Don’t Fall For the Mainstream Media’s “Polling” on Immigration

This past week, an ABC News/Washington Post survey revealed that, if the election took place again today, Donald Trump would still win, and possibly by a wider margin. Many in the mainstream media, including ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, expressed disbelief by these results. But it shouldn’t take them by surprise. If members of the media are truly surprised, it’s because they are deceived by the biased language of many polls.

Polling on immigration exemplifies an inherent bias that produces skewed results. Over the past few weeks, media outlets have touted the idea that Trump’s immigration policies counter the will of the people because “support for immigration is at an all-time high.” The Wall Street Journal went so far as to conclude that their latest poll on immigration “suggests backlash to Trump administration policies.” A number of other news agencies are also quick to note that their polls apparently signal opposition to Trump’s policies.

However, if you take time to investigate the wording of these polls, a different picture becomes obvious. The same Wall Street Journal poll, which reports that 60 percent of likely voters support immigration, is tailor-made for a pro-immigration response. The wording specifically required that respondents decide if immigration as a whole “generally helps” or “generally hurts” the nation. As could be predicted, the survey harvested a generally positive view on immigration. Similarly, when Gallup asked voters “on the whole, do you think immigration is a good or bad thing for this country?” during this past election cycle, a whopping 72 percent cited immigration as a good thing.

Wording poll questions like this leaves likely voters without the ability to expound on their opinions of the American immigration system. If they want to voice displeasure with the current system, they are required to condemn immigration as a whole, which is unfair and illogical.

Surveys – mainly non-mainstream media polls – that are willing to ask specific questions related to immigration, paint a different picture. While many news organizations reported on the Gallup poll question signaling support for immigration as an overall practice, most ignored a more specific question in the same poll that revealed a vast majority of voters (76 percent) want to reduce immigration levels or leave them the same. In addition, a recent Rasmussen poll that shows only 15 percent of voters oppose Trump’s recent Executive Order that includes reforming the H-1B worker program.

Very few Americans believe that immigration, as a practice, is evil and/or entirely without benefit. Neither does President Trump. What Americans do oppose, however, is a broken and out of control immigration system that favors those who violate or abuse the law. Honest surveys show this. However, even if the mainstream media avoids reporting on them, the American people still back President Trump’s efforts to enact meaningful immigration reform that serves the best interests of American citizens.

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    I don’t understand why people are not fighting this more. I think that they do not understand that we are paying for everything .
    If someone cuts you off on the highway your mad. If someone steals from you their mad. If someone moves in for a few days and decides to stay without paying rent , bills, food, your mad. Why is this any different.
    We were hit by a Mexican without insurance years ago, we paid the deductible, our rates went up, but he drove off into the sunset.
    Visa’s I don’t mind they go back home. BUT the Democratic party needs them to keep there party going. Hoping that their children will rise up and elect them. Rise up like now, they are now telling us that they deserve this and that, including protesting as illegals, in a country not their own.If they want to change a government they can always go back to Mexico and protest their own government.
    I don’t understand the problem about separating families? Give the families the option to stay, without government assistance, or leave with the parent. Problem solved.
    My family came from France. Poland, Spain and Mexico.All where poor, all survived on their own. Everyone worked together for the family. I saw and illegal family at the grocery store one year, after another company of mine closed. They could not understand the cashier but figured out she was ready for payment. then out cam the WIC and followed up with food stamps. I was lucky to put the 10 most important things in my cart so we could eat the usual, peanut butter, spaghetti, and they had over $150 in their cart. There is something in the law that allows this. IF you cross the border to deliver your child, it should not allow you any benefits, just because the child is now a citizen. You should have to be at a legal age of 18 or 21 and should qualify. Not for your illegal family to get aid. I wouldn’t want to leave either if you give everyone this right which should be Americans first. There should never be any hungry children in this country, but the ones we have are American’s. We put the amount so high that if you have any Full time job it will still be too high for us. But not for them. . All parties are corrupted now. What a shame. Only a few who really care about this country, and the American citizen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump. There are good and bad in every race. Those who do not take from the system probably are the kind of families we want. If they have ethics, so will their children.
    If you want illegals who no longer break the laws to stay, as a punishment they cannot be citizens only their children born here. BUT all illegals should get a check from their employers with an Alien ID which taxes must come out of their checks, for everything. They must put into the system just like us and pay taxes for those abusing the system , like us. BUT they cannot file for taxes and vote. etc. Then I would not care if they are here. I DON”T WANT TO PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!
    Americans are becoming second class citizens, we don’t pay rent because of hours cut or something , WE get evicted.
    We do not have insurance for our car, we can be arrested and fined.
    We do not have Sanctuary cities, protecting us. We pay for their legal fees. They get Earned income refunds when not putting in.
    And theirs and easy way to stop all types of fraud. Put all social’s in the Federal computer and anyone going for any federal refunds, WIC etc. even voting will be stopped. Then sent home.
    And English should be our National language, not Spanish.

