A Two-Faced Mexico

Ask any Mexican diplomat what is the most important pillar of foreign policy; and you will be told that it is non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other nations. But, does Mexico practice what it preaches?

As Breibart News reports, “The government of Mexico stepped into the fight against the State of Texas’ new anti-sanctuary city law.” Siding with the Texas jurisdictions that have sued to bar the new state law prohibiting sanctuary policies, the Mexican intervention took the form of an amicus (friend of the court) legal argument that claimed the Texas law interferes with its right to protect its citizens residing in Texas.

Mexican intervention in U.S. domestic affairs is not unprecedented. In fact, it occurs frequently as it defends its citizens who reside illegally here so they can send back remittances to relatives in Mexico. But, if the U.S. tries to defend its right to a secure border that protects the U.S. public from illegal migration, the predictable result is a cry by the Mexicans that the U.S. is acting like a bully.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Not Politically Correct on

    End the problem by cutting off some foreign aid every time they interfere with any state or federal law that involves immigration enforcement, namely making them take back their own citizens who have no business here in the first place. Maybe if they took better care of their own people they wouldn’t come over here illegally.

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    So what is wrong with Mexico defending its citizens? America has invaded and destroyed whole countries since its inception to “protect its interests”, never-mind the safety or well-being of the peoples it invades. Besides, the Mexican government is using a legal resource — it is not invading the U.S. to get the point across.

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      What is wrong with the US saying it has the right to determine who should be here and that communities should not be refusing to cooperate with the national government on the issue when that is in fact a power granted solely to the federal government. Local and state jurisdictions do not determine immigration law. Just like In Mexico.

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      So, are you saying that Mexico should have the right to tell Texas how it can or cannot operate it’s state?? Because that is what happened. Mexico was not protecting its citizens, non of whom were being harmed in any way. Mexico has a great gravy train going with its gullible, weak neighbor, the USA. That corrupt country encourages it’s poor, uneducated, unskilled people to sneak into our country, illegally, where we take great financial care of them (education, healthcare, etc) for free and those people send billions of our dollars HOME to Mexico EVERY YEAR, thus composing a large percentage of that country’s national economy. Mexico, a corrupt country controlled by violent drug cartels, will fight tooth and nail against America closing its southern border with a wall and against America deporting any of its illegal citizens here. This is astounding!!! We are literally subsidizing that corrupt country in so many ways in addition to allowing free and easy access to its drug cartels. No individual I know would ever allow his family & hone to be treated this way by a neighbor, yet our country has, for many years, just turned a blind eye, aiding and abetting this. We are literally turning our nation over to Mexicans and Mexico. Experts say that in a few years, Mexicans, already the largest miniority here, will be the majority. The people who built this wonderful nation, white Americans, will become a miniority in their own country. America will become simply a subsidiary of Mexico. I have no hatred for Mexicans, but I am not naive about the future we are creating and that’s why I want every foreign illegal person in my country deported as quickly as possible and our borders closed to drugs and unwanted people.

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        Well spoken, Marilyn! Can someone explain to me how Americans have become so clueless and ignorant to the reality that surrounds us? It would seem that certain aspects of this immigration nightmare are obvious such as, “legal” v “illegal”. It would also seem apparent that the entire fabric of this country is rapidly metamorphosing into “Northern Mexico”. And the obvious question to me is, why should we be expected to welcome and except this change? I was in my neighborhood Sears last week. The background music sounded like the Mexican Top 50 and the intercom messages were all in Spanish! I had the same experience last year in Burlington Coat Factory. Article II, Section 30a, of our Colorado state constitution states: “The English language is the official language of the State of Colorado.” Why isn’t that rule enforced? I don’t recognize my neighborhood anymore where my family has lived for four generations. I am in the minority in my local grocery store. A Mexican family has claimed a local busy intersection where they panhandle daily.The mother is pregnant and surrounded by five children under 10 years of age and a male who I assume is her husband. The list goes on! My ancestors worked hard, assimilated and loved this country. These illegal interlopers detest the United States. They mock our stupidity and laugh at our apparent inability to protect what is ours. The same applies to the massive influx of refugees from the Middle East. Their encroachment seems to be somewhat more subtle, but equally threatening. Just look at cities like Dearborn, Michigan. I am fed up with those who want to make this line of reasoning a racist, anti-diversity, nonsympathizer issue. Simply put, paint it however you choose. Those of us who love this country are not affected by your bleeding heart mentality. We will continue to speak up and fight for preserving the United States, it’s history and it’s citizens.

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      Not Politically Correct on

      To Kuu:

      If you don’t like the way the US operates then LEAVE!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    “Foreigners may not participate in any way in the political affairs of the country.” So says the Mexican constitution. In other words, any American there who is attending rallies, carrying signs and attempting to influence their political system would be subject to immediate removal. They would not be sitting next to the Mexican first lady while her husband addressed their legislature.

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      OK Leland SOOOOO how is it that Mexico did it?……. really…..we have been doing this to other countries for decades……