A Slow Motion End to DACA?

The anticipated White House announcement that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will be ended appears to be half-hearted. Rescinding this program President Obama decreed by executive action – that usurped Congress’s power – was a campaign pledge, but President Trump has hedged on delivering on his campaign. Proponents of DACA argue that people who may have been brought to the United States as minors should be allowed to stay. But if they came as part of a family unit, shouldn’t the entire family unit be equally deportable? And, shouldn’t those teenagers who entered illegally on their own be as deportable as those a few years older who also entered illegally?

Because of the emotions – hyped by the defenders of open borders – surrounding the issue of ending the temporary amnesty, the speculation is that the president will allow those with current DACA approval to remain in the country with work permits until their status lapses – which means for up to two more years, as Fox News reported. There is also speculation that President Trump will be willing to negotiate a permanent amnesty for the DACA beneficiaries in exchange for immigration reforms aimed at combating illegal immigration and reducing the level of immigration from the current million plus newcomers annually.

The shortsightedness of ending DACA by allowing the current beneficiaries to stay longer is that it allows the beneficiaries to become more entrenched. It will makes it more difficult to remove them when their temporary amnesty ends. Rather than leave, most are likely to simply revert to illegal residence and defy the immigration authorities to find them, detain them and deport them. It also defers for up to two years the possibility that unemployed U.S. citizens will have access to the jobs currently encumbered by the DACA beneficiaries.

Therefore, the rolling termination of DACA contemplated by the Trump administration, though not ideal, may be the most practical way to end the program, and  may be a means to leverage support for true reform measures.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    From the article: may be a means to leverage support for true reform measures.

    Comment: What does Jack Martin mean by “reform”? Often it seems to mean amnesty and open borders and more flooding of the USA with aliens, legal and illegal. … Just end DACA and all forms of amnesty now. Make reform enforcing existing law.

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    As a person who has suffered immensley from the flooding of illegal immigrants into our societal structure that broke from the weight. I want them ALL OUT NOW. I do not CARE ONE SINGLE BIT if their children will be inconvienced and have to becoming familiar with a new place. Countless Americans suffered and are currently living ON THE STREETS in TENTS bc these illegals stile low income housing. STOP HAVING COMPASSION FOR THEM AND HAVE COMPASSION FOR AMERICANS FIRST. Anyone who “cares” so much about their children’s inconvenience go to Mexico, help build some housing there.

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    A lot of these people lived in their home countries until their teen years. It’s not like those countries are unknown to them. The age should be restricted to those who came before the age of ten and it should not include parents. If you miss mom and dad, return home with them. Otherwise, we are still on the never ending merry go round of rewarding illegal entry. A lot of families are separated when a parent goes to jail for many years, but no one says they can escape punishment because of their children, It’s already been proposed to let the real dreamers stay in return for immigration limits and enforcement, but the immediate response from Democrats and some Republicans was no way. It’s clear they don’t have any other aim than a full amnesty for everyone here illegally. Don’t like Trump? Too bad. You helped put him in. We were all supposed to be good little sheep and vote for either Hillary or Jeb. In other words, the same people of both parties who have been talking out of both sides of their mouth on immigration for decades and broke every promise they made.

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      So Leland from your response you never had a mother, and the least may be a father? unless your father was gay n incapable to teach you human values, & feelings,,,,etc

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      Don’t be a liar and fake news Leland….you voted for Trump, Pence, Ryan and your buddy Mitch…..and there is blood in your hands about the Heritage Foundation Healthcare = Obama Care + Trumpcare……. you voted for that too.

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        I’ve told you many times I don’t like Ryan. He’s just another open borders globalist. I also said there are people in both parties who have been talking out of both sides of their mouth for years on the issue. So you are lying about what I said. As far as Obamacare, we have the worst of both worlds. People are paying several hundred dollars a month for insurance and then have deductibles of thousands of dollars, so they are in effect paying for insurance they cannot use. Remember when your pal said you can keep your doctor and you would save an average of 2500 per month?

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            Leland u voted him in…..it is that simple……just like Merkel let the refugees in n now she knows better….

            What u did n Merkel did has the same impact….

            The difference Merkel is more experienced that you r

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            Yes I voted for Trump, mainly on immigration issues. Your gal Hillary continues to show how clueless she is. She is going to charge big money to attend her “book signings”. That just furthers the image she had during the campaign when she held more meetings with wealthy donors than voter rallies. Her book is What Happened. Hello? She trashed half the electorate as deplorable and irredeemable and then can’t figure out why they didn’t vote for her.

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          I watched an interview with one of the designers of Obamacare who came right out and admitted that itwas never meant for everyone- just the welfare class. The rest of us were included, and not by choice, just to foot the bill. Yes we were lied to and now they’re fighting in congress to keep illegals from taking advantage of that as well.
          The majority of these DACA recipients are between 20-30 years old. There is no reason why the taxpayers should be propping up an illegal immigration population To the tune of over 100 billion a year.

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            Laurie Obamacare is n was the Heritage Foundation plan……. meaning Republican….then Obama took it now back to the original hands.. ….back to the birthers of fake news……

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      “Don’t like Trump? Too bad. You helped put him in. We were all supposed to be good little sheep and vote for either Hillary or Jeb.”

      hahahahaha!!! most democrats are Einstein next o you….. the democratic voters were lazy like you, so they stayed home and took for granted Hillary was going to win n the collusion happen that is part where the Russians also lied Commey into releasing what he did….ALL part of the plan…..The Russian Way that is to fight amongst ourselves and put Nato inactive and our Allies far away from us while the idiot Putin gains terrain n builds his military and geographic etc strategy….you are so bellow average and dumb!!!

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        Bill Clinton got half a million dollars for a “speech” in Moscow at a conference in 2010 by a Russian based bank, while Hillary was still secretary of state. No doubt because they like his southern drawl. There are hundreds of other examples of money going to him personally and to their “foundation” while she was in that office.

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          Leland you are like a kid with emotional issues. You are a fool n an ignorant voter to vite solely in one issue knowing that the Speaker of the house j company will over rule the president…… u r such disgrace….