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      You are misinformed…..we are not paying for everything the way you put it. You believe we do because you believe what you read….fake news….

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        Where have you been for the past 30 years? When illegals, who are mostly low income, have large families of children born here, the American taxpayer ends up paying for those large families. 1/3 of all welfare in this country goes to California, which has the largest number of immigrants, legal and illegal.

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          Leland the fact us that you have not been here for the oast 39 years n the fake information you seem to portray..

          For the oast 30 nobody cared n they worked harder than you n I…..Being taken advantage n some successful…

          You are fake news

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    Polls should be accommodated by the questions ask, otherwise
    it could be as vague as “when did you stop beating your wife”
    kind of deceptive questions.

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    The Only Polls That Were Right During the Election

    Were just a handful out of many that predicted Trump’s win. The polls accuracy has always been dismal.

    Trump does his own polling now.

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      Read the Stephanopolous link. He and his wife were some of the people who were going to leave the country if Trump was elected. So much for that. In the link, he still is totally clueless as to why people voted for him, like a lot of other liberals, and as to why the vast majority still would. It’s been explained a thousand times. Bad trade pacts, the Democrats platform of illegals, Muslims, and transgender bathrooms, people were fed up. I still disagree with the majority of Republican positions but we won’t have a functioning country left if we don’t control who comes here. Lawbreakers are not a plus for this country. The media lives in their own echo chamber.

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    When this country was founded{stolen from the Indians}.It was a growing free enterprise that needed immigrants,but there were laws controlling the influx. Today it is saturated with “illegals” sanctioned by the “all” groupies.What happens when something is saturated???? This happened to China,India,Japan and other country’s with their over population,and what happened?One big colony of parasites feeding off of each other.

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      The Spanish Stole Mexico From the Aztecs and Mayans

      Then became the Latinos, not really an ethnic group per CIA, its not homogeneous. French bones were discovered in Florida long before Indians migrated through Russia/Alaska during the Ice Age. The French used the Ice Age 10-20 thousand years ago to walk across the Atlantic Ocean when it was ice.

      Archeology proves Europe claimed America first, but Mexico was stolen by Spain.

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    That same WaPo poll also said 96% of his voters would do it again, while Hillary only rated in the mid-80s. Even a very large segment of Democratic voters were skeptical about whether their party was “in touch” with the American public. Just look at their leadership. Tom Perez is party chairman and a big supporter of amnesty for illegals. Keith Ellison is deputy chairman, in spite of his decade long history of public support for Louis Farrakhan, one of the most virulent anti-white and anti-Semitic bigots in this country’s history. The media totally ignored that support.

    I was told by people who insist that they are “informed” because they watch MSNBC and CNN, that they had not heard of Ellison’s views and a couple people suggested it was “fake news”. But fake news is not just making up false stories, it’s failing to tell the whole story.

    Speaking of which, we now have Obama back, ready to lecture all of us with that condescending tone of his. I thought Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee said it perfectly when he spoke of Obama’s “conceited arrogance”. He had the chance to use his presidency to move us beyond racial strife but all he did was stir the pot like his good pal Al Sharpton. Every time when it came to a situation like Michael Brown and Ferguson, he, and the media, automatically went with the assumption that the cop was wrong, even after we saw video of the 300 lb Brown robbing and assaulting a store owner. Ultimately the cop was completely exonerated by the forensic evidence by even Obama’s Justice Dept. But that didn’t stop the Democrats from having Brown’s mother speak at their convention, telling everyone what an angel he was.

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      I thought this article was about immigration? Why do people always bring up black people when talking about current immigrants. African-Americans aren’t immigrants. I do not support immigration reform. I believe illegal immigration hurts out community more than any other with cheap labor, etc.

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        Absolutely correct. Who said blacks were immigrants. So explain why blacks keep voting for Democrats who support both high levels of legal immigration and allowing illegals to stay here. No one has been hurt worse than those at the lowest end of the wage scale, which includes many blacks and whites. The Democrats take the black vote for granted. If you want immigration policies changed, then stop supporting the people like Obama and Hillary who support amnesty after amnesty. A lot of people voted for Trump largely on the subject of immigration.