Even High-End Border Wall Estimate a Great Deal for American Taxpayers

The mainstream media is making a huge (yuge) deal about the estimated cost to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. An internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document supposedly concluded that it would cost $21.6 billion and take 3.5 years to complete the border wall. The open borders media is giddy that this estimate is more than double President Trump’s claim that it would cost around $10 billion to build and also higher than the $12-15 billion estimate Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) predicted. Using his favorite messaging platform, President Trump tweeted, “I am reading that the great border WALL will cost more than the government originally thought, but I have not gotten involved in the design or negotiations yet. When I do… price will come WAY DOWN!”

Even if the nearly $22 billion estimate is correct, it is still a significant deal for American taxpayers. You see, pro-amnesty groups use the lazy argument that the border wall will cost taxpayer dollars without acknowledging the savings that will be realized from curbing illegal immigration. FAIR calculates the cost of illegal immigration at $113 billion per year, a substantial and recurring cost. Thus, even this higher estimate is a one-time cost that is less than one-fifth of one year’s taxpayer burden caused by illegal immigration. That is a deal every enforcement-minded American would gladly take!

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    Joel Wischkaemper on

    Almost anything we get in the way of a wall is going to be a big improvement. I would rather see a significant wall that is considered and the approved by very bright people in the wall business.

    A suggestion here: Lets put a nice common sort of rail on the top of the wall, and mount cameras on a carriage, and electrify it to move the carriage. Let that little ‘armored’ camera roll down the top of the wall at say 100 miles an hour with one camera looking ahead, one to the left, one to the right, and one to the rear. If not on top of the wall, on a rail inside the wall and lower than the wall. That would be a little more bullet proof, but eventually, the camera needs to be on a rail, on top of the wall. Two years max.

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    Speaking of the media, once again they have only proven what Trump is saying. When I first heard what he said about what happened “last night in Sweden”, I wondered myself what he was talking about. But when you read what he said, he never said there was a terror attack. Since then he has explained that he was talking about a documentary about rape by refugees in Sweden shown on Fox Friday night, yet much of the media is still saying he said there was a “terror attack”. He didn’t and the media owes it to the public to give as much attention to the fact that a] there was such a documentary and b] there is a major problem with rape and sexual assaults in Europe. His awkward phrasing does not change their obligation to cover what he meant. Instead the media prefers the gotcha game.

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      I saw Tucker on FOX Speaking to the Swedish US Ambassador Last Night Leland

      They mentioned the nation’s recent rape epidemic since the refugee migration, but both Trump and the “San Francisco Progressive” Ambassador were in the Swedish media dark….a crime epidemic, yet no cause isolated by government’s law enforcement to press?

      Its kind of hard to news suppress diesel trucks ramming through crowds with ISIS at the wheel….but rape has always been embarrassing for legal citizens to threaten litigation….most of it is unreported. Vetting from that data base is troublesome and if we error on the side of caution and blamed refugees as Tucker commented, we’d be labeled bigots by the Progressives.

      Tucker did tell the Ambassador he wished they had more time to discuss the unknown factors…

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        There was a huge riot in the Swedish city of Rinkeby Monday night. Cars burned, shops looted, police and news people assaulted. Need it be mentioned that the area is over 60% foreign born. As far as women, they think any one of them who isn’t walking around covered up deserves to be assaulted. Which makes the support of Islam by so called “feminists” in this country so ridiculous.

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      president trump has a chance to do something great, he needs to amend the constitution on birthright citizenship. it needs to be the same as every industrialized country in the world. it needs to be changed so that at least one parent has to be a citizen for the child to be a citizen. that would stop a lot of traffic from illegally coming here.

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    The annual $113 billion per year doesn’t even take into account the toll on our society in loss of cohesion, constant threat of anarchy, diminished safety, rapid reduction of non-renewable resources, decreased quality in education and medical care and full press threat to our sovereignty.

    I’m in California and was the only Trumpeter to stand up in a group of 500 people and tell one of our DemoRAT, anarchist minded state representatives that she DID NOT speak for me and why wasn’t she creating sanctuary cities for American citizens in jail over non-violent offenses resulting from crimes committed while trying to provide resources for their families?? No response. These folks are INSANE!! People of good sense need to be much more actively involved in support of President Trump or we won’t have him for very long.

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    Mandatory E-Verify would be more effective than a wall…….it would also deter the 500K visa overstays per year.

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      We need everify and more border patrol. And a legal way to bring in people to pick crops seasonally like we used to have. Otherwise crops will rot in the fields. The wall is a waste of money. I’ve seen pictures of catapults they can use to get the drugs over.

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        No one says walls are perfect, but there’s a reason there’s a wall around the White House even though people occasionally get over. It slows them down enough so guards can get there.

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    We Must secure the Border and Deport any illegals inside the US, It has been crazy illegals with children being given section-8 housing and everything that goes with it and Americans living unemployed in tent cities all over the USA !! This is so bad that I would justify any group of Americans going on a spree of any type to get the message to the government that this is war criminal level treatment of Americans and illegals being treated like invited guests ! ???  Click here below and scroll down.

