Illegal Voting: What Do States and USCIS Have to Hide?

Allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, have raised concerns about the integrity of our election process, including voting by non-citizens.

Examining Virginia’s state records, the nonpartisan Public Interest Legal Foundation and Virginia Voters Alliance uncovered 5,556 non-citizens registered to vote in the state. Of those 5,556 individuals, state Department of Elections records, cross-checked with DMV files, revealed 1,852 had voted 7,474 times over multiple years.

If the presidential Commission on Election Integrity follows suit and vets voter records in the other 49 states, the 5,556 non-citizen voters in Virginia could prove to be a drop in the bucket for the rest of the country.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe wants to keep the public in the dark. McAuliffe, who vetoed six voter-identification bills this year, is leading fellow Democratic governors in rebuffing requests for information by the presidential commission.

McAuliffe & Co. say they’re protecting “privacy,” but these states have provided detailed voter data to political parties and campaign apparatuses for years. Meantime, several of the states (including Republican-led Florida and Texas) have counties whose voter rolls are larger than their voting-age populations.

While politicians have political motivations to grandstand and obstruct, federal immigration officials have no such excuse. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has statutory authority to gather information on voting fraud by aliens and to investigate instances of such deception. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, any alien who votes in violation of any federal, state or local constitutional provision, statute, ordinance or regulation is deportable.

Yet the USCIS is slow-jamming the commission’s inquiries. Why? It turns out that USCIS isn’t gathering or tracking the relevant information. This may (or may not) be surprising, but USCIS has ignored the responsibilities Congress assigned to it with regard to policing illegal voting by aliens.

Commission Vice Chairman Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state, wants to make it easy on the Beltway bureaucrats: Simply provide the identifications of noncitizens living as permanent residents with green cards, and the commission will do the data crunching itself.

Open those voter books, now.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    I don’t have any problem with the Trump administration getting my information that’s already public. I don’t want them to have other information, such as my SS number, etc. With this administration I’m afraid the potential for abuse is too great.

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    Robert K Pavlick on

    Apparently it is acceptable for FOREIGN NON-CITIZENS to participate and meddle in our Elections, as is the case with thousands of Green Card holders being able to vote via the Motor Votor laws, which instruct DMV clerks to ask ALL customers if they would like to register to vote, regardless of the fact that they KNOW that the people are NOT citizens.

    Don’t say that it is NOT happening, because many of those Green Card people are now being deported for voting, so this is a great disservice to both the Green Card Holder and to the Nation ! And the Green Card holders now feel betrayed because they say that they were “instructed” to apply to vote by a government official, so many of them are taking it to court !

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    Why in Hell are we investigating Russian influence in the election when we have “Documented Proof” that Illegals are influencing the elections by “Actually voting” in the elections.

    Seems to me that the illegal problem is much worse than the Russian problem,

    But then my head is not up my rear end.

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    Voting by mail in ballots is helping the democrats to commit voter fraud as illegals are registered to vote when applying or renewing their driver’s licenses! The State of WA is one of them, and the democrats are entrenched here!!

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    Most voter-lists are PUBLIC INFORMATION.
    Secret ballot means that no one may discover HOW WE VOTED.
    But THAT WE ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE is open data.

    Therefore it is already fully within the power of the federal government
    to check to see if any Lawful Permanent Resident
    is also REGISTERED TO VOTE anywhere in the USA.

    Lawful Permanent Residents (also known as green-card holders)
    were once registered with the U.S. Department of State.
    There are about 13.7 million genuine green cards in use.

    These names of registered foreign nationals could be compared
    with the names on the voting lists of the various states.
    If and when any green-card holders are found to be registered to vote,
    then the affected state(s) should be immediately notified,
    so that those non-citizens can immediately be removed from the voting-rolls.
    These violators of the voting laws
    should be tried for their criminal behavior
    and probably also deported.

    A smaller number of visiting foreign nationals
    are not yet known by the federal government.
    These are the 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants.
    This group of citizens of other countries
    also should not be voting in any American elections.
    But, until they are registered with the U.S. government,
    there is no way easy to check to see
    if they have also been registered to vote.

    If and when unauthorized foreign nationals
    are found on any voting-rolls in the USA,
    they also should immediately be removed.
    And criminal charges should be brought against them.

    Jury-duty is an unexpected way non-citizens
    have been discovered on the voting-rolls.
    Juries for all levels of courts
    are drawn from the local voting lists.
    But some people who are called for jury-duty
    beg off by saying that they are NOT U.S. citizens.

    These persons should also be completely identified,
    registered with the federal government,
    and then immediately removed from all voting-rolls.

    In total, there are about 25 million
    citizens of other countries settled in the USA.
    NONE of these should be registered to vote.
    And NONE of these should be voting in national elections.

    James Leonard Park is the author of
    Orderly Immigration: Creating a New America:—freelibrary-3puxk/OI.html

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    The Russian story will entrap Trump and company just before the 2018 mid terms. Republicans will have to vote on articles of impeachment on Trump, and replacing him with Pence, who was the candidate that the establishment pols wanted in the Oval Office to begin with.

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    Lawlessness Brings Destruction. on

    PLEASE STOP advancing the narrative of the Russians hacking of our elections.
    It’s BOGUS and deflects the corruption of the Democrats, the murders arranged by Hillary, and the treasonous acts of traitors like Sen. “Juan” McCain. Other than illegal aliens, McCain is just another undocumented Democrat.

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      Agreed. The Russian story is flimsy, bordering on baseless, despite MSM’s tireless efforts to prop it up while ignoring documented election fraud that doesn’t fit their narrative..

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        Kenric think of the top level situation….we are fighting amongst ourselves more than ever, far away from our allies more than ever. N Putin now is in Crimea n for the 1st time he is able to launch submarines not being stopped by the winters….

        Partnered w China to put military bases abroad…. See the signature …

        Don’t you think it is a bit odd, the Russians are pouring money via Trump businesses n Jr partnered w the enemy to bring down one of our own?…..I believe Jr has no idea of his actions n company because it is all business…..where greediness displaces patriotism….

        We see it in outsourcing….etc ….

        Congress has confirmed there has been collusion already ….. Perhaps we need to see the prove…but all of the above says so even Trump us signing the sanction s…

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        The Republicans altered the districts the US supreme ruled against……. Finally……I think the fraud us on both sides….n looking into it might actually hurt Trump bit help…….

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      Disagree…. Pence belong Ms to be president in a different era not ours…..

      Trump is far best than Pence,Ryan or McConnell by far….