Trump Throws Left Off Balance With Immigration Agenda

President Donald Trump’s policies are reforming and tightening America’s broken immigration system. Unveiling a 70-point list of policy initiatives this week, Trump challenged Congress to strengthen border security and uphold the rule of law.

The Trump administration already has:

  • Announced the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, an Obama program that has protected nearly 800,000 individuals from deportation.
  • Issued new directives to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents that expand the pool of the nation’s 11 million illegal aliens that can be arrested.
  • Redirected more than 100 new immigration judges to more quickly process deportation cases, leading to a 21 percent increase in cases closed, according to the Justice Department.
  • Threatened to withhold federal funding from so-called “sanctuary cities” that harbor illegal aliens and do not fully comply with lawful requests from federal immigration officials. This presumably applies to the newly declared “sanctuary state” of California.
  • Ended an Obama-era help line for illegal immigrants and replaced it with a hotline for victims of crimes committed by illegals.

With the electoral mandate he received from U.S. voters, Trump is working to deliver comprehensive immigration control that’s true to his campaign pledges and in keeping with the wishes of the American people.

The whole thing is driving the open-borders crowd crazy.

On Monday, Frank Sharry, executive director of the Soros-funded America’s Voice, declared Trump a “chemically imbalanced president.” The corporatist Wall Street Journal accused the administration of a “bait and switch” that undermines an immigration deal. What deal?

House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi now says she’s open to shutting down the government if Congress doesn’t act to protect so-called DREAMers brought into the country illegally.

If Trump’s immigration policies signal a chemical imbalance, the do-nothing members of Congress should line up for a shot of what the White House is dispensing. Republicans first.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Without term limits for Congress it is not the Government of the people,by the people and for the people. The absolute power to control what goes on in this country is why the swamp needed draining in the first place.

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    Nancy Pelosi wants to shut down the government Just for ‘dreamers’,illegals?!!! RIDICULOUS!! all I have to say,at the moment.

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    Quit trying to start a Civil War and just do your job!! Nancy Pelosi your mouth opens annd all we we hear are tantrums. If others are afraid of saying it I’m NOT!!
    President. Trump is dooing his job why not do yours? This country has gone to hell and all we can do is fight our president? Ggrow up!

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    Your last paragraph is gospel truth. I hold congress to blame for the whole mess concerning immigration. For the past many years, the congresses have refused to take any action to protect our southern border against illegal aliens and drugs swarming into our country. In addiyion, they have refused to take any action to get the illegals out of our country. Some of today’s comgressmen have been there all these years. As a result we have unknown millions of people in our country illegal. Unknown millions because our government has no real idea of how many or where they are and this includes the visa overstays. Today, our congress still refuses to take any action except to protect and help the illegals. Nothing we, Americans, say nor the many billions of dollars annual costs of the illegals makes any difference to congress. Their actions leave American citizens no recourse but to accept that we do not matter, only illegals and other foreigners matter to our so-called leaders. I read every day how England has/is literally turning the country over to muslim refugees. And what I read about the actions of muslims here is scary, I am most concerned that my country is literally being turned over to Mexicans, or rather to Mexico. Since the prediction is that these people, in a few years, will be the majority in the USA and they have their own radical organization here, members in congress representat8ng their interests, judges looking our for them in court, huge public celebrations of Mexico’s national holidays, White House celebrations of Mexican Heritage Month, younger generations of illegals marching & waving their Mexican flags and declaring this is their country and demanding no deportation for anyone, how can any thinking person not see that eventually we will be just a subsidiary of Mexico, that corrupt country controlled by violent drug cartels. With the billions of our dollars sent home annually by illegal Mexican citizens, Americans are already subsidizing that third world country. And our leaders/government/leftists citizens seem determined to turn America into a destitute, third world country also. I know the ultra wealthy will always be just fine with their money to protect them. But not all of the people supporting America’s destruction are ultra wealthy so I don’t understand why they are doing this. And now we have the entitled DACA folks with everyone acting like they have a right to be here. The younger generations of illegal aliens today are very different from their parents. They seem to be radicals that feel entitled to be here just because they are here, feel entitled to everything they have been given for free & demand more. All this makes me angry and so afraid fir my country. I have no hatred for Mexicans or anyone else and I know I will be hated for this but I am going to say it snyway.. America was founded and settled by Europeans. Our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights were created by Americans (yes, white Americans) FOR Americans, NOT for anyone else. Those founders and all our ancestors who fought throughout the years for our America would cry if they could see how willingly Americans are giving thus wonderful nation over to foreigners and people who wish America harm. I cry, also.

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    Guys like Frank Sharry are nothing more than paid shills. Their job and their paycheck is to charge that bigotry and racism are the only reasons we could possibly have for controlling our borders and limiting immigration. Now the Dreamers are demanding that an amnesty for them have nothing to do with any border wall or reductions in legal immigration. Fine, guess you really don’t want it then.