Dan Stein debating ACLU on New Day CNN

Watch this video to see FAIR’s President discuss Trump’s new travel ban.

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    Thanks Dan for Speaking Up on CNN

    I agree with Trump, FOX and Friends is much more pro-populist….I admire your strong Tin Hat showing up in front of the biased Clinton News Network…you did an excellent job!

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    After voting for him twice and her in the 08 primaries, I have come to despise the Clintons. A couple days ago Bill was doing his usual condemnation of “nationalism”, meaning Americans who prefer to keep this country the way it is and not turn it into yet another third world cesspool. He and Hillary are just the usual leftists who have become nothing more than boot lickers of Islam, the most regressive religion by far on this planet.

    Leftists who are in hysterics if you suggest that men perhaps shouldn’t be allowed to flash their junk around in bathrooms with 12 year old girls are then able to turn around without a second thought and defend a religion that is firmly stuck in the 15th century. Islam as practiced is the very antithesis of modern beliefs and culture. Those same transgenders would be, and have been, tossed off the highest roof in many Muslim countries.

    The press is all over Trump and supposed connections with Russia that are based on nothing more than innuendo. They barely said a word while Bill and Hillary sold themselves into a 200 million dollar fortune, not only directly though speaking fees of hundreds of thousands, but indirectly thru their foundation. Bill collected many millions personally thru Russian connections.

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      Trump Has Allegations on Wire Tapping His Personal Business, Trump Tower.

      Why does he need evidence [its intuitively secret and almost unattainable anyway], yet we all know we’re being snooped on anyway….so what?

      Now….where’s the wire tap evidence the NYTs used [with the responsible Felony suspect accused] to allege Trump was cozy to Russians? Its the wire tap evidence on Flyn and it doesn’t exist. NYTs must redact Trump allegations too….LOL???

      Hey McCain, ya can’t have both ways….ya old establishment slanted pig head.

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    With a powerful organization like the ACLU always hard at work in this country, who needs enemies? They’re fifth columnists.