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    Indeed, in the “great deal” department, it will surely be a great deal for all Americans if the price of much of their food doubles because American citizens and legal immigrants won’t pick crops for less than minimum wage. That’s Trump’s plan to help out all the poor unemployed souls whose jobs were eliminated/moved overseas, you know–get rid of all the people currently doing the unpleasant jobs that Americans don’t want to do, so that those jobs will be available to unemployed Americans–you know, the ones who already don’t want to pick crops. And those same poor, unemployed souls will be the ones hurt most by the increased costs of basic goods.

    Also, “FAIR estimates?” Can you be more specific about how this “estimate” was arrived at? I somehow suspect a combination of sloppy methodology and entertainment of “alternative facts.” If you could actually prove that such an estimate had legitimate merit, you might be able to convince more people on the center/left. That’s because at least part of the left’s resistance to the wall is the near-certainty that the wall would be a terrible deal that would cost a lot of money, upset a lot of U.S. citizens’ lives, and not actually accomplish the desired goal of curbing illegal immigration.

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      Michael McMahon on

      Agricultural workers are not significant , 500k migrants could accomplish this task , your argument didn’t cut water ,

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      Many vegetables now come from Mexico. And cite any study that says the cost of food would double. It’s only a small percentage of cost that goes to the actual picking. The rest is transportation, packaging and profit margins.

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        Simple get rid of them and you will see your restaurant food, landscaping 2-3x+ you guys live in a different country…..besides it appears in an era of fake news and facts all of the sudden you believe the China Wall or the Berlin Wall ever worked…..

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          I said cite a study, not your personal opinion. And you’re not the guy to be talking “facts”. The Berlin wall kept East Germans from fleeing to the west for a quarter century. They simply stopped enforcing it. Crack open a history book for a change.

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            Not a personal opinion , a fact…it appears you never get out of your house or travel….but as per your feedback it appears you might be a communist if you approve that….

            In an effort to stem the tide of refugees attempting to leave East Berlin, the communist government of East Germany begins building the Berlin Wall to divide East and West Berlin. Construction of the wall caused a short-term crisis in U.S.-Soviet bloc relations, and the wall itself came to symbolize the Cold War.

            Learn our ways and our history…..I would have wanted to flee a communist government as well..I think you should re-think who you are and move to Russia. You will fit there VERY WELL.

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            The contention, which you made, is that walls don’t work. They do. Now that you lost that argument, you want to change the subject to something else.

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          Hate to break it to you Peter but the Great Wall of China did work and the Berlin wall did work. Very few east germans got to West Germany during the time of the war. Some got through in car trunks and actually strapped to the bottom of cars etc. As to the Great Wall of China please get your names straight, it’s not the China Wall bozo, it stopped invading army’s for a very long time. Sure some individuals could get over a few at a time but but not whole armies with horses and gear. Go back to history class.

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            Mike you should join in arms n accompany Leland moving to China & Russia … The construction of such walls reflect n resulted due to their culture’s idiosyncrasies… in the case of China always wanted to be isolated to the world though everybody wanted to conquer them …& Russia goes without saying…a big mistake to have let then keep keep Eastern Europe…..welk it appears neither if you have depth n Something in this country we do not agree….. Here we preach & a way if life freedom…..You both will need a wall when you move there….The culture is different but you both already r Putin’s fan anyway.

            Before though, review E101 if u went to a university to learn how to infer when English Comprehension…

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    Gerald Williams on

    The major reason for delay in securing the border will be litigation, especially as Trump tries to use Eminent Domain in Texas.

    What Trump needs to do is tell Liberals and Illegals, that the sooner the border is secured, and the criminals are deported (end Sanctuary Cities), the sooner the non-criminal illegals, who have been in the USA over 5 yrs, will obtain a legal status (or in the Guest Worker program).

    That is “resistance” and litigation will only delay their being out of the shadows.

    Democrats of course want a path to Citizenship, because they of course are only interesting in their vote.

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      Gerald you are the first person w/realistic & achievable results that will enhance this country’s future. The illegals are the lead of the problems but the humanitarian free visas, the cubans, major Welfare by our own and the pensions all around the country…etc etc etc

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      Gerald Williams on

      I read that Mexico does $60 billion worth of annual trade with the USA.
      Therefore, I never understood why a 20% tax would be needed?
      Just a 3.33% tax would bring in $20 billion over 10 yrs.
      Surely a 3% tax isn’t going to start a trade war, and some Mexican companies might not even increase prices as a result.

      Add on a small tax to all Wire Transfers to Mexico and a small toll for those crossing into the USA (similar to cost of going over the Verrazono-Narrows Bridge ($11 per car w/EZ-Pass).
      Can easily raise $40 billion over 10 years.

      Can also trim some expenditures for foreign aid.
      Also can require a small percentage of infrastructure bill to go for border security.

      I believe that Trump’s people will get their way over that of Senator Cornyn.

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      softwarengineer I hope just are joking…as what you just said is simply not a way to do business. Mexico already said it, they will not pay for it …..so get ready to put your part and no complaints….you asked for it now you have it and SOON you will not have social security as Ryan want to get rid of it……..there you have it…..your beautiful place … enjoy it.

