Mr. President, Do Your Job and Let Jeff Sessions Do His

Agree with him, or disagree with him, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is an honorable man who, having served as an adviser during the Trump campaign, ethically recused himself from any investigations of that campaign.

Determining whether the Trump campaign violated any laws is now in the hands of another honorable public servant, Robert Mueller. The attorney general is doing the right thing by letting Mueller do his job and is focusing on his own job as the nation’s top law enforcement officer. The president has no reason to be sore at Mr. Sessions for refusing to violate the canons of his profession and short-circuit the investigation.

Jeff Sessions was not only the architect of the Trump immigration campaign platform, which was instrumental in getting him the nomination and the White House, but as attorney general he is doing an invaluable job implementing at least some of the immigration promises President Trump made during the campaign. Among other things, the Department of Justice is spearheading the effort to combat dangerous sanctuary policies that put public safety in jeopardy and root out violent foreign criminal gangs, like MS-13.

Rather than using his social media accounts to undermine his attorney general, President Trump should be using those platforms to spur Congress into action to fulfill popular reforms to our nation’s immigration policies. These include, urging the Senate to hold a vote on House-passed legislation to rein in sanctuary jurisdictions, fully funding the president’s promised border fence, enacting mandatory E-Verify to protect American workers, and crafting a merit-based legal immigration policy to name just a few.

Jeff Sessions did not take an oath of loyalty to the president. He swore to uphold the Constitution and to enforce the laws of the United States. He is doing exactly that and the president should get out of his way and let his attorney general do his job.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    I didn’t vote for Trump to give tax breaks to large corporations and the rich. I voted for him because of his promises on immigration . Unless the current immigration system is radically reformed in short order, we will be buried under a tidal wave of Third World immigrants, and rapidly devolve into a set of feuding ethnic and religious enclaves.

    Sessions is to implement at least some of Trump’s immigration promises. Trump will lose his base supporters if he fires him.

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      Agreeing is far from the facts … Trump is done with Sessions….soon he will fire him like he does in his business….burning all the bridges around I’m and the Russians are laughing n exactly what they wanted…….you guys are so naive and blind. You voted it a business man that runs a place …authoritarian and anti democratic.. the way a business is; especially his. So that endure the fruits of your choice…..really I saw this coming from far away…..

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        around I’m and the Russians are laughing = around like and the Russians are laughing

        You are surprised how things are being handled? … no surprise here….anybody that never got a job for necessity can learn what is needed for the people unless raised like a Kennedy ….

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          Not Politically Correct on

          The Russian interference in the election is fake news that you are stupid enough to actually believe.

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            N you are do much stupider that you are the ideal dumb citizen the Russians deceived ….just wait n watch dummy

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            Not politically EVER correct …if Iam an idiot you must be a real Moron… definitely live in another country n era….you belong you a cult…. Plenty of proof on the Russian collusion … Have you heard the sanction s Congress approve Trump to sign about the collusion…idiot!!!!

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            Not Politically Correct, Trump just signed the Russian Bill Sanctions….I guess if you called me stupid.. that makes you a moron…hahahahaha!!!

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    Trump should get out of his way? Like the liberals and the media should get out of POTUS way?

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      Amen to that C gowen!!! All the incumbent politicians who are being seditious against President Trump should be fired from there jobs and we should have special elections to vote for someone who will support our elected president!

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    You have got to be kidding, Mueller is anything but Honorable -which goes to show you haven’t done your research. Mueller helped Terrorists organizations such as Hamas, he removed the ability for FBI to identify terrorist groups in US. Wiped all the data and files of FBI to prevent that. He delivered enriched Uranium to Iran under cover of night on behest of Hillary Clinton. Having knowledge he did nothing to prevent Boston bombing. He and Comey vacationed together with their families (former FBI agent wrote about this) they went on picnics etc. Now he hires 15 lawyers, yes 15 all Democratic Donors and close with Clinton’s – yet he does not follow the DOJ Laws & Statues and Recuse himself. He is not above the law and he to must obey them!
    Honorable you say, he is very very far from Honorable!

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      N you overlook completely the fact that there was collusion…how patriotic you are! Even Jeff admires Mueller…get on with it. You voted for Trump so be loyal now

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      A special prosecutor has been appointed to look for a crime related to Trump and his campaign team and Russia that has yet to be committed and is unnecessary and being done for political reasons. But attacking Jeff Sessions is a mistake and a misguided action by President Trump. AG Jeff Sessions did the right thing and continues to honor and implement many of President Trump’s immigration promises. We will have to press President Trump to continue to honor his campaign promises on immigration enforcement and reductions. We are only at the end of the beginning.

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      Thanks San for educating us on Mueller’s past. I knew he was bad news and agreed that he should be fired, but I didn’t realize that his background was that bad. With that said, I wonder how in the h(*(L did he get put in that position at all???