GOP Leadership Waves the White Flag on Real Immigration Reform

Last week, Senators Tom Cotton (Ark.) and David Perdue (Ga.), who represent the new blood of the tired Grand Old Party, introduced the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act. The bill, S. 1720, would create a merit-based immigration policy that awards green cards based on an applicant’s likelihood to succeed and contribute in this country and would open up opportunities for people of all nationalities who have been shut out of the process by our current system of family chain migration.

This week, the tired old blood of the GOP is striking back. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who may be young in years, but who is the poster boy for the party’s ossified establishment, went to work dampening any expectations that we might have an immigration policy that serves the public interest any time soon. “That bill’s not going to pass,” Rubio told a Miami TV station.

He may be right, but shouldn’t the GOP at least put up a fight? The Democrats do have the votes to prevent the RAISE Act from being brought to the floor of the Senate, but shouldn’t the Republican leadership at least exact a price for the Democrats’ obstructionism by forcing them to publicly defend the indefensible status quo? Hasn’t the Republicans’ rallying cry been, “Give us control of Congress and the Executive Branch and we’ll get things done”?

Yeah, it’s going to be a tough fight wresting our immigration policy away from the entrenched business and political interests that have enjoyed privileged status as a result of our nepotistic immigration system. These narrow interest groups are not going to surrender easily. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Rubio and the GOP leadership.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    “WE the PEOPLE ” are engaged ! The last 4 election cycles show WE know what to do. (vote the POS out of office)
    WE have a voice in TRUMP, the greatest POTUS EVER! WE voted for the GOP and they lied to US. We thought we where
    giving them the tools to do the PEOPLES work, THEY LIED………..KO, KEEP GOING ! Give Trump the tools he needs and
    Game Over ! The taking heads say , If Trump doesn’t get things done, you won’t show up to vote ! I DON”T BELIEVE IT !
    This is OUR time to save the Country. Keep voting the ShitHeads out and Trump will do the rest. Don’t forget the elites have Special Interests for money, BUT they don’t have the VOTERS ! TRUMP will be with US till 2024, then WE need to elect
    Donald Trump JR. To make our own legacy ! The alternative : Lose your Country to the BOLSHEVICS !
    “TRUMP on RUSHMORE in 2024” God Bless Trump ! God Bless America ! Semper Fi

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      11th Gen American on

      50% of the members of Congress are Catholics, including Speaker Ryan, and Catholic
      Charities are being paid $2,000 for every immigrant, illegal aliens, or refugee they bring in!
      On top of that, at least 50% of the members of Congress are getting political contributions
      from George Soros, who fully intends to flood in millions of illegals to sink our economy,
      destroy our sovereignty, and initiate One World Tyranny with 90% of world’s people economically enslaved.
      It’s a vision out of hell itself, but the Democrats have fully bought into that nightmare scenario. They’re so
      angry over Hillary Clinton’s loss, they’re vowing to flood in “Socialist Voters” until they have enough to
      regain control of Congress. If they do, they’ll disarm the American people, impeach Trump, begin
      flooding in millions more Muslims, and all hope of saving this country will be gone forever.

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        11th generation I am 10th generation n I can school you to teach you n make you realize that if that were true they would have already done immigration Reform…..

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      John Winthrop 1630 on

      hahahahaha!!!….I see the same people as the last 9 years….and only businessman that care about greed and themselves are in……you need some real some soul searching to do!!!

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    The problem is that they think that they can get away with it and they will if the “Silent Majority” does not open its’ mouth and talk!!! Look at the seven Senate traitors on Obamacare repeal. They voted against it. Yet, they had told their constituents that they would vote for repeal. Why did they turn tail and run? Because they think that they can get away with it. The public should have been on their hides. No constituent group opened their mouths.

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      Hissy Obamacare was written by the Heritage foundation n it is a republican based program……The Republicans more specifically M Mc Connell has destroyed this country by opposing Obama 8 years stopping progressn now they realized it is not that easy n will have to do the same as the Democrats…..same system same solution….The People has stopped the repeal….

      They win the Senate House n Ryan is asked a question w Mitch how u r going to replace Obamacare….they answered we have afew ideas……after 8 years!!!

      Hahahaha…. hahahaha!!! N you still trust them…. hahahaha!!! They r the real problem not the Democrats!!!! N I’m neither for them!!!!

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    I totally agree with Diane. I live in Florida and am a strong conservative, and Rubio is anything but a conservative. He showed his true colors when he joined the gang of eight. Unfortunately, the GOP “elite” backed him with mega bucks and the DNC put up such a flaming liberal that we had no choice in the last election but to vote for Rubio while trying not to up chuck at the same time. He turned on the Tea Party that backed him the first time and six years did not improve his thinking one iota. We desperately need a third party. I have heard all the rhetoric about taking away from the GOP, well that is a good thing, they need something to wake them the hell up. President Trump was elected because he stood for what we have been asking for for years. We chose him and we will not chose you RINOs again.

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    The GOP, Rubio and the other *** hats that want to sell out this country need to be voted out. This country has a right to protects its own citizens. If we cannot take care of veterans and are own poor than we should not be letting in immigrants and illegals who take resources away from our veterans and poor. The GOP leadership are a bunch of ball less wonders, who need to get behind the President who was voted in that office by the majority of the people of this country.

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      Well,,,,why did you vote them in ?…….you chose your future….now be happy!!! at least did not……

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      Sorry diane but you are the same as the GOP and Trump has shown worse than the GOP so far….I think you are totally twisted…..

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          HAhaha !!!what is twisted is you pj….you are brainwashed and need a psychiatrist like any in Congress….

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    Amazing! The democrats tried it and the Republicans opposed every step… the Republicans own the place and they are again opposing!!! hahahahaha!!!..what a bunch of jokers!!!

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    Paul Ryan is an open borders globalist. He has long touted importation of foreigners for high tech jobs. The other day he was promoting that old propaganda about how we need even more immigration because the baby boomers are retiring. This ignores the many facts that undercut this myth. First of all, boomers were born from 1946 to 1964. The retirement age is now 66 for SS and will go to 67 eventually. Only boomers born up to 1951 are eligible now. The youngest are only 53. A significant portion of boomers are a long way from retirement. Not to mention one of the biggest pluses for workers over 65 to a company is the fact that they come with a big freebie for businesses. Which is, being on Medicare they already have health insurance which the companies do not need to supply.

    Ryan also ignores that poll after poll has shown that most boomers will work at least part time, many because they want to and a very large percentage because they have little savings and will have to work. And apparently Ryan has missed the huge amount of studies that show that up to a third of unskilled jobs, exactly the type of jobs that those who come here on “family visas” end up working, will be replaced by automation. Ryan is and always has been a “company man”, owned completely by the corporations that want a never ending flow of cheap labor through immigration while the taxpayers pay all the social costs of their large families.