Sanctuary Softies Surrender Civilian Safety

Champions of dangerous and illegal sanctuary policies are trotting out a whole new line of arguments meant to push back against moves by the Trump administration to punish sanctuary jurisdictions by restricting certain federal funds.  They’re now arguing that sanctuary policies actually improve public safety.  Here are five reasons why that’s a bunch of nonsense:

  1. Police in some sanctuary communities insist that not having sanctuary policies reduces cooperation between immigrant communities and local police, thus hurting public safety. There’s only been one academic study on that thesis, and it found the exact opposite to be true.  The University of Virginia and the Police Executive Research Forum tested the theory that police cooperation with immigration authorities results in lower crime reporting and greater victimization in immigrant communities.  The report found no evidence of a decline in crime reporting by immigrants after implementing a policy to screen all offenders for legal status and refer illegal and criminal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE.)
  2. Current sanctuary policies result in dangerous criminal aliens being released back onto the streets. ICE issues detainer requests for aliens who are in local custody and who it believes are removable from the United States.  During a recent one week period, (January 28 to February 3, 2017) Travis County, Texas denied 142 ICE detainer requests, releasing aliens convicted of: assault (8); domestic violence (10) and DUI (14); or charged with: Indecent Exposure to a Minor/Child Sex Offense: 6; DUI (16).
  3. Sanctuary policies are not necessary to “build trust” with immigrant communities, thus improving public safety. In fact, if an illegal alien provides helpful information to police, they may qualify for a “U,” “T,” “S” or “VAWA” visa, which would allow them to apply for permanent legal status in the U.S.
  4. Sanctuary campuses provide a welcome safe haven for would-be terrorists entering the U.S. on student visas. One such terrorist, Hani Hasan Hanjour, entered the U.S. on an F-1 student visa and on 9/11 flew a  hijacked airplane into the Pentagon. Hanjour was able to repeatedly depart and re-enter the U.S., despite repeated student visa violations because of the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s (INS) skittishness over bad press when arresting and deporting foreign students. As a result, it simply ignored immigration violations by F-1, M-1, and J-1 students. The current spate of college and university refusals to cooperate with ICE is converting campuses into refuges for criminals and terrorists.
  5. Sanctuary policies hurt illegal immigrants. With the rise in human trafficking and sex slavery, police who turn a blind eye to a van full of illegal immigrants could actually be condemning them to a life of forced prostitution or slavery.

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    Sanford Small on

    This is tyranny at its worst to pass laws that put Americans in great danger and do it without a vote by the people! Sacramento is as corrupt as that can be!

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      I’ve started a petition on calling on the DOJ to arrest & prosecute any elected officials , who took an Oath of Office to support and defend our constitution, that disobey our immigration laws

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    Peter, We Tried Your Failed Open Border Progressive Path

    It failed. I.e., Chicago is another Mideast war torn country with death and rising violence. Trump wasn’t President when this developed, but you blame his immigration policy LOL

    We’ll send Peter to the Chicago inner cities….LOL….better get a gun.

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      software ENG, it appears you have nothing of engineering in you…..simple facts gets your critical thinking to believe fake conclusions……you are an open border progressive supporter…you yourself told me in the past you never voted for immigration issues and you said you never cared about the Mexicans being here nor the Cubans or Somalis etc etc……byt simply not voting in the past and not CARING… who is the open border here? —— > YOU!!!

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    If anything, sanctuary jurisdictions are a magnet for criminal aliens. Another case of illegal advocates not using the least lick of common sense, or deliberately ignoring reality. If there is a city or state where you know you can commit almost any crime and the local authorities will fight to keep you there, that’s where you are going.

    Francisco Sanchez, who murdered Kate Steinle, was deported five times for numerous felony drug convictions and kept coming back. The last time he was caught and did time, ICE requested that he be turned over to them afterwards, but San Francisco had an old felony warrant and demanded he be sent there. Weeks later, the warrant was dismissed, and only a few months later he killed Steinle. The politicians of San Francisco and the voters who elect them are responsible for her death. A criminal who should have been on his way back to Mexico was turned loose on the city and he stayed where he knew authorities would protect him.

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      So two observations that are true:

      – Not all illegals are criminals
      – it was the authorities fault

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        All illegals are here illegally. And he committed the murder. It was the authorities fault he was there to do it. Seems pretty straightforward. Are you holding him blameless? Sounds a little bizarre.

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          Stick to the facts….and think a bit harder that is good for you …..he is an illegal and a criminal and it was the authorities fault from a top level observation …. BUT not all illegals are murderers…..get it….yes I agree with you it would not just a little but totally Bizarre!!!!!