Dan Stein on VOA News

FAIR president Dan Stein appeared on VOA news to discuss the Trump administration’s immigration policy.

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    E-Verify is the Ultimate Immigration Plan

    Its bullet proof, but unlawful behavior on identity fraud behavior by the American SSA, banks and the three Credit Bureaus; who know identity fraud in America is rampant is ignored. How do we convict the too big to fall on FELONY charges of allowing identity fraud of Social Security Numbers????

    That is what’s really stopping eVerify.

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      I was reading that one of the detention centers in Texas is being closed because of a drop in those crossing illegally. How about that. If you tell people they will be detained and deported they may decide not to come. Who knew? Well, those of us with an ounce of common sense knew. Promises to give them citizenship has only encouraged more but anyone with one foot in reality knew that too.

      I loved all these “news” stories about the Russian “spy ship” 30 miles off our east coast. Uh, yeah, they’ve been there for decades. Anything after 12 miles is international waters and we do the same thing to them. All the time. The idea that this even became a story shows the irresponsibility of the media. It’s fake news because it’s being represented as some unprecedented threat. It’s nonsense.

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        Both Obama and George Bush Pushed for Harmony Between America and Russia Too

        Obama and Bush did nothing to improve relationships anyway….the lazy swamp alligators!

        Its time we travel at the “speed of Trump” and treat this destroyed corporation America like a business. Hire people based on EEO and not Fascism Progressive/Rino NWO. Skills over diversity/gender bias. The Trump solution. Make friends, not division enemies with BLATANT racism against white males, Millenials and workers over 50 YO. If they complain, the NWO Progressives will FIRE ’em.

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    We have a border or we don’t. We want to be Mexico or we don’t. It’s that simple of a choice. The Democrats have now become the party of open borders. Not that the Republicans are any prize, but they’re the only option.