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    Why doesn’t the government or an individual start up a Go Fund Me account to build the wall? I would contribute as I am sure most citizens would. The publicity would be tremendous and show the press exactly what the majority of Americans want.

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    i could make the u.s. a 1000 times safer with just 2 moves , build the wall and arrest and deport gang members and drug dealers, and to pay for it , we take the drugs that come across the border, you put the fda in charge of them , untill we can solve the addiction problem , like in the 20’s proabishion doesn’t work , so set up drug distrabution centers , and charge the druggies for them , then you know who they are and you can force them into rehabs while they are still using , and as time goes on they slowly get the drugs out of there systems , taking drugs is a mental thing , depresion , no job, boredom are all factors in it , but you never hear any one say it

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      Joel Wischkaemper on

      The drugs coming over the border frequently have very ugly stuff in it. Animal fecal matter, human fecal matter. The drugs coming over from the Mexican Pharmaceutical factories frequently have a ‘bad mix’ in them. They can provide the user with a trip that will put them in a luny ward for a good while. They are, both of them, DANGEROUS. Both Customs and the Border Patrol should be made to wear gloves when they handle it in addition to everything else. AND.. it should go to a secure disposal point on a rocket sled to be burned and disposed of as fast as we can do it.

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        Joel Wischkaemper on

        The fecal matter, by the way, goes on wet, and it probably is on the package it comes in. It goes on wet, is dried, and you never see it when you smoke it.

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    Cheaper than supporting millions of illegals. Wall one time illegals life time, & generational like too many welfare recipients.

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    This article is excellent. I overheard some women talking about how much the wall will cost each person (she said $150) and how horrible that was. Right away I recognized that this must be another lie by the mainstream media (why do people still watch them?). So I pointed out how very, very much more it will cost if these illegals are not stopped. Welfare, health, housing, food and so on. They seemed shocked as though they had never considered that side of the coin before.

    It is apparent rational thinking is at a low in this country. Even by our own Supreme Court.

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      Gerald Williams on

      Don’t know how much of those costs, but free public Education should be the biggest.
      I don’t understand why Senate #2 John Cornyn doesn’t mention these figures when he says its too expensive.
      Truth is most of these costs are at the State and Local level, not Federal.
      The AZ former governor, Jan Brewer says that 2 billion out of 9 billion of the State budget went to illegal immigration.

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    Today was supposed to be a “day without immigrants” and they were told to stay home from work. I wonder if they failed to use their food stamps, use Medicaid, or went to the hospital to have their kids on the taxpayer’s dime. I hear people complain about their local taxes but they won’t say a word about the huge amount they have to pay for education for the large families of immigrants. They pay nowhere near their share of what they use in services.

    We spend over 600 billion a year defending countries all across the globe, something the founding fathers would have been shocked about, but we can’t afford a one time cost for a wall even if it is 20 billion? It’s still worth it many times over. Plus it will put a serious dent into the drugs that are flowing into this country and ravaging many communities. There is a huge overdose problem all over the country and many jurisdictions have had to hire extra personnel just to deal with it. You would think Mexico would want to end the cartel control of their country but apparently they don’t. Which is why their most wanted drug kingpin escaped prison twice.

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      There is a video that went viral made by a retired Marine in Iraq working for a contractor there, and he said the Iraqis in the compound were saying there were mad about the travel ban. So he asked the Iraqis what would happen to him if he walked by himself down the local street outside the compound. The Iraqis told him the locals, who were not ISIS or members of any terrorist groups, would capture him, torture him for about an hour and then behead him and put it on video to make an example of him. So the retired Marine said why would anyone back home be so naive as to think that if these people came to America they would suddenly start loving Americans.

      He also said that during his years in Iraqi and Afghanistan that he learned they can be very manipulative and tell you want you want to hear and work their way in over a period of years until they get the opportunity they want to carry out an attack. A lot of people in this country are really clueless about what people in this part of the world are really like.

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        That’s why I was opposed to going into Iraq, especially since the inspectors had been there for months and were finding no wmd, even at the sites we directed them to. They can’t even get along with themselves, much less us. All the civilian deaths after the initial invasion were due to their own ethnic cleansing. That’s why fools like McCain and Hillary who insist there are no basic flaws in Islam only make the problem worse. When Patton was leading troops in North Africa during WW2 he came away with the firm belief that Muslims were basically backwards in the extreme.

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      Illegals are not allowed on food stamps or medicade. At least not in California and I doubt anywhere else either. I’m in favor of limiting new immigration but we do need to have people here to pick crops. There used to be a legal system where they were allowed in seasonally. And it seems every hotel and fast food place uses them. My guess is that most Americans won’t do these jobs either. You get rid of all illegals and the crops will rot in the fields and your burger will cost $10. 00.

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        Gerald Williams on

        No one expects to be getting rid of the illegals – just the criminals.
        However, with the ridiculous CA minimum wage, there is going to be a problem once they get legal status (not an immediate path to citizenship).
        That is why a Guest Worker program needs to be part of immigration reform.