Acting ICE Director: President Trump has “Taken the Handcuffs Off Law Enforcement.”

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan revealed that illegal border crossings have dropped 70 percent, which he claims is “a historic low.” He also announced that arrests of immigration violators inside the country increased by 40 percent. “[Trump has] taken the handcuffs off of law enforcement,” he said.

Less than a month after President Trump’s election, before he even took office yet, many illegal aliens claimed they no longer “felt safe” living in the United States. In addition, his messaging and campaign promises is making prospective illegal aliens think twice about entering the country. By April 2017, less than three months into his administration, unlawful border crossing arrests had already dropped to their lowest point since 2000.

Illegal aliens already residing in the country are taking Trump at his word as well. According to the Department of Justice, there were 57,069 “Total Orders of Removal and Voluntary Departures” from February to July.  These orders are when an illegal alien is allowed the option to voluntarily leave the country by a certain date to avoid court-ordered removal. These types of departures increased more than 30 percent compared to the same period last year.

These are all positive steps toward restoring law and order to the immigration process in America. And, so far, the only real change has been to enforce existing law. By simply enforcing the law, many of the incentives to unlawfully immigrate into the United States disappear.

The American public rewarded Donald Trump’s messaging on immigration by electing him as their president. If he hopes to maintain that support, his administration must continue implementing and promoting meaningful immigration reform that places the interests of American citizens first.

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    janice bourassa on

    President Trump is the first president in a long time I have seen actually WORKING at keeping his promises and for the American people. Some people do not think at all. We need to have some stiff laws when it comes to illegal immigrants. First of all…Illegal says it all. If it is not legal it is a crime. In fact tell him not to feel badly about people who dislike him….because they would hate me. I wouldn’t allow any more immigrants at all until our country is fixed and able to take care of the Americans and the Legal immigrants who are already here.
    I also would let them know this isan opportunity for them and if they are involved in a felony they will be shipped back because America First and it is not our responsibility to pay for illegal immigrants to live in jail. It is putting more on the taxpayers.

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    Thank God for President Trump! The American taxpaying citizens have been footing the bill for years so Big Businesses and Politicians could fill their own pockets.

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