Strong Majority of Americans Support Immigration Pause from Dangerous Countries

Syrian refugees on their way to EU, Serbia-Croatia borderThe mainstream media is working overtime this week trying to paint President Trump’s seven-nation immigration pause as an anti-Muslim, universally-hated overreach of executive authority. While it is true that the executive order is a major step, none of the aforementioned accusations are correct. In fact, a strong majority of Americans actually support the president’s actions.

A Rasmussen poll conducted last week reveals that most Americans favor “a temporary ban on refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen until the federal government approves its ability to screen out potential terrorists.” The survey found that only 33 percent of likely voters oppose the pause, while 57 percent support it. Similarly, 56 percent also favor “a temporary block on visas prohibiting residents of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from entering the United States until the government approves its ability to screen for likely terrorists.”

These findings reinforce a similar poll conducted by Rasmussen last year, when 59% of voters agreed with Trump’s proposed immigration pause for immigrants from “the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism.” Furthermore, a recent Quinnipiac survey also shows more people approve than disapprove of halting immigration from “terror-prone” countries.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Americans overwhelmingly approve of President Trump’s national security measures. In 2009, FBI operatives discovered two Iraqi refugees residing in Bowling Green, Kentucky, who had ties to al Qaeda. The suspected terrorists later admitted in court that they attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq while conducting terroristic activities for the organization. The Obama administration used this incident as justification to suspend refugee applications from Iraq for six months while they reviewed the vetting process. The American people did not riot in the streets as a result, and the mainstream media essentially ignored the move.

The ongoing protests and negative media coverage represent the opinion of a minority of Americans. Most people are concerned about their safety and that of their families, friends and neighbors. They simply want to be assured that whenever a new immigrant or refugee is welcomed into United States, they are willing to obey American laws and assimilate into American society. Should that really be considered such a reprehensible request?

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    Of course Americans are in favor of Trump’s temporary immigration ban until we can straighten things out and vet people. The ONLY ones who are NOT are those coming in illegally, those who want to harm us, and the politicians who are “benefiting” from it. He never said it was permanent, and he never said he would deport ‘legal’ immigrants.

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    A double standard. Does anyone know that five of the seven countries do not allow Jews to enter or live in their countries. Those liberal judges need to go.

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    why do they always leave out the word legal, we don’t want the illegals and criminals , we have enough of our own criminals here already

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    Marlene Hessler on

    How about filing 7 bans. Word is that Soros is funding the lawsuits. At least run up his tab.

    How about we stop all immigration for six months or a year. We do not have a shortage of people. We have a shortage of jobs. Give the economy a chance to catch up.

    And, after the temporary half, add the countries back in, one at a time, as they prove they can be satisfactoralty vetted.

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    Ha!!! Same last eight years. Example Hannity….Only hate to the Obama administration. Pitiful

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    These people that support it, should move to Syria. Literally. I do not want them here. At all. I voted for Trump because he was going to do well with our country and he is. The ones that can’t tolerate it, go cry in your beer. I want Trump and so do millions of others. Just get off his back!!! He’s working for you too, open your hearts and eyes people .There are already many democrats that have turned republican because of your actions. You are alienating your own group.

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    This only more recent example helps explain why the corporate, open borders main stream media approval ratings with the American people are incredibly low. Instead of reporting objectively on what is happening, and allowing Americans to draw their own conclusions, too many lie, deceive, and manipulate facts and stories to advance their agenda. Too many have become mere propagandists. Sad.

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          He’s what they call a waste of good oxygen. Good point about the low media approval rates. They are willing to point out Trump’s ratings but theirs are far worse. The media has always skewed somewhat liberal but now it’s way worse. Look at the Michael Brown case. We always hear he was “unarmed” but not the fact that he weighed 300 lbs. and even the Holder Justice Dept. concluded he tried to wrestle Officer Wilson’s gun away. But Wilson’s life was ruined and Brown is a martyr.

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    A lot of people said they were terrified of Trump being elected. I would be a lot more worried if Hillary had gotten in. The president sets the tone all down the line. That’s why immigration agents under Obama were afraid to do their duty. Likewise, under Hillary how many FBI agents might have hesitated to follow a lead because they had already investigated their “quota” of Muslims for the month, because she insists that they are no more likely to commit terrorism than anyone else. Israel profiles without apology. Their survival depends on it.

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      I agree tge FBI should have charged Hillary from the start (they said If someone else did something similar they would be punished)? *Hillary Email Lies vs FBI when it xomes ro TRUMP our Broken Bias Media is just as Dangerous to a Democracy as someone messing with our Elections. Our Corrupt Bias Media Myths & Lies Against TRUMP Specially (CNN) “Clinton Network News” who like the rest Attacked TRUMP 24/7 while Ignoring Hillary Negative Stories & was caught off gaurd when told Hillary had her BLACKBERRYS SMASHED With Hammer lastly if the dems just went after TRUMP’S EPA pick rather than them & the media responding to all his picks & everything he does like its the end of the world. Shows their stl out of touch in their own bubble & hevent learned from the election results. Besides TRUMP is doing what many oyher Presidents have done Including Obama just hes outspoken & not doing things in the dark behind closed doors Examples… (Obama Deported More PPL than all other presidents. (On Paper Because He Pushed a Catch & Release Policy So They Would Get In Anyway Manytimes Given A Piece Of Paper With A Cort Date & Never Showed Up On Tgeir Day In Court) He put a 6Month Ban on Iraq Refugees & Nobody said a word now Trump puts a 90Day Pause & they blow up he also wasnt taking Syrian Refugees until his last year in office leaving the problem dor his successor…

      FYI NONE of the RICH Middle-East Countries are taking Refugees (Of their Fellow Muslims)? Except Jordan & Turkey whi are on the Border & hold them all in camps? So if their Fellow Muslim Countries Dont want them & now were taking 1200+ the Australians Don’t want we should be asking WHY & WHY we should?

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    Common sence is no longer a legitimate thought process, by the liberal or the Democratic thinker! Why these AMERICANS CAN’T see to need to put a stop to What has happened here in America is beyond comprehension. The mainstream media and liberal college’s have distroyed the critical thinking of of our youth! All to cover up the acts of a corrupt goverment! Counties all over the world have ,walls rules, and security’s in place to protect their citizens! But for American to do the same is ,racist, and crimanal . I find it admirable that they care and want to help! But why at the expense of our safety and freedoms!

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    LOL….Like Trump Tweeted Recently

    The polls the fake news services use documenting Americans are against the security ban against hostile nations, while letting in 90% foreign nationals of the Muslims faith anyway, are fake too. I concur. I am a grass root Seattle Trump supporter for the ban….I take surveys for Trump as a real Democrat [not a phony Dem who’s a open border Progressive/Rino], I sign them and have Trump serial number [I joined the RNC with Trump recently too]. I voted yes for the Trump terrorist ban.

    The Executive Order policy spells it out: The President can ban foreign nationals based on security risk. The courts are like spoiled brats raising a temper tantrum against Trump. Win an election and then you can control the presidential EO process like Obama did. Unobstructed by the courts and the media too.

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      I want to know why more supporters of “Trump’s seven-nation immigration pause ” aren’t rioting, picketing and being as obnoxious too!?!?! It’s the ‘squeaky wheel’ that supposedly gets the oil. All we hear about and the only thing on the stupid news media is all the idiots that do not see the sense of Trumps temporary ban. I’m totally behind him!!!

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        Yes Delisa

        One real effective demonstration by populists against the open border anarchists is boycotting business with all open border CEOs like:


        I drink my coffee at McDonalds now, its cheaper too. Hit ’em the pocketbook and they’ll back off.