Trump Budget: A Broad Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

The administration’s fiscal year 2018 budget just delivered to Congress contains a broad number of reforms designed to deter illegal immigration, locate and deport illegal aliens involved in criminal activities, and stem the fiscal drain caused by illegal aliens residing in the United States.

Unless you believe illegal aliens should be accommodated and given legal residence, you will be pleased that the Trump budget demonstrates a commitment to accomplish several of the president’s campaign promise to crackdown on illegal immigration. Although, still, the commitments to construction of the border fence and increasing the capacity of immigration courts, are severely short-changed in the proposed budget.

One of the clearest expressions that the true immigration reforms in the budget request will be opposed by the entrenched open borders network appeared in the May 20 New York Times from an avowed opponent of the reforms. Angela Kelley, who championed amnesty for illegal aliens as an advisor to Obama’s White House staff, and now advises George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, commented on the budget proposals, “If your single goal is to make life as miserable as possible for those who are here without status, then it’s about as effective as you can get.” Her comment is, of course, biased. The goal of the reforms is not to make life miserable for illegal aliens, but to send a clear message that we will not tolerate unchecked illegal immigration making life miserable for American workers and taxpayers.

The budget measures include funding for more detention space, more enforcement personnel, expansion of the E-Verify system to deter employers from hiring them, eliminating the ability of illegal aliens to access social safety net benefits if they have U.S.-born children, and clarifying the requirement that state and local jails and prisons cooperate with the federal government in turning over detained illegal aliens for deportation.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    “….here without status, …” Is she truly THAT stupid?? They DO have a “status”, it’s called ILLEGAL ‘IMMIGRANT’ !!!!
    Frankly, I’ve fed up with these total morons. It’s difficult to understand why their kind hasn’t been selected for extinction in the process of evolution.

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    Patricia McGehee on

    The best health care system in the world was destroyed by Illegals using the ER’S for a family doctor and taxpayers picking up the bill. The Illegals during the Obama regime flooded State School Systems and Medical Services until States can no longer fully fund the Schools or keep good teachers. Our Federal Government turned its back on citizens and catered to Illegals. Our Universities use our tax money to give free tuition to Illegals. Our Government turned its back on citizens.
    Now, the Illegals getting Amnesty, especially those on DOCA, believe they DESERVE and they are ENTITLED. They will NEVER make good citizens and should be sent back where they came from. They DEMAND to remain in America and have no love for the Constitution that would keep them out. I fear for the future of America because of the Illegals and the Refugee’s given Citizenship that do not believe in the rule of law, the Constitution, our laws and our culture. The Democrats have already groomed the Illegals and they will NEVER make good citizens.
    Refugee’s, under the Refugee Act are on an automatic, if they desire, fast track to Citizenship. This is wrong. They do not assimilate and sue at the drop of a hat. They are demanding in their attempts to have in America exactly what they had in their country. NO ASSIMILATION, NO CITIZENSHIP. If they will not wear western clothing they are not assimilated. I fear the future when they move into politics. Which Bible will be used when sworn into the White House? Instead of Israel vs Palestinians, it will be America vs Illegals and Muslims. Welcome to a dismal future.

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    The President proposes.
    But the Congress must appropriate the money.
    We shall now see which of these proposals
    seems cost-effective enough
    to earn some money from the taxpayers of the USA.

    Even better than establishing new funding,
    we should set some clear policies
    concerning who can stay
    and who must return to their homelands.
    When everyone knows the outcome of new policies,
    they can make their plans for their own families
    before the knock on the door.

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    The Brits are all upset about “leaked” intelligence. Like somehow a picture of a backpack that anyone can buy off the shelf is some big secret. They need to stop with the excuses, and the these-things-happen attitudes, and all the deflecting charges of “Islamophobia” that are entirely predictable after these outrages. The Telegraph is reporting that the bomber received taxpayer-funded student “loans” of 7,000 pounds in both 2015 and 2016, although he apparently dropped out of classes quickly. A detective was quoted as saying this is common practice, with jihadists getting these loans and not attending classes, using the money to support trips overseas.

    The charge is always made that Europe does not do enough to “assimilate” Muslims. But obviously, they were bending over backwards to see that his guy got help. Just like the Boston bombers were on welfare for years. Nor should it be our job to assimilate them. They came to the western countries and expect everyone to change for them. The Brits actually covered up the rape of hundreds of children by Muslims for years because they didn’t want to be seen as “racist”.

    Notice which countries are not having the constant terrorist attacks? Poland for one, which is refusing to give into the blackmail that the European Union is exerting to get them to take more “refugees”. You can’t have terrorist attacks if you don’t take in people prone to terrorism. Poland’s prime minister, a woman btw, said that Europe should “get off your knees or you will be crying for your children every day”. Churchill warned in 1938 that there could be no “peace in our time” with Hitler and ignoring bad behavior only encourages more. Had Europe stood up to Hitler at the time, it’s likely he would have backed down. Instead Britain paid a much heavier price a year later.

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      In Feb. 2015 a report to the British House of Commons detailed many years of the sexual abuse and trafficking of “1400 children” in the city of Rotherham. The report noted that “children were sexually exploited by men who came largely from the Pakistani heritage community.” It said “Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators” and that there was a “collective failure” by the police and borough council to even admit a problem. In fact, in most cases the victims were made to feel it was their fault. But you saw this on MSNBC and CNN, right? Nah, of course not. So much for concern for “the children”.

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      Its Likely an International Secret Game of Chess IMO Leland

      UK/American intelligence has always been the strongest/trusted [totally secret I assume too] ally we have….especially with BREXIT extracting itself from the EU. Sounds like the two of our countries have “spontaneously” agreed to a simple plan at the time of Manchester, disrupt the American Government intelligence leaking aiming to destroy Trump’s agenda and rightfully blame the anarchists in our own government for damages. Trump has appointed a man perfect for the job, Bannon [the same guy that strong armed Trump’s RNC nomination], to head the recent security crackdown in our leaky intelligence agencies Obama left us….DRAIN THE SWAMP and throw ’em all in prison for leaking sensitive/secret information!

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        My apologies SWE but your answer is that of a complete idiot….!! and perhaps for you showing a below average mind……what happened has nothing to do with Trump… was not Trump’s fault… and your little mind thinking of conspiracies…..

        You are so out of touch…drain the swamp so far has hit the WH…..starting w/Flynn……

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        Bannon does not care bout you nor anybody else and not fit to run a country…the least a country like ours that take experience and patriotism……. then you have two guys against each other and the boss wins…he is fired,,,,

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    It’s real easy, we didn’t cross the Southern border to sponge off of you we didn’t cross to sell drugs,we didn’t cross to pop out anchor babbies so why the **** you assclowns think you have a right to be here ? If it wasn’t for a bunch of socialist Globalists assclowns in our Government and people like the assclown Soto you would even be here. Grow a pair be a man and hold your own Government accountable. I think the *** whupin at the Alamo really took the man hood out of all Mexicans.

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      AS per your description, you are the assclown itself/himself/herself….as The People allowed this….we are not in Russia go back to Russia and stay there!!!!