Illinois Legislature Gearing up to Send Dangerous Sanctuary Bill to Governor

The Illinois Legislature is set to pass a controversial bill that will tie the hands of law enforcement severely hamper the federal government’s efforts to enforce immigration law in that state. Senate Bill (SB) 31, the so-called TRUST Act, is a sanctuary bill that threatens public safety by drastically restricting communication between state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies regarding criminal aliens. The Illinois House voted 62-49, closely along party lines, to approve SB 31. The Senate approved a slightly different version of the measure, 31-31, in early May.

SB 31 prohibits law enforcement from inquiring about the citizenship or immigration status of any individual they encounter. This prohibition alone will severely limit law enforcement’s ability to cooperate in immigration enforcement matters. SB 31 also stops law enforcement from arresting, searching, or detaining any person on the basis of their immigration status, detainer, or an administrative warrant that may be issued by the federal government. Likewise, SB 31 prohibits law enforcement from entering into any agreement or program with federal officials for training or participation in immigration enforcement, including the 287(g) program.

Outrageously, the bill also prohibits state and local agencies from allowing federal officials any access to individuals already in their custody or to respond to federal inquiries for information on inmates, including their release dates or contact information. Federal officials are also prohibited from using any state or local facilities, equipment, databases, or resources for immigration enforcement purposes, under the terms of the measure.

Concerned lawmakers and citizens who oppose SB 31 warned that the measure will encourage lawlessness in the state. Sen. Tim Bivins (R-45), a former police officer, said the bill would be a “law to tell law enforcement not to enforce the law.”

The Senate must agree to changes made by the Assembly by May 31 for the measure can be sent to Governor Bruce Rauner (R) for signature. Governor Rauner has not spoken on whether he will sign the bill. If enacted, SB 31 will make Illinois the fourth sanctuary state in the country, following Oregon, California, and Connecticut.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Peter I keep reading your posts and they all make you sound like you are drunk. You make Leland look like a college prof. referring only to literacy not politics

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      Well Mike the way you see things an reality you must be Leland’s Monkey….hahahahahaha!!!! shows you have no education…..that even a Monkey is smarter, sophisticated and more advanced than you are….hahahahahahaha!!!

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    Speaking of Illinois, Moody’s has downgraded their state bonds to one level above junk, which means the state must pay much higher interest rates. The legislature, completely Democratic dominated, has been unable to pass a budget. The state, and especially the city of Chicago, have passed tax increase after increase, and it’s still not enough. Chicago has made illegals eligible for every welfare program available. Haven’t we always heard that “immigrants”, legal or illegal, are some big economic plus? So who is responsible for the economic collapse of the state? Maybe the Russians? We know they stopped Hillary from doing a single campaign rally In Wisconsin in the fall.

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      There yo go with your fake news about the Russians…….it is well known like in any other cities…the ones who run the cities are responsible and those who get their pensions based on your income and mine……

      Then they count in people like you and Fed up to believe their stories to deceive The People and blaming the little people…..but I would expect you are smarter than that…at least than Fed up for sure….

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        Nice try. You know the Russian thing was sarcasm because Hillary seems to think that’s why she lost, among a myriad of other reasons. What you can’t deny is that Illinois has had their bond ratings reduced to just above junk status. That means the bonds they sell have to pay a higher interest rate to the purchaser because of the danger of default. But they have plenty of money to cater to illegals.

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          That is probably a fact, as if you read the news they also tried to fo the same thing in France……

          I lived in Illinois, n everybody knows in there the financial situation us due to its public servant s…..sorry meant own ers………

          So a completely innaccurate about the illegals taken the State to financial ruin….it is the people running the city m big pensions

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            You realize Illinois is a state, not a city? And those pensions you keep talking about have nothing to do with year to year operations. They are not even putting money away in the pension funds so that’s not where the money is going. That’s another fiscal disaster they are pushing down the road.

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            Leland by saying Illinois it implies ALL CITIES…..also the same in NY…..same issues but according to you the Senators, THe governors, the police are all illegals…….taking down the system w/pensions…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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    I checked yesterday n it was approved. It appears we are going our ways after all where the States are responsible for immigration.

    This is another example we need immigration reform, but immigration reform is confused with amnesty.. ..

    I was walking on the streets if Boston n spoke to a 55th year old construction guy n said…you know our children did not want to do ours jobs 25 years ago n the Mexicans did. Spoke to another one in East Hampton….u know no Americans available to build houses so I took Mexicans…nice people…n work hard…..they went back n forth during the summer until the 1997 law where they stayed here….

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      Baloney. First, the states are not “responsible for immigration” no matter how much you and others hope. It’s the federal govt. There are plenty of Americans who will work construction and painting and all those other jobs but the illegals have driven wages down to nothing so that Americans can’t support a family. The Americans aren’t living 8 to an apartment and sending half their money back to Mexico.

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          I always like the imaginary friends you happen to come up with all over the world. This post it’s Boston and the Hamptons.

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            Think …. the ferry takes you across the sound from NY to CT n Mass. …you are the stupidest person I have ever encountered living in your imaginary Buble…

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            That is the reality in New England, The New World now NY n Massachusetts ….you probably live in a bad neighborhood n never left your neighborhood in your life time…..pitiful…..

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            I agree Leland. Peter was not in Boston talking to a construction worker. If you work in Boston your In a Union. Union employees don’t talk to strangers off the street, and they don’t complain to strangers about their job.

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            Fed up you should join Leland and apply for the WH…… again….it happened…….as simple as that….a fact … you are noather one that lives in a bubble…

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            Fed up the union was and is everywhere not just in MA….people still paid off the books back then…..from that I gathered you are isolated from our reality…..for a Bostonian…or a MA resident you are below below average I have dealt with in there I must say……..that is ok…

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      I would hope that this governor was intelligent enough to vote NO. Americans are available to build houses but the contractor companies do not want to pay them union wages so they hire Mexicans who work for less pay. I purchased a house in a 55 and over gated community and the houses were built by Mexican labor and I will tell you that the houses are a disaster. Their workmanship leaves a lot to be desired,

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        You should complain to the Boss…..I have seen the Mexicans build houses some of the best…that was the boss cutting costs for sure…..