non criminals who have been living here peacefully for some time to be rounded up and deported. Especially when Americans are generally unwilling to pick crops. It is both impractical and inhumane to just deport people who are here and not hurting anyone.

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      They cost us far more in welfare Medicaid and education costs for their large families than they save us by picking crops. Not to mention a lot of vegetables come from Mexico anyway. Only a small minority here pick crops.

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      Shirley Olivas on

      But…. they are getting food stamps and aid for their anchor babies, putting a strain on our education system and health system. They are taking jobs that young people should have to start their work careers. Yes!

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      We have a legal system in place for this crop picking scenario. It’s called a green card. They come and work, and then go back.

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      If you pay United States citizens enough, they will pick crops. If you pay people enough, they will do almost anything. This country has enough of it own citizens illegally collecting welfare, and criminals in prison who can pick crops.
      Also, should this country allow people who are too lazy, or unintelligent enough, or dishonest enough to skirt the law to come into our country as opposed to entering through the legal. I think not. All we are doing is allowing the further dumbing down of our country.

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        They can offer you 2M to go the moon but you can’t, they cZn offer you 1 Billion to design a better one than Apples but you can’t.. etc etc etc

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      Why do some sick persons call what the people of America do inhumane most of us are hard working tax payer’s being taken advantage of let their own countries own the burden of their citizens. they are law breakers and the Nation don’t see it any other way where they come from is inhumane they knew when they did it they broke the law !!

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    I don’t know how politicians like Pelosi can live with themselves.

    Wall Street Journal opinion columnist Peggy Noonan had a column today about how everyone at parties in Washington is so upset by Trump, and how they are all talking louder at parties, and how a lot of congressmen didn’t like getting a lot of calls about Trump’s temporary travel ban and how terrible Trump is and the populism that looks so dark, and how this looks racist, and oh, tut, tut, tut!!!!

    Oh, how horrible, that our rulers in DC have been flummoxed by Trump’s immigration orders, and are all upset at cocktail parties! Imagine the peons daring to elect someone as President who wants to protect them from being killed by terrorists and illegal aliens, and who doesn’t want to send their jobs overseas and bring in cheap foreign labor to take their jobs! How dare the peons elect someone their rulers don’t approve of!! “Let the American people eat cake!” say our rulers in Washington.

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      Absolutely right on! It’s not often that you can find pictures of the Lush lipping the Loony.

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    THESE Individuals that support Sanctuary Cities; ANYWHERE in the United States; are absolute Traitors to this country as a Society and Nation. No way to get around; or sugar coat it. They will put self interest above National Interest EVERYTIME. HOW; on the right hand of God; could you have people as Thoroughly Stupid; and/or Corrupted as a Shelia Jackson Lee; Barbara Boxer; Piglousy; Harry Reid; etc.; and still expect to survive intact as a Nation?

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      Stop being a Monkey and repeat and get upset for thing you don’t even know…..Giuliani, Cuomo all are for it and it has nothing to do w/Sanctuary cities…these guys create jobs and make money in CA and NY,….main States without our country would be lost in the financial world and the red stated in third world category….

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        Ur head b up ur azz. As for NYC and CA, NY would love to sever NYC from the rest. As for CA, we’re all just biding our time in hopeful anticipation that the San Andreas will have it’s “Big One” and resolve the problem for the rest of the nation.
        IF both NYC and CA are so great and so necessary as, “No Change Says” (Shouldn’t that be “No Sense Says”?), can you please explain, in non-liberal gibberish, why both are losing residents and businesses?

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    with out illegals , refugees and criminals the democrats lose their base , they already lost the black vote, finally , pelosi needs to be in a padded cell not congress, she screwed you for millions

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      The Democratic party needs to disband they are nothing but out right liars manipulators of freedom and truth and the always have been . They now have a liberal culture of liars thugs and people bent to Hell on hurting the very thing that comes out of their lying mouths freedom and the truth and justice !!

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      Looks like she won re-election before anyone opened the ballot box,. This so called representative of the people is as false as her smile. I would have thought that more San Francisco folks would have seen through her false smiles and narrative. I’m certain she and Harry Reid both have some undeclared assets thanks to the poor citizens..

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          San Francisco will pay the price there is nothing good or compassion about it it’s already cost citizens their lives that throws inhumane out of the window. I hope the keepers of the law breakers realize that no matter what Americans will prevail and the illegals have to go there is no other way even in spite of more death they have to go !!!

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            Yes we as Americans will prevail by keeping the cheap labor alive since slavery and now the illegals … CA is the 6th larger economy that puts money into the rest of the States along with NY, etc paying for your Welfare. EBBS 74 and SS#

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    The hired help aka pelosi insists openly upon criminal ideology, whatever that might be, and damned be the citizens
    brutalized senselessly by illegal invaders in her sanctuary. She should be legally liable as an accessory in the
    killing. This lawlessness by lawyers must stop now. Period.

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    The left needs massive psychological care. There are women who are professional feminists 24/7 yet refuse to say a word of condemnation of Sharia laws which make women the property of their male relatives. In fact, they portray those who do as racists. There are people who proclaim themselves the modern day equivalent of Martin Luther King but call for violence against both individuals and property, which he never did, yet the left actually idolizes these people.

    They loudly proclaim themselves environmentalists but refuse to even acknowledge that immigration is the primary driver of our population growth of 25 to 30 million per decade, which only promotes more urban sprawl in pristine lands. A lot of the rhetoric this year was along the theme of “I may have disagreed with previous Republican candidates but I respected their opinion”. Another rewrite of history. Romney was as mainstream as they come, so much so that a lot of Republicans thought him too liberal, but that never stopped the left from calling him racist, anti women, and a host of other charges.

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      I’m not sure if there are enough mental institutions in CA to house ALL of the looney’s in that state….starting with Piglosi. Piglosi and all of her cohorts is EXACTLY why we need term limits…..which is the ONLY way to get the rot out of DC. Hard to ‘drain the swamp’ with people like her and Reid leading the commie back of uber liberals. I rad an article some years back that said Mexico was still upset that California was stolen from them. I say….give California back to Mexico…call it Mexifornia…BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars would no longer be wasted on them…HOORAY!!! It’s a win-win situation. With all the BILLIONAIRES (aka Bollywood elites) it’s hard to understand why CA is always broke.

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        Now Trump says he wants all immigrants to be removed from the welfare rolls and all of a sudden the left has apparently just discovered that they are on welfare programs at higher rates than native born citizens. I saw an article from the Washington Post from some advocate condemning Trump for his no welfare policy and quoting a lot of the same statistics that have appeared on here. So it was a lie when immigration restrictionists said it but now that Trump could end it, the figures are being used to complain about “the effect on families”. These people are total frauds.

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          Leland proof proof proof…..if illegals are 20-30 million and only a fraction of them are in Welfare ..US citizens….what is the 330M to the real Welfare…..r you another one w/fake facts?…..

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    Nancy has got to have an IQ lower than that of an oyster, but her mentally challenged constituents keep reelecting her. So are you seeing any pattern here, as it relates a large proportion of those in Congress today, but especially the career parasites.

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    How About the Worse Automotive Lie on Safety the Last 10 Years

    No, not VW/FCA lying about the diesel emissions….

    The broke accelerator module and computer in Toyotas/Lexus causing 2500 RPM stuck acceleration and death.

    They blamed it on the floor rugs and gas petals; but it never did repair the problem. Blatant Lie and our fake courts defended the Japanese fraud.

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      You should know now it is call corporations….. the way we are being ran…so it should be of no surprise next surprises…..