Trump Invites Widows of Officers Killed by an Illegal Alien as Guests for Speech to Congress

Jessica Davis and Susan Oliver—the widows of two California law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in by an illegal alien—will be among the six guests seated with First Lady Melania Trump during President Donald Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress tonight.

Placer County Detective Michael Davis, Jr. and Sacramento Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver were shot and killed in 2014 by Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte—an illegal alien gang member with multiple deportations. Their names were memorialized in the 114th Congress by the Davis-Oliver interior enforcement bill, which aims to increase cooperation between federal and local officials in the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

Specifically, the Davis-Oliver bill would provide local law enforcement the crucial resources they need to be part of the solution to illegal immigration, while imposing meaningful penalties against local governments that persist in obstructing immigration enforcement. By ensuring seamless cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement, the bill recognizes that U.S. immigration laws exist to protect the safety and security of the American people and that all law enforcement agencies, as well as state and local governments, have a sworn obligation to work together to see that those laws are carried out.

While the Davis-Oliver bill is yet to be introduced in the current Congress, President Trump voiced support for it on the campaign trail and would likely sign it into law if it landed on his desk.

Another special guest of President Trump and the First Lady is Jamiel Shaw, Sr., whose son, Jamiel Jr., was gunned down by an illegal alien, who was also a gang member, in 2008.

It is worth nothing that the murders of Michael Davis, Jr., Danny Oliver, and Jamiel Shaw Jr. were a direct consequence of the sorts of policies that the Davis-Oliver bill seeks to end. They are among the thousands of Americans who have suffered needless, preventable tragedies at the hands of criminal aliens who the previous administration refused to remove from the country, or who have been shielded from removal by local sanctuary policies.

President Trump’s address is set for tonight at 9:00 PM, ET and can be streamed here.

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    Hypocrisy …. As these criminal illegals need to be kicked out . . Out of 330 of how many of the percent do this n much worse … Never a national movement nor efforts to eradicate or control…..Etc etc etc

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    If there is one thing he can “compromise” on, it’s the dreamers, as long as it’s restricted to something for example like those who have been here since before the age of 10 and here for at least six years. This will probably be well less than a million people. It should not include their parents or anyone else. In other words those who were old enough to know better.

    It should also be made clear that it will not extend to future arrivals. Unfortunately children sometimes pay for the bad behavior of the parents. This way it’s the Democrats who have to put up or shut up. If they block a break for dreamers unless they get more, it just underlines the fact that they want nothing less than complete amnesty for all illegals.

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      Disagree … The American way is the Fair way not just a group of people. For instance, somalis by the thousands, n free, Cubans they have Miami nobody cries…, Mexican s the hardest working people…No papers…. Negative illegal immigration yet they want them out…..

      So, there other illegals that deserve as much as the dreamers….The whole thing is a joke

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      Disagree, if that were the case the Congress as well but we k ow The People as well ….U r so little in your mind…

      I will prove it:

      If The People would have enforced the law, then this would have never happened by illegals…Prove it wrong