CNN Offers Help to Illegal Aliens While Ignoring Their Crimes

It seems like the entire country, including the White House, has been horrified by the alleged gang rape of a 14 year old Rockville, Maryland high school girl. The two suspected perpetrators are illegal aliens and the story is big news. But there are a few who don’t seem to have noticed or just don’t care. Sadly, they’re journalists who should be rooting out the details surrounding this tragedy.  A quick scan of the MSNBC and CNN websites show that neither news outlet has written a single article or given any airtime coverage to such a high profile story. Perhaps it just doesn’t fit into the “poor illegal immigrant” storyline many reporters seem to bend over backwards to find and tell.

Don’t fret though – CNN does cover immigration issues sometimes. On Thursday, CNN posted the article ‘5 must-have apps for undocumented immigrants.’ The article lists five apps and tools that “arm undocumented immigrants with knowledge, safety and moral support without compromising privacy.”

While 17 and 18 year old illegals are being enrolled in the ninth grade and sexually assaulting freshman girls in the bathroom , CNN has its reporters searching the app store for ways to help immigration violators defy federal authorities and find sanctuary cities where they can escape detection.

It’s disappointing – but not really shocking – that a story of this magnitude could be completely ignored by two of the nation’s largest national media sources.  But maybe that’s how they’ve earned their reputations.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Don Richardson on

    CNN would be charged with anti-government activities, disbanded and likely imprisoned if they operated like this in many of the countries they support. They are a bunch of ignorant, arrogant folks who pride themselves on ‘standing up’ to the people who believe in the laws of our country. The people we see and hear at CNN are well to do folks that live in gated communities and have security 24/7 but believe that the average folks out there should just deal with the criminals face to face and like it. If you read your history books, the folks at CNN sound exactly like the Americans and British who supported Hitler before everyone found out about the concentration camps and death camps. They considered Hitler a fellow liberal. Then when the world found out the truth, that Hitler was evil incarnate, those folks who had considered him a fellow traveler in their political world, suddenly proclaimed that he was a right wing wacko. The labels and definitions changed in a heart beat. You know, like illegal aliens are undocumented workers?

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    “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” Next time you question voting for Trump remember the words that Hillary Clinton has repeated over and over. To identify a problem you have to admit there is one. Little attention has been paid to the very good possibility that the London attack may have been an attempt on Prime Minister May. She was only mere yards from the gate the attacker tried to get through.

    The left finds itself absolutely enthralled by Islam, a religion that is the total antithesis of liberal thought. Constant apologies don’t change the facts, any more than they did when the left defended the Soviet Union during the worst of the Stalin purges. Trump should actually thank Hillary for deciding she is going to reemerge on the public stage, with her sneering condescending attitude for anyone who doesn’t agree with her. The Democrats do not need Bill and Hil back on the trail castigating white people as old, stupid and racist. Not a winning formula. Last fall or now.

    Ted Koppel told Sean Hannity that he was “bad for America”. What is bad for America are these never ending narratives by the media when the facts have long proved the opposite. The media constantly talks about “unarmed” Michael Brown when even the Obama Justice Dept. said all the evidence proved he was only unarmed because he failed to wrest a cop’s gun away. Or one of the biggest fake news stories, where they continue to run pictures of a 12 year old Trayvon Martin when there are numerous photos available of the tall muscular 17 year old he became.

    And perhaps one of the biggest stories in the fake news hall of fame, which would be the NY Times and their promotion of “anonymous sources” claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when it was clear they did not and those sources would benefit by an invasion. How “bad” was that for America?

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      Ted Kopel is a intellectual in journalism n the interview was one if s kindn he us correct anything that resembles no journalism n lies without facts us bad fir the country….

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        Typical deflection. Your opinion of Koppel is meaningless. You could write a book on the things that the media jumped on with nothing more than unsubstantiated claims that later turned out to be false, tarring innocent people’s reputations. Rolling Stone just lost a huge defamation lawsuit for their fake University of Virginia rape allegations which were endlessly repeated. They let the supposed victim decide who could be interviewed for the story. About a month ago the media was doing non stop coverage of threats to Jewish organizations. And no story went without the theme of how these threats were somehow the fault of Trump and his supporters. Of course, when it turned out that almost all were done by a Sanders supporter and a Jewish teen in Israel, there was no admission by the media that they had made assumptions that were not true.

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          Leland I am sorry to tell you this but you are beyond a doctor’s visit … the whole environment now about fake news and baseless statements is simply counter productive .. and worst the excuse you hear that I heard it from Fox…do not blame me…..we have a 5 year old in the making or already made with no hope of improvements ….very disappointing .. no etiquette nor class and the worst no convictions …..Ted Kopel is the real thing .. he has nothing to gain to say or the the truth to Hannity and the other anchors he mentioned REAL truth…if it bothers you …perhaps it ia about time you do some should searching as a real American for a change and get off your”deflection”…

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            should = soul searching … you do need it badly…. or perhaps it appears you are more the type of ignorance is a bless …

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          I Read Rolling Stone Too

          Actually, they write garbage too about Trump…but, there are truths mixed in.

          I do believe with Rolling Stone that the Trump select firing of old Obama staff is likely and believable. Pro-NWO federal employees better change their politics fast or face quick extermination, IOWs a “You’re fired”, by Trump….this is war against the ANARCHISTS. Drain the Swamp!

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            you forgot this is not Syria nor Russia … one man does not make the decisions….

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            you forgot this is not Syria nor Russia … one man does not make the decisions….it happened to Obama and will happen to the current one and the future ones…UNLESS THE COUNTRY unites….common engineering simple technical logical path…..

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      Yes the Republican s were the ones wuth weapons of mass destruction..Did u forget the the party of no is in charge now. BUT now they get the same type if love they got when the Democrats were in charge…Hahaha!!!! …

      I never believe d in age ….Now I do…They r old n obsolete to envision a future…

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        That’s pretty amusing. The Democrats had only two candidates that got any votes in 2016. 74 year old Bernie Sanders and Hillary, who took almost the whole month of August off, couldn’t get through a one hour ceremony on 9/11 without collapsing, while Trump did three times as many campaign rallies as her. Now Jerry Brown is threatening to run in 2020. When he will be 82.

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          indeed and the Republicans said “NO” for 8 years instead of trying to fix things like they are doing now….they are still therapy of NAY!!!….that is HILARIOUS!!!! = OLD

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      Leland when you generalize you stop being an American…… is understood the implication of Muslim fanatics and terrorrism …and their culture idiosyncrasies mainly their religion’s with our way of life….

      YOU ARE BLIND and IN DENIAL … Ted meant the Fake News and the use of Media to exaggerate facts and LIE + Hannity…Racquel etc . n I see it if you don’t …you free to live in your bubble… happy