FAIR Guest Opinion: Unconstitutional DACA Program Should be Allowed to Lapse

While the Trump administration is busy fulfilling the president’s promise to protect the interests of the American people and enforce our immigration laws, the media are fixated on what will or should become of illegal aliens who enjoy temporary protection under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

DACA was an overly-broad and unconstitutional exercise of executive power by President Obama that would likely have been struck down by the courts had anyone stepped forward to challenge it. In addition to being unconstitutional, DACA also triggered a surge of illegal immigration of unaccompanied minors and families with children in tow. The message it sent was that coming to the United States illegally, or bringing children here illegally, would rewarded.

However much people might empathize with the situation of DACA recipients, we must make it clear that the responsibility for their circumstances rests with the parents who knowingly violated our laws and put their children in this situation. In every other area of law we hold lawbreakers accountable for any negative consequences to family members and immigration law should not be the exception.

Read the rest of Dan Stein’s guest column in USA Today here.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Sharron Stevenson on

    DACA and anyone else in this country illegally by choice or otherwise, should not be allowed to partake of the benefits paid for by the American taxpayers. DACA and illegal aliens have contributed absolutely nothing to this country, yet come here with little to nothing, including identification, and demand more benefits than even afforded the LEGAL CITIZENS of this country. They also apply for benefits in different states under multiple names because identification is not required.

    This isn’t about the word IMMIGRATION being demeaned and it isn’t about illegal aliens being considered a non-person. It is about the freedoms Americans have fought and died for not being taken from us and not being afforded those who contribute nothing. Americans have worked hard and contributed much, spiritually, monetarily and with great compassion, to maintain ourselves, our freedoms and our niceties toward our fellow Americans.

    We are talking about LEGAL IMMIGRANTS vs. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Legal immigrants come to America with the understanding they will blend into America’s culture and they will contributed to its value and growth. They are not here to demand AMERICA’S BENEFITS that should be awarded only to American citizens. They are here to take from America in any form available, and they are here to protest and/or riot if their needs are not met.

    When an illegal parent brings a child, who is also not an American citizen, they should not assume they have been in this country for (a number of) years so that justifies why they should not be deported. It literally means the illegal alien has gotten away with their crimes for (a number of) years and, because there is no statute of limitations, they are still considered illegal aliens and they are eligible for deportation, as are the children they illegally brought to America with the intent of showering them with taxpayer benefits.

    It is also not right that illegal aliens in this country, knowing full well they are illegally in this country, should give birth to children, feeling they are now American born children with citizenship rights, and now the illegal alien has a right to be in this country because of their connection to their children who were American born.

    If an illegal alien has any number of children associated with them, the family would not be considered split up if the illegal alien took their illegal or American born child with then to Mexico or other foreign countries prior to being deported. Once deported, take your children with you. The American born child, unless something is done to erase their American born status, can always return to the United States after they reach legal age, and hopefully blend into this country’s population to enrich America… not to steal from the taxpayers by compounding the benefits through the birth of additional children.

    Our American laws are so “stripped” of their true intent and you can blame 100% Barack Obama. Obama has come to some type of treaty or agreement with the leaders and presidents of some of these “alien” countries and he has bypassed the laws of the land to do what he, and he alone, decided was to be done.

    It is time to get America back and it is time for all of those people who are in this country illegally, knowingly or not, to return to their native country and to go through the legal process for re-entering the United States. AMERICA FIRST. AMERICANS FIRST. VETERANS FIRST. AMERICAN HOMELESSNESS FIRST.

    This is why we elected Donald Trump. He promised to give us back our country and he has promised to hold people responsible for their own actions. All of these outlandish protests, which are really riots, are out of line and are out of context. Illegal aliens have no rights in this country and they should not be here… especially when they willingly committed crimes by illegally crossing America’s borders and illegally bringing their children with them. Once here they made sure that they produced babies born in the United States so that they could claim benefits associated with a NOW AMERICAN CITIZEN. The tax credits per American child is $1,000 per child (times) many children.

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    I think we should not allow illegal aliens to use college resources that can be allocated for our own youth. There are many youth that can’s afford college or even a trade school because the guidelines for financial aid are very stringent when it comes to middle class citizens who seem to make too much money to qualified for college aid, and yet, these families’ salaries are not enough to pay for college.

    Just because they came here illegally and are now college age, College should not be a guarantee! DACA is unconstitutional! I am pretty sure we are talking about millions of illegal alien youth who can, once more, be eligible for college money, when other American kids should be getting this opportunity.

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      First, You need to go back to school and take advantage of all the great resources America put for you. Your spelling is horrific. College is not guaranteed for no one!

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    Have an idea. Keep the kids. After all we did pay for their welfare, medical and educational expenses. They are basically American.
    Throw Daddy, Mama and the other illegal relatives out. Kids can visit on holidays.

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    Unconstitutional is the key word. Unconstitutional means it MUST BE ELIMINATED. Failure to eliminate it, gives it credibility and sets a precedent.


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    If I shoot and kill someone, should I be set free so my children will have a breadwinner/ A little extreme but relevent just the same.